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Match 10868 Aisha Campbell vs. Maya

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 05:31 PM

Previously... The Zeo Power Rangers were nearly killed by Hordak. Aisha, The Yellow Ranger of a different Ranger team, was upset and left to take revenge on Hordak herself. She encountered Frenzy and got into a fight with her. Here's what happens next... ____________________________________________________________________________________ Getting up from her punding, Aisha scowled at her oppoent from behind her helmet. "You better stay down, little girl." Frenzy urged her. She was so powerful, so practically invulnerable, that the Yellow Ranger hadn't done her any damage. "Not 'till you tell me where Hordak is." said Aisha sternly. Frenzy shook her head and balled her fist, ready to slug the idiot across the street with an uppercut. "Hold on, Frenzy!" a voice called out. It was deep and commanding and accented with African. "I think she's had enough!" "Not if she's still talking stuff." Frenzy unclenched her fist. "We don't want our new friend hurt." the approaching man said as he glared at the Yellow Ranger. "I'm no friend of yours." Aisha staggered to her feet. "Don't mind Frenzy. I just needed her to make sure you could handle yourself." "What do you want?" asked Aisha. "It's not what I want, girl, it's what you want. You want Hordak." Aisha started. "Who are you?" "I'm Erik. You can call me Killmonger." "Where's Hordak?" Killmonger laughed. "You just caught a beat down from Frenzy and you want a powerhouse sorcorer like Hordak! You better check yourself!" He stopped laughing and continued. "Look. I can get you Hordak, but you gotta know you can't take him alone. You'll need help." "Are you offering" Aisha said smartly. "As a matter of fact, I am. I'm putting together a team. You'd be a great asset. What do you say?" _____________________________________________________________________________________ Just a few days later, they were in Africa. Aisha didn't know what this had to do with Hordak, but Killmonger had promised that this team that he had put together was for the purpous of stopping him. Killmonger took Aisha, alone, to a ancient looking temple. "Is this where Hordak is?" Aisha asked. "Maybe." Killmonger shrugged staring at the temple ahead of them. When a figure emerged from the temples entrance he seemed please. "You're back." A blonde woman (Maya) said. She was holding two butterfly knives in a reverse grip. Her eyes fixed on the Yellow Ranger. "This is all that you brought with you?" "This is all I need." Killmonger responded confidently. "After I get through killing her," Maya started to advance, "I'm going to kill you, Killmonger." "What is she talking about?" Aisha asked Killmonger. "What's going on?" Killmonger was smiling a little. "Get ready." "What?" Before she knew it, Maya was running like the cheeta-skinned outfit that she was wearing. Still quite a ways away, Maya leaped and came at Aisha in a drop kick. The Yellow Ranger stepped aside and tried to yell at Killmonger but the knifewhelding woman stayed on her. Whatever was happening right now, she needed to defend herself. ____________________________________________________________________________________ So it's Aisha the Second Yellow Ranger, powered with the Thunderzord power coin. She's not going to call for her Zord and Killmonger isn't going to help her. Maya does everything she does in the game.

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 05:36 PM

Here's a playthough for Maya.

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 02:18 AM

Good set-up, leroy.

Maya's indeed going to be vicious, but Aisha's extra arsenal should likely eke out the win for her here.

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