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Match 10729 Animorphs and Blanka and Tarzan vs. Wolf Predator and Tracker Predator and Spartan Predator

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Posted 22 January 2012 - 08:54 PM

This match begins with Tarzan, Blanka, and Jake, Marco, Tobias, Cassie, & Rachel of the Animorphs waking up on the hunting planet of the Predators.After shortly later after everybody believed that Blanka was friendly and their individual personnel introductions were made. Tarzan then took point and lead the group into and through the jungle. And Tarzan had these uneasy feelings that he had seen and done all of this before. Except this time it was different. And later he found out why.Blanka leaped ahead and saw empty cage-like crates and the 5 young animorphs were disgusted with what they discovered. And so Tarzan and Blanka climb up a tree and when they had reached the top to see the sky, they both where shocked and delayed coming back down. And when they eventually did and told the five young Animorphs that they were on another planet!!!Of course there was shock and denial. So everybody agreed that they needed to rest so camp was made and little did they knew or thought that they knew, that they all were being watched by 3 different types of Predators. A Spartan Predator, A Tracker Predator with 12 Preda-Hounds, and lastly A fierce Wolf Predator. The three observed their preys and later that night inginated a special "Who To Hunt" Cerimony.Then traditionally drew their individual hunting weapons and placed them in a special fireplace and Ignited it! And the choices were made. The Spartan Predator would face Tarzan. And the Wolf Predator would hunt Blanka, and lastly The Tracker Predator and his hounds would stalk the Animorphs. And at dawn the hunt was on.Tarzan awoke surprised, because he was inside a alien ruin temple and he had a knife. The 12 Preda-Hounds attack Blanka and the five Animorphs at their camp and during the fight seperated Blanka and the five animorphs. Blanka faced the Wolf Predator who de-cloaked him up in a tree. And the five Animorphs changed into different animals, A Eagle, A Gorilla, A Bear, A Lion, and A Raptor. And fought the Preda-Hounds. While the Tracker Predator still cloaked watched.And the Hunt goes on!

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 05:52 PM

I think the predators have a clean sweep here. Blanka would probably be the only one to put up a challenge. To be fair, I don't know the animorphs but if all they do is turn into animals they get caught (well killed I guess since that's what predators hunt for).

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Posted 25 January 2012 - 08:17 AM

Good Job in using the Animorphs!

It sounds like Team 1 is separated. They would have a much better chance if they stayed together. Tarzan has had experience with Predators before so he'll know what he's facing. He also will not be as easy to hunt as the others. He can disappear in the Jungle. That being said, he can't really do anything offensively. Does he have a a spear or something?

Blanka has a small chance because his Predator has decloaked. It won't mean anything if the Wolf Predator has a laser though. Blanka has no ranged attacks so the Wolf Predator can just shoot from above. Blanka is probably fast and can dodge but, again, if he can't get close enough to use his bioelectricity power he won't do much either.

Do the Animorphs stay the animals they are? I can't see how an eagle would be remotely useful. Again, if the Predator has a lazer, it would just shoot it out of the sky. And 12 preda-hounds? That's too many. The other four Animorphs would be taken out by sheer numbers. The Raptor may be able to take on two but the others I can only see taking on one each. The Wolf Predator wouldn't even have to get into the fight. Now if one of them turned into an elephant and stomped on some while another turned into a mite and crawled into the Predator's ear, I can see that winning the fight for them since they would have been briefed on the Predator's tricks by Tarzan.

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Posted 17 June 2012 - 02:57 PM

none of the main 5 ever even aquired a lion. The eagle and the bear are the same person. If it's the same animorphs from the books, they probably find a way to outsmart the predator. Probably by aquiring hounds, and then attacking the predator while he's not checking.

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