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Match 10860 Gabriel Angelos vs. Predator Herd

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:50 PM

"Traitorous filth!" shouted Gaberial, but he was drowned out by his storm bolter. The Chaos Sorcerer fell to the ground, his head blasted off by the righteous weapon of the Blood Raven. His mission to end the threat of Chaos was now complete, but the victory was costly. He stood over the bodies of his fallen battle brothers. Yet he did not mourn them for they died valiantly in the Emperorís service. And there was no higher honor for a space marine. Gaberial went to recover his power hammer that he had dropped during the battle ten meters away, but just for a moment, he looked around him and studied the city. Dark, nondescript, skyscrapers, kilometers tall pointed at a joyless sky. Ancient soot and grime coated the whole of the city. Dank air smothered everything, like a lead blanket. A millennia of warfare had left its scars littered all throughout the city. Exuro was an oppressively hot hive world that had recently see the death of tens of thousands of Imperial Guardsmen. But soon he and his brothers would cleanse this world and...The sudden blast of plasma struck and burned his flesh through his adamantine armor. Already his skin was blistering and blacked, and the smell of his charred skin filled the air. Gaberial did not see where the attack came from, and cursed his foolishness for not paying better heed. "Show yourself coward!" he commanded his unseen attacker. But whoever it was would not accommodate his directive. Another searing plasma charge flew at him, but this time he dodge, and with his centuries of battle experience, he followed it back to its source. His storm bolter roared at the target, cutting it down before Gaberial could see it better. Quite sure it was dead, Gaberial approached. He could see it was a xeno, but it was unknown to him. He went to study the treacherous alien, when he heard a noise. Quickly he picked up one of his nearby fallen brothersí chain sword.Metal claws ripped at him, slicing his armor. But he could not see the xeno. The foul alien must being wearing some kind of cloaking device. No matter! Another dead alien for this day. Blindly he swung the chain sword, where he believed the xeno was standing and found his aim to be true. Blood and gore rained from his whirling weapon as the cloaking device failed, revealing the alien, which Gaberial could now see was the same species as the first. What manner of xeno were these? A silent moment passed. Yet another xeno uncloaked before him. However, this time the alien approached Gaberial slowly with what appeared to be a weapon in his out stretched hand. Another man might have seen this as a non-threaten gesture. Perhaps even a sign of respect. A more opened mind might have seen that this xeno was in fact bearing a gift. But a space marine would never deal with such an absurdity. Gaberial opened fire on the alien as it moved solemnly towards him. The storm bolter matched its masterís fury, as it shredded the xenoís body like linen rags. Knowing he was still in danger Gaberial rushed to his fallen power hammer and pulled it from the ground as another hot plasma bolt struck him, this time from behind, hitting the thickest part of his armor. Before he could retaliate, a fourth xeno appeared before him, thrusting a pike like weapon into his chest. But his armor that had served him for centuries protected him again. His power hammer hummed and emitted a blue haze in his hand. Gaberial took one swing at the pike wielding alien and his weapon crushed it like vermin under the heel of an angry god. From there the situation worsened for the marine. The Predators began to uncloak. They howled, clicked and hiss their anger in their language. They surrounded their new prey like a pack of snarling wolves. They readied their melee weapons but targeted the marine with their plasma cannons. For months had had been stalking and killing the Imperial troops of Exuro, taking many, many trophies. The Predators had just about their fill of hunting on this world when these new armored giants began to arrive, and the thrill of the hunt had returned. And this one would be a kill worthy of legends. Although he showed himself capable, he dishonored himself by killing one of their own in cold blood, not in combat. They would have their prize, and revenge.As Gaberial stood, bolter in one hand and power hammer in the other, red targeting laser dots strewn all over his body, the rage in him boiled over. In a voice that shook the cityís rockcrete buildings, he shouted defiantly, ďI KNOW NO FEAR! FOR I AM FEAR INCARANTE!Ē--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Predators each armed with their shoulder mounted plasma guns and some type of melee weapon.Gaberial Angelos with a power hammer, storm bolter and in Terminator Armor.This is a basic fight to the death match. Only 1 team survives.

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:55 PM

The Predators die horribly. I dont think the plasma casters can harm his armour and same with their melee weapons. If he does not have his helmet on he could lose and be considered an idiot for leaving himself wipe open for a head shot.

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 10:09 PM

Lop-sided much?


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Posted 16 February 2012 - 10:01 AM

When I started writing this one I thought Angelos would win, but the more I thought about, the more my mind got changed. Seven on one, with cloaks and plasma weapons. Yeah, the Predators have this.

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 07:05 PM

Gabriel. Easily. Not a fair match at all, really.

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