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The FPL Season of Fiction

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 04:41 PM

The Premise

Take X number of people. Let's say 8. Have them play out a "season" of fiction competition. Each week, everyone faces off against a different person. Each pair has to write a short story about a character already in the gallery. Whoever is running the tourney will determine who gets paired up and who each pair has to write about. Then people vote on whose short story is best. Do this for 7 weeks so that everyone has matched up once. Then do a playoff until we get a winner who is crowned That Person Who Writes Fiction Really Good And Stuff.

Week 1 Challenge

- Create a horror story using any characters in the current database.

Writing Deadline

Feb 10th to February 20th

The Rules

Everybody will get a Friday until a Sunday to write each challenge. For this week, I'll give an extra day since I started this late. To vote just PM one name from each challenge group that you believe won for that week. Your vote should have four names altogether. If you don't make the deadline to write, then you forfeit that round. If you don't make the deadline to vote, then you forfeit your vote. I hope you guys are invested, because this will go on until late May. Each person will do about 7 challenges each until we're finished, then I'll total up the votes. If I have a clear winner by the end, I'll declare it. If not, then I'll have a face off with the winners who tied. So, without further ado Let the Season of Fiction begin.

The Challengers


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Posted 19 February 2012 - 05:36 PM

Um... it's not letting me paste.

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 07:24 PM

What on earth was there to be afraid of? Becki was standing outside a haunted apartment building, it was approaching the stroke of midnight, and there was no one around to help her. There was a special loneliness to that night. Becki had grown accustomed to always having her friends around her, especially when she was on missions, but this one was solo. So Becki felt lonely, but not scared for two reasons. One: Zombies outrank ghosts on the undead-o-meter and there was no way Becki was letting herself get ganked by and underling. Two: She had her baseball bat with her. Becki was sure the walls of that apartment were about to be splattered with ectoplasm.

The door was open. Becki entered into a kitchen. It was an extremely dainty room. There were glass cabinets with teacups inside; spirally white doilies with hearts in the center adorned the tables. Becki strode quickly through to find a room less chokingly feminine.

Eventually Becki came to a bedroom in the back where she felt comfortable enough to start drawing out the evil spirit. "Hello!" she called at the top of her voice. "I'm so alone and easy to possess, kill, or kidnap. I'm sooo vulnerable." Then she waited. Becki sat on the bed, idly bouncing her bat off the tip of her combat boots. She yawned. Something made her feel incredibly sleepy. She lay back on the bed, staring up into the ceiling and twirling the bat above her. Eventually, she fell asleep.

When Becki awoke, the room was completely dark. She reached for her bat next to her and gripped it tight. Everything but her and the bed had disappeared. It was like the bed was floating in the void.

"Hey, you big scary monster asshole!" she yelled. A chuckle returned out of the darkness. Somewhere far out in the distance, there was the unmistakable sound of a young girl crying. Becki pushed herself off the bed, gingerly testing to see if the floor was still there, gripping the bat tightly, over her shoulder, ready to swing.

Her feet touched the cold wood floor. Becki realized she was missing her shoes. She shrugged and walked off into the darkness toward the sound of the voice. There was no way to estimate distances in the darkness. Once Becki walked far enough away from the bed, the world disappeared. She kept herself sane by concentrating on the voice. "Help. Help. Oh God. Help."

At some point, the voice felt close enough that Becki began probing into the darkness with her bat, waiting for the soft wielding of flesh. There was no one there. Suddenly a light flicked on. There was no one around. The voice disappeared. Becki found herself staring into a bathroom cabinet mirror. Confused, Becki turned to walk back out. There was a flash of teeth and claws. Both of Becki's hands were ripped off. The bat clattered against the tile floor.

Becki stumbled back, blood flowing out of her stumped wrists. The darkness surged into the room, blocking out the light. Again, Becki was alone in the darkness. The chuckle was louder now, ringing in Becki's ears. She felt so alone and lightheaded from blood loss.

"Help. Help. Oh God. Help."

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 09:39 PM

Wait, what happened? Who was the ghost?

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 07:33 PM

Koji chuckled, looking down at the floor, which was now stained with quite a bit of his own blood. Is this all they have? Pathetic.

He had been held in captivity somewhere in Khazan for days. He wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly where, but he knew it was some kind of laboratory. He had been tortured for days, told he’d never get out. Not that I have any intention of escaping, Koji thought darkly, chuckling some more.

“What the-- why are you still laughing?! You’ve been laughing for days! Every blow, every insult, and you laugh your ass off!” the mercenary shook his head in disbelief.

“I think we’d better try psychological torture..." whispered one thug to another, to their knowledge out of the range of Koji's auditory olfactory sense.

"Psychological torture? Psychological torture?! The pain from what we’ve already tortured him with would drive anyone insane!” the other mercenary shouted.

“Boys, boys,” a cool voice started over an intercom. “Don’t worry about him... We’ve got other things to attend to. Exit the room.”

“Alright, boss...” they both complied, leaving Koji alone in his thoughts.

Only a few more hours until Keijo arrives, he thought, then laughed. He figured that if they had him on camera, they deserved a show, right?


“Eh, boss, he’s smiling... It’s creepy.”

The voice of the mercenary was a bit scared.

“Shut up and shoot him already,” the intercom boomed in a bored monotone.

“Alright...” the mercenary shakily leveled the gun at Koji’s head. “Goodbye, creep.”

“Goodbye, snack food,” Koji replied with a laugh.

The gun went off, and Koji hit the floor, his smile still on his face.

“It’s done,” the mercenary spoke out loud.

“I am looking at the camera, you know,” the voice replied, slightly less monotonous.

“Well, I wouldn’t know--”


The door exploded inwards, crushing the speaking mercenary under nearly two hundred pounds of steel.

“It’s about time you got here,” Koji said calmly, rising from his place where he had been leveled by the pistol blast.

“B-b-but you-you were sh-shot...” the other, remaining mercenary began.

Koji silenced him with a hand... through his head. “They’ve been starving me, Keijo. Allow me to eat these men, and then we can go.”

“Yes, Koji.”


Koji didn’t bother to wipe his mouth, getting up and heading for the door. Keijo followed quietly, turning the opposite way of Koji at an intersection.

“Koji! That course will lead you farther into the facility. This way is the exit.”

“I know that, Keijo.”

“...Why are you going deeper?”

“I’m going to find the person who captured me here, and have a short talk with them.”



Jenny the Courtesan, having been working for her particular employer for a few weeks, sat lazily in a lounge chair, tapping a finger on the side of the arm of her chair.

The door opened and Koji walked slowly in, his pace matching that of a stalking cat; however, his calm, almost innocent demeanor did not change. Semi-fresh blood ringed his mouth, denoting his recent feeding.

“That wasn’t a long walk,” Keijo commented. “The facility looked bigger from the outside.”

“Oh, it is bigger, darling,” Jenny purred, sidling out of the chair and closer to Koji and Keijo.

“So much bigger.”

“Jenny. Surprised to see you here. Where are we? Khazan? Istanbul? Timbuktu? Tokyo?”

Keijo didn’t look as calm as Koji; In fact, she seemed a bit nervous.

“I presume somewhere in Khazan. I’m not entirely sure.”

“What do you mean, ‘not entirely sure?’” Koji cocked his head to the side as Keijo spoke, studying Jenny seemingly with immense interest.

Jenny stepped back, reeling with distaste. “Your mind is a barrier... Shame it’s there, between us...” she danced swirling circle around Koji, who didn’t move, didn’t even change his expression, the tilt of his head.

“Hm... You are indeed one tough nut to crack...” Jenny stopped her wooing dance. “I suppose I’ll have to take this to the physical domain...” She reached out and tried to brush Koji’s arm, but Koji stepped almost numbly out of the way.

“My memory has been clouded recently by drugs and starvation... but now the memory is coming back of you... Succubus.”

Jenny darted back, lips curling into a fanged grimace. “I didn’t think you’d recover this quickly.”

“You’d be surprised,” Keijo hissed, eyes narrowing to barely slits.

“Hm. It’s too bad. This could’ve gone better for the both of us,” she spoke with distaste. And with a mental signal, four succubi burst from the walls, glass not shattering but morphing around the bodies of the she-demons.

“Koji... It’s too bad that thing has possessed you...” they hissed as one, including Jenny.

“There is no longer Koji... only Parasite.”

The succubi hissed in almost feline fury, lunging for Parasite. However, before they reached him, he had seemed to disappear, and Keijo along with him.

“Where did he go?” Jenny asked the others, who all shrugged, searching mentally for the man who had previously been a potential meal. As the four looked to the door, which still hung ajar, Kijo appeared behind Jenny. He silently spread his jaws wide, and a bug-like creature emerged, its pincers clicking ominously... but before Jenny can react, it had crawled over her shoulder and up her neck, too near her mouth for her to stop it. It crawled in, and she went rigid with a mixture of pain, fright, and pure terror, the latter two merging into a single, distorted emotion. Then she screamed... and stopped suddenly.

Jenny collapsed to the floor; by this time, her four accomplices had sprinted back into the room.

“What did you do?” they wailed, eyes wide.

“It appears you are at a disadvantage,” Kijo said, ignoring their inquiry. “My kind is superior to the likes of you succubi, and as much as I hate to admit it... a hybrid of the two is more powerful even than me. Let’s just hope she doesn’t realize it.” With these words, Jenny stood up, eyes blazing madly, pincered claws on her hands and pincers on the inside of her distended teeth.

“I suggest you run. Immediately.” Koji waved a hand, and Keijo appeared beside him. Jenny, seemingly without any trigger, dashed forwards, and ripped the throat out of a succubus, her touch alone overriding the organ systems of the she-demon’s body. The other three backed away, towards the open door, eyes wide with terror. One started to turn to open the door further, and was pounced on by the extra-powerful hybrid abomination, shorting out her bodily functions entirely. The other two rushed to help; they me the same fate.

After a moment, the Parasite-Jenny looked up from her feeding. Her/Its hands de-morphed into their original, almost dainty-looking form.

Koji looked her in the eye, ignoring her new appendages and deformities.

“Take me to your leader.”


Alright guys, that’s the end of this installment of...

I’ll think of a name later. :P

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