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Match 10903 Voltron vs. Forever Red Power Rangers

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 02:04 PM

The CBUB All Out War

Part 9: Voltron vs Forever Red Power Rangers

Summary: After getting sick and tired of the popular characters being used more often in matches, and not being in matches themselves, the unused and unpopular characters had formed an alliance known as the Legion Brigade. Their goal was to destroy every last popular character in the CBUB site, so that they themselves could be used by the CBUB members. Now the Legion Brigade were searching throughout the site, hunting down the popular characters.

On CBUB-Earth at the Legion Brigade’s secret hideout, Haruhi Suzumiya, the leader of the group was in her office, setting at her desk, waiting for a group to show up. Then there was a knock on her door. “Enter.” Haruhi said.

Entering the office was the Forever Red Power Rangers: Aurico, TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric, Cole, and the group’s own Jason and Tommy. “You wanted to see us?” Jason asked.

“Yes. I have a mission for you all. I want you to go to the planet, CBUB-Arus, to destroy Voltron.” Haruhi said.

“We’ll be happy to destroy Voltron.” Leo said.

“Yea, with our Zords, we will be able to take care of that lame robot very easy.” Andros said.

“But a problem is that some of our Zords can’t travel though space. So how are we going to get them onto another planet?” Cole asked.

“I already thought of that.” Haruhi said. “Dr. K has already built a machine that will transport you and your Zords onto the planet.”

“Well that’s Good.” Eric said.

“But the machine can only be use two times. It has a enough power to transport you ten with your Zords to CBUB-Arus, and a enough to send you all back here. So take your best Zords to help you fight Voltron.” Haruhi said.

“You can count on us.” Tommy said to Haruhi. Then he looked at the rest of the Red Rangers. “Come on guys. Let’s get ready to go to CBUB-Arus.”

“Right.” The rest of the Red Rangers said together.

Later at CBUB-Arus, inside the Castle, the Voltron Force: Allura, Hunk, Keith, Lance, and Pidge were all relaxing, until the alarms went off, and the whole place was shaking as the Castle was under attacked.

The Voltron Force ran to the control room and saw Coran at the controls. “What’s going on?” Keith asked.

“We’re under attack by giant robots. I will put it on the screen.” Coran said. On a giant screen, it showed Zords firing their attacks at the Castle.

The Zords were...

Red Dragon Thunderzord in its Warrior Mode being piloted by Jason as the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger.

Red Shogunzord being piloted by Aurico as the Red Aquitian Ranger.

Red Battlezord being piloted by Tommy as Zeo Ranger 5.

Lightning Fire Tamer Rescue Zord in its Robot Form being piloted by TJ as the Red Turbo Ranger.

Mega V1 being piloted by Andros as the Red Space Ranger.

Lion Galactabeast with Leo as the Red Galaxy Ranger riding on its back.

Pyro Rescue 1 being piloted by Carter as the Red Lightspeed Ranger.

Time Flyer 1 being piloted by Wes as the Red Time Force Ranger.

Q-Rex in its Dinosaur Mode being controlled by Eric as the Quantum Ranger.

Red Lion Wild Zord with Cole as the Red Lion Ranger riding on its back.

“Hey those are the Zords from the Power Rangers franchise.” Lance said.

“So were under attack by Power Rangers?” Hunk asked.

“But why are they doing this?” Allura asked.

“They must be with the Legion Brigade. I heard that they are attacking popular characters.” Pidge said.

“Well they are messing with the wrong people. Let gets to the Lions.” Keith said.

The Voltron Force got suited up, and they each got into their Robot Lion. Then the Robot Lions were launched from their hiding places.

The Black Lion was being piloted by Keith.

The Blue Lion was being piloted by Allura.

The Yellow Lion was being piloted by Hunk.

The Red Lion was being piloted by Lance.

The Green Lion was being piloted by Pidge.

“Ok team. Let’s take these Power Rangers down.” Keith said on a com-link to his team.

Then the Zords stopped firing their attacks at the Castle as the Red Power Rangers saw the Robot Lions were heading towards them. “Here comes those Robot Lions.” The Red Aquitian Ranger said to the rest of the Red Power Rangers on a com-link.

“If we destroy one of those lions, then they can’t form into Voltron.” The Red Lightspeed Ranger said.

“I said we destroy all five of them.” The Red Time Force Ranger said.

“Right. Let’s show them what the Forever Red Power Rangers can do.” The Red Turbo Ranger said.


So there you have it.


-This is the version of the Robot Lions/Voltron from the 80's anime.

-The Robot Lions/Voltron and the Zords are scaled to comparable size and weight.

-The Forever Red Power Rangers can’t call for anymore Zords to help them.

Who do you think will win?

#2 leroypowell3


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Posted 23 February 2012 - 04:05 PM

That's a lot of Zords! They'll definately have to form Voltron. But since they didn't do it right away, They've got too many enemies to deal with to come together. And the Loins individually are no more powerful than the Zords they are facing. So the Voltron force goes down without even getting to form the mighty robot. I'm not even sure Voltron himself would have been able to defeat all of these Zords all together.

#3 Buzz Line

Buzz Line

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Posted 24 February 2012 - 08:51 AM

Most Zords can't fly, Lions can. Also, Voltron has a plot device blazing sword. Sure, sheer numbers might still win but I don't think it's for sure.

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