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Match 10912 Black Panther (Shuri) and Aisha Campbell and Maya vs. Ivy and Juri Han and Baby Bonnie Hood

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Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:28 PM

Previously... Aisha, the Yellow Ranger, went rogue when the Zeo Power Ranger team was nearly killed fighting Hordak. Seeking vengeance, she allied herself with Killmonger who took her to Africa and allowed her to fight Maya and then Shuri.

Aisha awakened with a start. She huffed and looked around, focusing on the individuals staring at her.

"What do you know about Hordak?" A woman with an African accent demanded of her. She had a short haircut and a skin-tight black costume.

"Huh?" The Yellow Power Ranger shook her head to try and make since of what was going on.

"You said you came here for Hordak." the woman said sternly. "He is here. What do you know of him?"

"Wait a minute," Aisha started to get her bearings. "You're that female Black Panther! You were fighting me! Trying to stop me from..."

"I did stop you." Shuri cut in. "And Killmonger retreated and left you to our mercy." Beside her was Maya, the Amazon warrio whom Aisha had defeated before Shuri and the Wakandan soldiers attacked.

"The only reason you're alive is because of your reputation as a Power Ranger. I knew that Killmonger had to be manipulating you."

Aisha started to get up. "You said something about Hordak?"

"Yes." Shuri said. "He has attacked the neighboring countries of Wakanda. He is surely eyeing us."

"Then there's no time to loose!" said Aisha were renuewed vigor and determination. "We have to go and stop him!"

"Not so fast." Maya held her hand up. "Hordak has amassed an army. We can't just run out and start fighting."

"Let me call my friends." Aisha offered.

"No time for that." Shuri snapped. "The enemy is marching now. I was hoping the you could give us something on Hordak before we engaged him."

"I don't really know anything about him." Aisha admitted embarrased.

Maya and Shuri glanced at eachother.

"You mean you teamed with Killmonger, half-invaded Wakanda and fought the two of us to hunt down someone that you don't even know?"

A dark fire lit in Aisha's eyes. "He hurt my friends. I can't let that go."

Maya and Shuri exchanged glances again. This time they were smiling.

"I can accept that." said Shuri. "You'll help us fight?"

"As long as Hordak is involved, sure I will."

"Then let's go."


Hordak, indeed had created a mighty army. It was an army so strong that the sorceror himself was nowhere to be seen.

Shuri had decided to infiltrate Hordak's camp, with the intent of assaniating him, and throwing his forces into disarray. With everyone focused on the coming attack, security was extreamly lax.

But the three women were unsuccessful in their mission. They were discovered. Three converts to Hordak loyalty ambushed the heroes.

"Well well well," Ivy looked them over. "This is a nice surprise."

"I hope you're not going to surrender." Juri's wild eyes danced with the thought of the coming fight.

B.B. Hood reached into her basket and pulled out a gun. "They won't."

Even as she started shooting, Shuri was on the move. That took Hood's aim as well as sprang Juri into action, going after the Wakandan princess. Ivy whiped her segmented sword at Maya while Aisha went to help Shuri.

If this mission was a bust, then the least they could do was remove three individuals from the enemy's ranks.

Fight points-

Shuri has taken the herb that makes her the Black Panther. Aisha is powered with the Ninja Power Coin (She's not going to call for her zord right now.) Maya is just Maya.

Juri, B.B. Hood and Ivy all have and do the stuff they normally do in their respective games.

Shuri and Maya will kill but Aisha, of course, won't.

The bad girls, naturally will kill.

There are not set matchups. Anybody can fight anybody and use any teamwork they want until all three opposing members are down or dead.

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 02:08 AM

Okay, good one, leroy.

I think the good girls can pull this fight off, between Aisha's ninja skill, Maya's agility, and Shuri's cunning and stealth. It won't be easy to counter B. B. Hood's arsenal, Ivy's alchemy, or Juri's aggression, though.

BTW, leroy, if you're looking to challenge your writing skills, check this challenge out:


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