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Match 10914 Werewolf vs. Gunmen

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:32 PM

Quick Recap, John the werewolf, Professor Grant and his daughter Michelle are in a hidden valley in Greece, there they find that it is inhabited by many of the creatures of Greek mythology, Centaurs, Hydra and Medusa, they were captured by an evil Centaur warlord who threatened to kill Michelle unless John and Professor Grant brought him guns such as they had used, John and Grant encountered German mercenary Von Reuther and his men as well as their prisoner Dr. Lively, Michelle meanwhile escaped on her own by forcing one of Syracuse's goons to show her the out of the village, the group was reunited but found themselves fighting the legendary Gorgon Medusa.

An unknown part of Greece 1911: Things had gone wrong from the start, their centaur guide had been turned to stone by the gaze of Medusa Dr. Lively the man that they had gone through so much to protect was wounded possibly dying. Only Grant, Michelle, and John remained, "If only we had a mirror." Professor Grant complained as he crouched behind a statue of a medieval knight, he had his Mauser rifle cradled in his hands.

Michelle sighed, "Sorry Father but mine was lost with the boat that brought us here." Michelle said an arrow knocked in her bow, Professor Grant thought for a second, "Where's John?" Michelle shook her head, "Don't know he changed not long ago but I haven't seen him since." Grant frowned, "He's no coward, I think he has something planned." Grant stood up suddenly, "Father! What are you going?" Michelle yelled, "Keep your eyes closed, I'm making a gamble." Grant held the rifle in front of him bayonet fixed, his eyes shut tight.

The Gorgon saw him and slithered towards him slowly and stealthily, the creature would move as close to him as possible and then end his life, Michelle stayed where she was afraid to open her eyes, the Gorgon held a spear in its right hand which was being poised to deliver the blow, when John struck. From his hiding place the werewolf struck.

Sharp claws tore through the neck of the creature, Medusa screamed as her head was severed, the head hit the stone floor with a loud thump, followed by her writhing thrashing body, Grant cracked an eyelid open, before throwing his coat across the ghastly head. "Well done my boy." He said to John who was changing back to his human self, "I didn't have to see her to know where she was I just needed the right opportunity to strike. Thanksí by the way." Grant patted him on the shoulder, "I knew I could trust you with our lives."

A thought occured to him then, "Oh, my god! Dr. Lively!" He ran to his friendís side who was on the floor bleeding profusely, "Stay still, we're going to get you out of here." Dr. Lively shook his head, "This is the end for me old boy." grant shook his head, "Stop talking like that, we'll get you out of here." Michelle saw to his wounds which were very deep cuts, she even doubted he'd pull through; he'd been slashed by Medusa's claws and was possibly poisoned. After Michelle dressed his wounds John helped the scientist up and supported him out of the cave they had taken refuge in.

The group exited into the blinding sunlight, when their eyes had adjusted they found themselves surrounded by a large group of centaurs. "Oh, great." John said, "These guys again." Grant held his hand up, "Wait, they arenít Syracuse's tribe, their markings are different, these must be one of his rival tribes." The Centaurs were all armed but none had drawn their weapons instead they gazed out the group curiously. Grant raised his hand in what he hoped would be interpreted as a friendly gesture. There was a momentís hesitation and then one of the other centaurs returned the gesture and then motioned for them to follow him.

A short journey later and the group of four found themselves guests of high chief Aetos, the first thing the chief had demanded was an explanation on who they were and how they got there, after learning that they were no friends of Syracuse he welcomed them happily to his tribe, "You will be most welcome here, though your news is troubling about this man Von Reuther, and the weapons you say he has." Professor Grant nodded, "He is an even greater threat to you than Syracuse is."


Meanwhile in another part of the valley Von Reuther and Syracuse had joined forces after a short but bloody skirmish between their men, "If your weapons are as powerful as you've demonstrated we should have no trouble in crushing all who oppose us." Syracuse growled glaring at Von Reuther, Von Reuther returned the gaze, "Ja, but one must never underestimate an opponent, which I never do." The mercenary cleared his throat, "And you will uphold your end of the bargain and show me the way out of the valley?" Syracuse nodded, "Upon my word of honor." Von Reuther grinned, "Then we will attack tonight, our machine gun was damaged too badly to use but we still have enough rounds for the mortar to do some damage, and our rifles of course." Syracuse stroked his chin, "My warriors will be ready as soon as you attack, our combined might will sweep them away."

After the meeting Von Reuther strode through the Centaur village with his Lieutenant, "Why are we working with these savages?" He asked, "Because they are a necessity at the moment at least." He stopped in his tracks, "Have our men ready."


Dr. Lively was still unconscious though the Centaur shaman insisted he would make a full recovery. It was dawn and Michelle was looking forward to finding the way out of this cursed valley, Aetos had said there was a tunnel that lead out but it was too small for Centaurs but humans might be able to squeeze through. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a loud whistling sound followed by an explosion. Acting quickly she grabbed the unconscious Dr. Lively and dragged him out of the hut they were in, "What's going on?" She yelled, sighting her father and John, "The mortar! It's Von Ruether, I though we had destroyed that thing but apparently we didn't do too good a job."

"What sorcery is this?" Aetos yelled, "Von Reuther." John replied, Grant and Michelle shouldered the Mauser rifles, "He doesnít have enough shells to destroy the village but he can do enough damage and drive your people out into a trap." Grant explained, Aetos nodded, "I see." there was another explosion as a Centaur hut was destroyed in a shower of splinters, Aetos trotted off shouting for his people to remain calm and for warriors to be ready to fight.

One of the Centaur's scooped Dr. Lively taking him somewhere safer, all the centaur warriors formed ranks and headed out of the village, they could make out the figures of Syracuse's warriors, "Looks like Syracuse found an ally in Von Reuther." John said, "Some of his men are probably out there with rifles too." Grant nodded, "Our new friends need all the help they can get." he held up his coat and the object within, "We have a secret weapon of our own."

John suddenly sifted into his werewolf form and let out a howl as he charged out with the Centaurs followed by grant and Michelle with their rifles and an object in a basket.

Fight is on, thirty good Centaurs armed with bows, swords, axes etc. John in his werewolf form, Michelle with a bolt action rifle, bayonet and dagger and Professor Grant, also with rifle and bayonet and a Bowie knife, as well as Medusa's head vs. fifty of the evil centaurs armed the same as the good ones and the mercenaries armed with Mauser's and bayonets, and Von Reuther who is armed with a Luger and a saber.

Who will win is this the last fight for the werewolf and his friends? Vote and decide their fate.

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:34 PM

Comments are appreciated and sorry it took me so long to make this part.

And last adventure. http://www.electricf...showtopic=24062

#3 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 05:06 PM

Nicely done. I'd have to say that the Werewolf and friends have an advantage. Unless the bullets are silver or silver jacketed, I doubt that the werewolf can fall from the other side. Mausers though are good firearms for their day. Medusa's head can also turn the Germans into granite. However, if the foe has magical protection or is blind, that is out of the question.

*smirks at the possibilities of the next episode*

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 05:14 PM

Nicely done, Merc. I have to agree with HWFM here. John and co. should be able to take this. "It's Good."

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 01:16 AM

Another good chapter in your Werewolf arc, Merc.

The good guys are outgunned and outnumbered here, but they have John and Medusa's head to possibly even things out, at least. John and Co. can win, but it's going to be a bloddy, brutal battle.

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 01:21 AM

Good setup and Team Werewolf with the weapons along with the force they have win.

#7 Guest_anu_*

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 10:54 AM

Wolf wins this, seeing that this has been commented on and they said basically the same thing I would have no need to restate it, Wolf wins hands down.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 01:37 PM

Thanks for the comments guys, don't know what my next werewolf match will be probably a different storyline with these same characters, but that might be a bit.

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