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Match 10863 Captain America vs. Grunt

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 04:39 AM

The Reaper menace had been vanquished, and the Krogan super soldier, Grunt, was on the planet of Earth. Commander Shepard had invited his whole crew to stay for a few days on Earth and take a break after the bloody fight that had just been won. The Krogan thirsted for battle and thought taking a break was weak, but he did not wish to disrespect his krantt, who had led him to Hell and back. Although it seemed there was an ulterior motive on Shepard's part, and this suspicion was confirmed when Grunt was asked to have a 'chat' with some high-ranking military chiefs of the Systems Alliance. The Krogan agreed and now found himself in an Alliance base somewhere in the north of the USA. A military official motioned to him, "Grunt, they tell me that you are a 'supersoldier' of the Krogan, that you were genetically modified to be perfect in every way combat-wise. Well, we'd like you to meet our very own supersoldier..." The official expected some kind of reaction from Grunt, but the Krogan was generally uninterested and grew bored of listening to this human speak. The official kept silent and nodded to his colleagues. A door was opened, and a man walked through. Grunt raised one of his eye-ridges. This man was dressed in a red, blue and white suit, and carried a round shield. Krogan had no need for colour to stimulate them, and Grunt thought the display showed weakness. "Hello there, I'm Captain America." The figure stepped forward and extended an arm. Grunt merely stared at his extended arm then back at the human's face. "You're a soldier? You do not look worthy of such a title," replied Grunt in annoyance. The military official winced, but stepped forward and tried to make amends, "Ahem, we were going to call him Captain 'Earth', but 'America' seemed to roll off the tongue much better," chuckled the official nervously, "Krogan have no need of such things..." "Ahem, y-yes quite right. Well, Grunt, the reason I brought you here was to test out our man's capabilities. We'd like to see how humanity's supersoldier stands up against a supersoldier of another species," "You want me to fight him? Finally..." "W-well yes, but could you please leave you weapon in the storage bay and we will begin with unarmed comba-" The official wheezed as Grunt padded him aside with his arm, immediately raising his shotgun and laughing with delight, firing upon the human. His opponent proved to be no push-over, however. He immediately raised his shield and blocked the shells, with not so much as even a scratch on the shield to show for it. Grunt felt exhilarated and continued his onslaught. --------------------------- SUPER SOLDIER BRAAAAWL TEAM 1: Captain America (Comics version, so shield is indestructible. Outfitted with standard Mass Effect shielding on his body) TEAM 2: Grunt (outfitted with a Heavy Claymore shotgun. True to the games, Grunt has no shielding of his own)

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Posted 17 February 2012 - 10:20 PM

Captain America should be able to win this. Good match though, I like the supersoldier vs. supersoldier thing. Setup could have been better.

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