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Match 10920 Cooler vs. Black Adam


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Black Adam

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 06:39 PM


"I will say this though nothing will convince me that DBZ characters can not reach light speed"

And yet, you are unable to provide even the slightest bit of evidence to support your theory.

"I think it was extremely creative of how methos dreamed all that stuff up concerning power levels of DBZ characters. It's really interesting, well thought out but still wrong."

Oh really? I'm waiting for you to refute it then. If it's wrong, then it shouldn't be hard to refute. After all, you must have some kind of evidence to support you.

"There is no difference in teleportation and light speed."

Uh... Not true. Teleportation is instant, Light Speed is just that, moving at the speed of light. If you were to teleport to the surface of the sun, you would disappear, and instantly appear on the surface of the sun. If you are moving at light speed, it would take you roughly 8 minutes to reach the surface of the sun(this is a scientific fact).

To give you a few examples from comics. Nightcrawler is a teleporter, but has relatively normal, human speed, reflexes and movement speed. I.e. if he throws a punch, it's pretty much the same speed as a punch from a regular human, and if a bullet is fired at him, he gets shot, despite the bullet being far slower than the speed of light. While Quicksilver is capable of moving at Light speed, and has lightspeed reflexes and movement speed. If Quicksilver throws a punch at full power/speed, then his fist moves at the speed of light. And if a bullet is fired at him, then Quicksilver simply side-steps it, because to him, it is basically moving in slow motion.

"Black Adam can't get from earth to jupiter in seconds"

Not true.

"and if someone like Goku could do it then he's better than Black Adam in that aspect."

Again, not true. Goku is a teleporter, but just like the example I gave earlier, with Nightcrawler and Quicksilver. His reflexes and movement speed, are far slower than that of Black Adam.

"Cooler was never taught Instant Transmission by Big Gete Star either, that is speculation at best."

That's true. But so is your theory that he knew Instant Transmission before he was turned into Meta Cooler. He never showed the capability before he was Meta Cooler(i.e. he never used it). Thus, the logical assumption is that he learned it sometime in between being killed(thrown into the sun), and re-appearing as Meta Cooler.

"He was using it while he fought Goku this is why he beat Goku to the punch several times while fighting him."

That's true, but that was after he came back as Meta Cooler.

"Its ok to have a difference of opinion but if it was ever SS4 against Superman or Black Adam he'd lose. He's just not on the level of a god."

Uh, not true.

1. SS4 would lose against Superman/Black Adam, due to speed and durability, just like Cooler.

2. Both Black Adam and Superman are equal(and even superior, in some cases) to actual Gods. Orion, for example, is a God, and both Superman and Black Adam are superior to him, in terms of power.

"Also its silly to think that the Hulk with a potential for LIMITLESS strength could reach a level of anger that would have him grow in power to where he could lift over a million tons."

No, it's not silly. He has proven that he can do just that, on several occasions, in the comics. The World War Hulk storyline is the most prominent, and recent, example.

"There is just no rage that goes that far."

Hulk would disagree with you on that. He seems to manage it just fine.

"So what if you came up with a equation. Where is your source?"

Which equation is that? If you are talking about the math I did to calculate Goku's strength. Then my source is the DBZ manga. The DBZ manga shows that Goku can lift, but is incapable of moving while lifting it, 40 tons. That puts his strength at roughly 40 tons. It is stated directly in the DBZ manga, that the Super Saiyan transformation, gives a power increase of x50. The rest is just regular math.

"What proves you even had anything to pull from to say that the levels of power are even that which you said."

Again, the DBZ manga. You asked me to do a comparison, with actual power levels, and I did.

"You can claim that to win the argument so you keep your reputation intact."

Not so much, no. I get my information about DBZ, from the manga, and the source book(written by the creator of DBZ). And from the comics. I don't particularly care one way or another about my "reputation". I have absolutely no reason, to care about the opinions of random people online. I have said, on several occasions, that I am always willing to be convinced to the other side of the argument, if the other side has sufficient evidence to support their arguments.

If you can provide actual proof, that the DBZ characters are capable of moving Faster than Light, then I'll accept that as a fast. Same goes for any proof of their strength, durability, fighting skills, etc. etc.

But so far, all you have given me are opinions, which are absolutely worthless in a debate, and no actual proof of any kind.

"All I am saying is that it doesn't add up still."

What, exactly, doesn't add up? DBZ characters not being able to move Faster than Light? Sure it does, the feats and math supports it. Black Adam or Superman being able to move significantly faster than light? Sure, there is plenty of proof to support it.

"It's also funny how if a DBZ character hasn't done it then it can't be done, however if Black Adam or Superman has not done it then its assumed they can or BELIEVED they can simply because they are SEEN as characters that are more powerful."

Uh, not so much.

There are plenty of things that Black Adam and Superman hasn't done. But can still be safely said that they can do, simply because there are plenty of other characters in their universe, with the same amount of strength, speed, durability ,etc. that has done those things A good example is Etrigan punching a person to the moon(literally). Since it is directly stated that Black Adam and Superman are stronger than Etrigan, then we can safely say, that they can do the same.

The same goes for DBZ. If Tenshinhan does something, then it is safe to say, that Goku has the capability of doing the same thing. Simply because they have the same capabilities, only Goku is more powerful.

You use the same things. We are debating about Cooler. And yet you bring up things done by Roshi, Goku, etc. and say that Cooler can do the same things.

"That is bias right there simply in support of the comic characters."

Ok, exactly where is the bias, in using exactly the same methods, on both characters? I look at what has been directly stated about Black Adam, what he has actually done, and what has been done by characters in the same universe, of equal, or lesser, power.

I look at what has been directly stated about Cooler, what he has actually done, and what has been done by characters in the same universe, of equal or lesser power.

"Yes there is bias no matter how you shake it."

Well, that's true. So far you have provided absolutely no evidence to support your claims, and simply claim that any evidence given to refute your claims, is "wrong.". That is bias right there.

"its ok though, as I said, I can live with your view without cursing at you and calling you all kinds of stuff and for the record they struck at me first."

Hmm. I haven't cursed at you, or called you any names what so ever. I have however, asked you to provide evidence to support your claims. Which you have, so far, failed to do.

"Showing their intelligence by going low and taking everything out of context."

What, exactly, has been taken out of context?

"No being that can zap himself across the galaxy isn't capable of light speed."

Not true. A being can be able to "zap himself across the galaxy", through teleporting. And teleporting is definitely not the same as being able to move at light speed(I'll refer you, again, to my example of Nightcrawler and Quicksilver).

"Black Adam isn't a god and you are making him out to be one."

Actually, Black Adam could technically be called a God. he has the powers of 6 different gods(eqyptian gods, to be specific). And I'm not making him out to be anything that he isn't. Which is an extremely powerful individual, that is the chosen champion of the Egyptian Gods.

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 02:42 AM

I lol'd.

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 07:16 AM

Votes for Cooler, overall comparisons at times may or may not be feasible based on the universe itself.

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