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Infinium: Short Story

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 08:51 PM

This is just a short series that will add a little more depth to Issa and Queen Asilil's character. It's not done, but FPL has been in a slump lately with fics so I thought what the hell. :P More to come... Maybe

The Beginning of a Warrior

“Perhaps Rhazil is right. It may be smarter to yield to the western powers. Give in to their demands and avoid the bloodshed that would surely ensue. Hami-Miji is growing too large with refugees to use the jungle as cloak much longer. Soon, we will be discovered.” King Fawdar spoke with his back turned to his palace room as he looked out onto the rolling plains of Africa. The spectacle of the setting sun almost calmed his mood.

He had just returned from a meeting with his generals. The danger of the western and European powers finding Hami-Miji was becoming ever more imminent with the rise of scouting groups spotted. Their disappearances were causing too much attention. He spoke to his wife and queen, Azil, who laid on a plush bed covered in leopard hide. She allowed a pause to linger once her husband was done talking.

“My King, you have led Hami-Miji well for too long. Why do you doubt you or your allies now? Because of the words of Rhazil? He is a coward. Chief Cheikh has assured us that these white men are not to be feared. The tribes of the east were caught off guard and unlike us did not have the chance to organize. This along with the arrival of Mother Asili’s chosen proves good fortune for us, my love. I ask you to throw away your worries and come to bed, to your bed with your queen.”

He smiled at her reasoning. She always had a way of saying things that were quite diplomatic. He came and laid beside her, feeling her arms affectionately.

“You are right. It would be silly to waste this time of peace and surplus on baseless worries. Tomorrow I will travel to the East tribes and see the progress Cheikh has made with his new apprentice.

He then pecked her lips with a kiss before the retired for the night.

Scattered clouds migrate across the azure sky as the African sun heated its soil. Tired slaves gazed up into the sky watching its clouds, watching them get lost in the beautiful blue. They wished to partake in the very same freedom as the clouds. They longed to walk the African plains and jungles free once again. Then they are snapped out of the dream and put back to work as the whip lashes against their weakened backs. They grabbed hold of the thick chains and pulled with all their might to raise the stone slab that separated them from the world.

King Fawdar, dressed in his crimson silk robe and adorned with all sorts of gold bands and other pieces, stands at the ready on his white charger. Six warriors surround him, only one wearing a pistol, the others carry swords and spears and bows. As the slab slowly raised a young warrior humbly approach the king, his name was Tinpu.

“Good tidings, my King, may the gods guide your journey.”

Fawdar nodded in thanks as he motioned for his charger to press forward. His warriors followed as they pushed into the thick jungle toward the West Kenyan tribe.

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:11 PM

Well I'll be damned. Infinium stuff. Team two will see the light of day eventually.

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