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The Return of Becki Bloom

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 03:44 AM

This story basically tells of how Becki came back to re-undeadness. Most of the Day-Shift characters as well as Pastel Phantom make appearances. In fact, if anything Becki doesn't do anything while the rest of Day-Shift saves the day. So let me know how well you felt I depicted them or if something is wrong. Aside from that just enjoy and feel free to comment. This is pretty light-hearted stuff.

To the other guys on the team, don't worry about the thing I asked you earlier. I decided to cut it.

Also, I only gave this a cursory glance for edits, so point out any noticeable grammar problems you see. Thanks.

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 03:47 AM


“Becki… Come towards the light… Come towards the light,”

She felt her flesh begin to melt away. Her friends surrounding her body couldn’t even see the real Becki as she floated by. A great white light begin to peek through what was the solid ceiling only moments ago. She reached forward towards the light as it grew brighter and nearer. So close, so warm, she could feel it, could almost cross over, until,

Thunk. She floated into it. Becki didn’t pass through it, she didn’t enter. The massive white light wasn’t a portal, it was an invisible wall glitch.

“Becki… Come towards the light. Come…”

“But I can’t,” she yelled.

“Come,” the voice beckoned.

“No, seriously I can’t.”

“Look chick, I don’t have all day. Come towards the light or I have to come down there and make you.”

“I’m not trying to be difficult,” She yelled back at the increasingly peeved disembodied voice, “I literally cannot come any closer to the light.”

She smacks the light again and it thunks twice more like a kettle drum. Her invisible friend sighs, then he tells her to hold on. A tiny black spot emerges from the brilliant glow. It grows larger and larger, till a towering black figure stands before her. His face is a demonic mask of bone, a terrifying fiend’s grin. Upon his cloak beneath the breast there is a white nametag reading, “Hi My name is Thad”.

“Ok this better be important, and don’t tell me that you still have things left to do on Earth, cause I hear that one every single day.”

“What? No, I just can’t get through your stupid portal thing.”

She hit the portal a few more times. The not-so-grim reaper pulls out a skull marked tablet computer and begins messing with it. He mutters something inaudible, till he finally finds what he wants on his tablet.

“Ok, Becki Bloom. Female, age 22, death by zombie attack… apparently this happened a few months ago. Why are you just ascending now?”

“Hmmm, what, no. I was alive.”

“It says here you were dead.”

She scratches the back of her head and laugh uncomfortably.

“Oh yeah, well, funny story. I was dead for maybe two hours. I’ve been zombified since then so really it doesn’t really count as being dead-dead.”

“Yeah well, the list says you already died and passed over, and nobody can enter the afterlife twice. So, you’re a ghost now. Good luck with that.”

“Wait, what!”

She grabs the reaper guy by the arm before he can leave again.

“Can’t you just make an exception, or at least put me back into my old body or something?”

“Nope,” he says, “Your old body is dead-dead. Your spirit is just sorta-dead.”

“So what, I have to be *vulgarity*ing Ghost-Girl now?”

“Opposed to what,” he scoffs, “being a zombie? Yeah like that’s a real downgrade.”

“Hey……Shut up! Besides aren’t you supposed to help me?”

“I’m not a social worker for the undead. I have other stuff on the list, things to see, places to be, people to do in. Why don’t you go haunt something sweetheart.”

And then in a flash of light he was gone. And Becki was alone between realms. It was so very cold.


Zach, Axl, Thorn and three Finns were sitting around a circular table. A rainbow of poker chips arced across the table toward the players. Thorn was winning, and the Finns were probably cheating, aside from that, little was happening. There is silence as they look at their cards, or at least pretend to be looking at their cards. Zach’s eyes poked over his hand.

“So, you guys go to your evaluation yet?”

A Finn throws his two remaining chips into the pool.

“Yeah,” he says, “They sent us in a few hours ago. The Doc made me sit down and send the clones out of the room. She talked real soft-like, and tried to go over my feelings. As if this was my first time being sent to a shrink’s office. Hell, this one time in high school I got a hold of like 1000 locusts and some superglue, then —”

“It’s all a waste of time,” Axl says to no one in particular. He tossed his cards in to the center of the table. Zach looked towards him.

“I don’t know; they’re just trying to help. I mean, we all did just watch someone die in front of us. Maybe its just something that—Cookies! Your God Damn Cookies!”

The rest of the table stares at Zach as he retreats back, hand now covering his mouth. The Finns simultaneously lean back in their chairs and raise one eyebrow each. Thorn lets out a lukewarm laugh.

“Zach if that’s your attempt at absurdist humor, you’re doing it wrong.”

“That wasn’t me! I swear, something just took over my—God damn cookies Zach! I got murdered and you got cookies? Bullshit! You have to get me out of this!”

Axl’s eyes turn angry.

“Zach, what the hell are you doing?”

“I don’t—It’s not Zach. Its me! I’m possessing him. You guys have to get me out of here!”

“Who is ‘me’?”

Zach begins to gesticulate wildly.

“Who else? Its me! Becki!”

Axl gets up from the table and glares.

“*vulgarity* you Zach, this isn’t funny.”

He begins to walk away. Zach stands and shouts,

“When we were in the library on the first day, I asked for a boost off the step-ladder to grab a book. You used your telekinesis to get the book instead, but really I just wanted an excuse to get you to grab my ass and I was sort of disappointed.”

Axl turns, the look on his face can only be described as bamboozlement. Thorn approaches Zach and begins to look him over. His eyes were regularly dilated, breathing was normal, everything seemed fine.

“Zach…er Becki, is that really you in there?”

Zach places his hands on his hips and makes an angry pout.

“Yeah dummy, it’s me.”

One of the Finns pops out of his chair.

“I don’t know, this could still be a prank. Let’s ask him something really secret, like what Becki weighed or,”

The Finn’s hand goes limp, then swiftly raises upwards. It swipes into the back of another Finn’s head with a sharp smack. The second Finn clone grunts in annoyance.

“What was that for?”

Finn number three’s leg becomes possessed and kicks the first clone hard in the shins. The stoogish attacks continue for sometime, before the Finns dissolve into an all out brawl and begin tumbling on the ground like a pack of dogs. Zach stares at them, relieved to be back in control, briefly at least. Then he moans and shakes his head; his hands gravitate back onto his hips and he crosses his legs.

“So, anyone else think this is a prank?”

Axl pushes his mouth to the slightest of smiles.

“Becki, if that is really you, but then, how?”

“Loooooong story,” Zach says, “and I don’t really have time to explain. I’ve got a kind of limited connection here. You have to find me a new body, something still connected to the physical realm. And not to be picky, while Zach’s nice and all, this one ain’t gonna do it. Female, mid twenties would be nice. You need someone who can bridge the realms or something. I don’t know for sure, the guy wasn’t very clear. Just get somebody. Somebody good, and hurry, I don’t know how much longer I can—”

Zach begins coughing, then falls back into a more relaxed pose. He looks up towards the other guys.

“Wow, dude that felt weird…”


The plane was a dead no. For starters, none of them knew how to fly it. Even if they could have wrangled up a pilot, what would they tell him. “Yeah we want to go to a mysterious city in the clouds to resurrect our friend back into being an undead.”

Its not that relations with Sky City were bad or anything. Quite the opposite. Its just that the ladies didn’t like the Sentinels using their home as an aircraft parking lot. Luckily, that’s what Sage made the Pinch for.

The four of them stared at it, none of them moving forward.

“So, is it safe?” Zach asks

“Oh course,” says Thorn, “people use this thing all the time.”

“Have you used it before?”

“Well no,”

Finn, currently only in the one copy and loudly nacking at chewing gum, walked up to the large platform, tapped its side then stepped back.

“Ya know, I heard that Mr. Hollow and Skinless Wonder used to just be one guy called Mr. Wonder. Then he stepped into one of these bad boys and POP! His insides are walking around in New York, while his skin is still stuck in Tokyo. Then this other time,”

“This is stupid,” Axl pushes his way inside the Pinch, and looks back at the others, “lets just do this.”

The four walls of the Pinch begin to glow an ethereal blue. A haunting copy of Sage’s voice calls out from the device like a mystic AI.

“Identity established, Axl Smash. State destination.”

“Sky City.”

“Thank you. Please remember to enter the conduit one by one, and to keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the space time continuum at all times”

The walls shimmer, the air buzzes and crackles. Then Axl was gone, just gone, and the device returned to its normal, almost relaxed appearance. The remaining three said nothing, waiting to see if some fragment of Axl stumbled back, screaming about untold horrors beyond this dimension. No such thing happened. Zach sighed.

“Crap, I really hope I don’t lose my skin.”

One by one, the device pinched space inwards upon itself, and pulled each of the fledgling heroes along with it. The Conduit could exist in multiple locations at once, it didn’t even move. All it did was pull space around it, while remaining in the same place, giving the appearance of teleportation. That’s one reason it was called the Pinch. The other was that being pulled through the physical plane like a stretched rubber band stung like no other.


Thorn shook his head clear. What a wild ride; his body felt like he had slept on a mattress of thumbtacks. He aught to try that sometime, just for kicks you know.

He breathed in the thin air, it was mountain fresh. In front of the Conduit platform lay the city in all its glory. Towers of gold and marble shone like gemstones, and sat precariously on various interlocking floating streets and pavilions. Everything was clean, decorated, and almost obscenely bright. You could tell that chicks lived here.

Axl stood at the edge of the platform, cross-armed and silent as usual. Finn stumbled back and forth like a drunk duck until the vertigo of the trip finally overtook him and sent him falling to the ground. Zach lay crouched at the end of the platform, peering over the side.

Thorn snuck up behind him, then slapped him hard on the back; Zach’s startling jump almost sent him over the edge and down towards the distant earth below. Zach was green in the face and attempting to creep away from the ledge. Thorn laughed.

“Afraid of heights?”

“What, no,” Zach said, “It just seems a little dangerous. They really aught to have guardrails or something.”

“Guardrails?” calls out a female voice behind them. The four men turn to see a floating staircase breezing its way to their platform. A tall, pink-haired woman in aviators was leaning against its banister. As the stairs finally reach their destination they lock into place on the floating platform and she hops off.

“Those would be an awful idea; rails would ruin the view.”

“Patty,” Thorn calls out with a grin, “glad to see you here. Hope you found someone who could help us.”

“Well I found somebody,” she says, “I don’t really live here anymore so I’m not really up to date on who does what. According to what you said, what you really need is a spiritual medium. That used to be Sissy, but then she lost her magic and became a hairdresser or something. But this new girl’s supposed to be as good…well pretty good… well she’s supposed to be ok… well the best I could find on short notice…”


The resurrection chamber had been recently renovated for the deed to be done. Runes had been drawn on the marble floor tiles, candles lit, and dark drapes placed over all the windows. None of this was necessary in the slightest, but was all requested by the spiritual medium for reasons no one bothered to check.

The spiritual medium’s name was Crow. Her real name was Kelly, but they were asked to call her Crow. Her pet was a dove name named Jacque, who she had painted black; he didn’t speak English. Crow was a lot younger than the guys had hoped; despite all the dark makeup and brooding she couldn’t have been more than fifteen.

“So are you sure you can do this?” Zach asked her.

She glared at him and scoffed.

“The spiritual realm is a maze of the phantasmic challenges, that are veiled beyond comprehension to mere-mortals like yourself.”

“Mere mortal? I share my body with an ancient Ice-god.”

“Oh, really?” she says, “shit, my bad—I mean, then you could possibly comprehend the malevolent forces beyond our realm, but reaching through the Aether to pull forth a spirit requires arcane knowledge known only to those with the Necromantic gifts…”

“So…is that a yes?”

Patty claps Zach on the back hard enough to make him cough. People really need to stop doing that to me, he thought.

“Relax buddy,” she says, “ It’ll be easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.”

“Quite,” Crow says in a tone of sedated arrogance. She then turns towards the altar. “Now bring forth the victim to serve as human host.”

Axl and Thorn drag a Finn clone onto the decorative stone altar placed in the center of the room.

Patty and the main Finn watch his clone attempt to struggle away from its fate. Zach stands behind the teenage goth performing the ritual. The medium raises her hands, a chant beginning the escape her lips.

“Becki Bloom, I call you forth, out of the dark and into the light, take this offering as your new physical host, out of the dark and into the light, sacrificing him for your—“

“Wait!” yells the Finn clone. The medium stops and looks down at him,

“What if this hurts?” he asks, “like what if this really, really, hurts?”

“Don’t be a baby. And don’t interrupt me…ahem, sacrificing him for your soul to take his place. I call you forth! Out of the darkness; come forth!”

The Finn clone writhes on the altar. Shrieks of pain shake out of his mouth, his eyes seem to scream. Froth builds at his lips. Between all this commotion he manages to get seven words off.


And then it all stops. The Finn clone relaxes, Crow’s chanting dies off and everything seems normal. Axl and Thorn let go of the Finn’s arms. The clone shakes its head then rises off the altar. It stares around at the others. It smiles.

“Oh my God, you guys actually did it. You brought me back from the dead. I was sure you dummy’s were going to fail. Seriously this is amazing.”

“Becki,” Zach asks, “that you?”

“Oh course, who were you expecting?”

“No its just, we had to put you into a new body, and you still look the same even though it was supposed to change.”

“Huh, whose body did you put me in?”

The clone looks down at its hands, then to its legs and chest to examine its clothes.

“What, no, it couldn’t be, anybody but him,”

It raises its hands then grips the telltale curly hair a top its head.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Becki screams while trapped inside the Finn.

Then the altar explodes. A spring of mystically appearing Finns fly out of the place it once stood and begin flooding the room. Crow looks at the onslaught of curly haired devils and tilts her head.

“Huh, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”


The mob of Finns kept spawning out of the altar site until they forced everyone else towards a small corner of the room. Patty, Crow, Zach, Axl, Thorn, and the main Finn couched as the oncoming flood of Finns ran past giggling and chortling. They began streaming towards the door in the far corner that lead out to the rest of the city. Axl turns towards the shivering Crow.

“What did you do?”

“Well, I’m not sure,” she says, “I think I might have ended up resurrecting all those guys as well as your friend. I don’t really know. I didn’t think it would be hard, Sissy used to do this all the time.”

“You said you’ve done it before, that it would be easy. Easy, squeezy, lemon peezy! ”

“Well its not! Its difficult; difficult, difficult, lemon difficult!”

Thorn lets out a sharp whistle. Everyone else shuts up.

“Look, now’s not the time to argue about whose fault this is. Finn, just stop the clones.”

“Me, I’m not doing this. I didn’t even think those guys had souls that you could bring back. Besides these guys aren’t listening to me.”

Zach laughs,

“What, the not listen to the guy who previously sent them to their death as decoys? Who would believe it?”

Thorn observed the situation while the others bickered. The flow of Finns was still going strong. Every clone that had ever died seemed to be spewing from that spot, before long, the entire city would overrun with Finns. There wasn’t much time, so Thorn hatched an idea.

“Ok, we’re going to spread out. Patty will rouse the other magical girls; the rest of you start hunting down as many of the Finns as you can. We’ll just make sure to keep the original Becki-Finn here in this room so we don’t accidentally take her out as well. So then… huh, where exactly did she go?”

They scan the room. The flow of Finns was beginning to slow down, but there was no sign of the Becki-Finn anywhere. All of the revived clones had charged for the door straight out of the gate in a massive horde, apparently carrying her out the door with them. Thorn nods.

“Ok. No biggy. All we have to do is think this over and,”

Axl rushes through the mob, tackling his way through into the heart of the city.


The other watch him run. Thorn sighs.

“O.k. we just lost Axl. That’s okay. The rest of us can handle the Finns as long as we stick together.”

The altar ground sputters out a couple more Finns, who trickle out the door. It seems to be over. Then the room begins to shake. The tall candles fall to the ground the curtain rods rattle in their stands.

A massive hand emerges from nothingness above the altar ground. It slams the floor and the room shutters. The marble cracks as the beastly appendage seems to pull the rest of its owner’s massive frame through the portal.

The being is a titan, bulging with muscles at every angle, its torso and arms overbearing the lower half of its body. It lurches out of the portal with animalistic anger. Its eye gleam out with stark madness, its mouth drapes open. On top of its head sits a patch of curly hair not correctly sized to fit its massive skull.


The team turns back to the Finn who looks up and away.

“Oh right. Hulk-Finn… almost forgot about him. I told you guys about that one right…”

Before anyone can respond, Hulk-Finn raise his two fists like sledgehammers.


The fists come down onto the floor, sending a massive tremor that tears it apart. The floor cracks and crumbles to shards. Everyone runs for cover, dashing towards the door as the marble flooring behind them plummets through the air underneath the floating city. Hulk-Finn tumbles down with it. Patty and Thorn jump for the platform outside the chamber. They make it safely. Crow, Zach and Finn follow after them sprinting. They almost make it.

Yet the floor disintegrates underneath their feet, and they fall away only seconds from salvation.

Thorn peers over the crevasse in open air where the chamber once sat. Patty turns to him.

“Huh, we ain’t exactly off to a killer start here.”

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 03:50 AM


“Becki! Becki!”

Axl pushed his way through the great mob of Finns that were tearing the city apart.
The horde of invaders had spread to every floating street and marketplace. With no lead Finn to control their movements the resurrected clones were on an id fueled rampage, looting the city for anything shiny, devouring anything possibly edible, and harassing all the ladies of Sky City.

A squad of the mindless misfits had surrounded a young purpled haired teenager. A few made wolf whistles at her. Then they flew off her and hovered in air. Axl telekinetically held them there for a second before tossing the bums against a wall. The clones exploded in a bursts of light and the magical girl flew off in some sort of kettle before Axl could get as much as a thank you. He shrugged and kept on.


“Over here!”

Axl looked up and saw a lonely Finn clone standing on the roof of a nearby café. Its hands were placed on its hips and it was pouting again. Axl motioned to her.

“Ok I got you, just jump on three ok. 1…2…3!”

The Becki-Finn jumped off the roof and into Axl’s arms. It giggled as Axl lowered it to its feet.

“Thanks, you really are my knight in shining armor.”

The Finn winked flirtatiously and Axl could feel the warm bile rising in his throat. The Becki Finn noticed and looked away.

“It’s because I’m in Finn’s body still isn’t it.”

“Well yeah, its actually kind of creepy now that you mention it.”

“Damn it! You guys couldn’t have used a super-model for this? Or any woman? Hell even a dog would have worked? It had to be Finn?”

“Well, the procedure would have killed anyone else, Finn could provide you a body without losing his soul in the process.”

“Ugh whatever,” The clone moaned, “at least its finally over.”

On that note the floor cracked and began to crumble away. Axl and Becki-Finn both mouthed a four letter word they didn’t have time to say out loud. The pair ran while Finn clones behind them plummeted, yelping as they fell off the city. There was a parallel floating street just ahead; with a final leap Axl and the Becki-Finn threw themselves towards it.

Axl landed with a crash, but the Becki-Finn barely made the jump. It began slipping off the edge, slowly at first then, finally all at once. It fell down to the abyss.

But only for a second, then it froze, telekinetically stopped in air. Axl raised the clone calmly and placed it back onto the floating city.


“Sure,” said Axl.

They both turned towards the gap in the street where they once stood and saw that it had been pulled apart from below. A hulking fiend that looked somewhat like a demonized Finn clone was clawing at the underside of the city. One moment it was there, the next it flung itself out of view. Axl continued staring

“What the Hell was that thing,” ….


Unlike the creature of her namesake, Crow couldn’t actually fly. She fell through the air, she screamed, and a hand shot out to stop her. Her fall was cut short, and she looked up into the blue eyes of the man hanging off a giant icicle who had saved her.

“Hold on,” he said.

Zach pulled her up to the icicle dangling from the bottom of the city’s underside. She clutched against its icy sides for safety.

“Thanks,” Crow said, “fast thinking.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Cryo. He’s the one who felt it coming. Come on lets see if we can get to safer ground.”

Zach looked down and saw a maintenance catwalk a few yards away. He guided his hand along the icicle and it grew and stretched into an ice bridge to span the gap to the catwalk. He slid down the icicle onto the bridge. Crow dangled for a moment, working over her fears, then jumped down to him. Zach caught her and they carefully walked their way across the catwalk beneath the city.

The underside system was a maze. Thick mooring chains looped down from the cities side to hold the catwalk network in air. Zach pushed them out of his way as he and Crow stumbled about. Zach looked for his teammates while Crow made cooing noises to attract Jacque. Neither seemed to be able to find who they were looking for.

Eventually the pair came back to the underside of where the resurrection chamber once sat. Zach called off the edge.

“Thorn!... Patty!... Finn! Anybody?”

A choir of voices responded from below his feet,

“Down here,”

Zach peered off the edge of the catwalk and saw a line of Finns all hanging off one another like a chain attached to the underside of the city.

“Hey, stop gawkin’,” yelled the Finn closest to the top, “We’ve been hangin’ here for ages.”

Zach and Crow helped the Finns up. Once the whole crew was saved the team began to look around for a way back up. The catwalk led to a large grated platform attached to the city above by more chains. At its end was an elevator shaft. As they approached, Crow sniffled a bit and was beginning to tear up.

“Its my fault. Its all my damn fault.”

“What? No,” Zach said, “nobody’s would say that.”

One of the Finns shrugged.

“I would.”

“Well okay, he might,” Zach replies, “but nobody else would. I mean you brought somebody back from the dead. Sure you trapped them in an different body and accidentally resurrected an invasion of clones, but still it’s the thought that counts.”

The catwalk shakes. Large tremors move through the platform sending everyone to the ground. On of the Finns rushes to his feet before the others.

“What the hell was that, an earthquake?”

It immediately occurs to them all just how impossible an earthquake on Sky City would be. Then the platform shakes again; it was heavier this time. It was getting closer. Then it comes once more, and a bounding freak swings in from the distance. He jumps from the dangling chains like Tarzan, and slams onto the grated platform.


One of the Finn clones facepalms.

“Not this guy again.”

Hulk-Finn charges and everyone tries to dive out of the way. Zach and Crow dodge, but the beast grabs two Finns and tosses them over the edge. Zach eyes the open elevator hundreds of yards away. The behemoth stood in their way; it turned and roared. Zach turned to the girl besides him.

“Stay back, I can protect you.”

Zach extends his hand and ice begins covering the floor in sheets, crawling into a large protective dome around her. Zach then turns towards the angry giant approaching him.

“Great, at least now she’s protected…”


As Axl tossed the crazed resurrected Finns out of the way, he tried sending as many as he could off the unprotected sides of the city. Some just toppled over each other and stumbled over the edge, others got telekinetically slammed against walls and floors till they went boom. All the while, the special Becki-Finn just followed behind him.

“This is ridiculous, how many of these things are there?”

Axl nailed a Finn with the nose of his guitar and it went kaboom.

“Well it seems to be every clone Finn ever spawned, so a lot,” he said.

“There’s no way we can hunt all of these things down,” the Becki-Finn whined, “I wish I had my effing baseball bat so I could help. I wish I had my superstrength too. In fact, I wish I had my own God-Damn body back. I miss it. I miss my hair, and my face, and having curves. I am so sick of being inside of guys.”

Before any further type of innuendo could be dropped, the city’s PA system came on line and a smoky female voice called out over the city.

“Attention all Finn clones. All the magical girls decided to get together and make you a treat. So we’re having a party in your honor. There will be cake. Please report to the main forum for your party. I repeat, go to the main forum for a party and cake.”

Every resurrected clone’s ears perked up at the exact same moment. Then the stampede began; every clone in the city rushed for that one location. Axl pushed the mob away as they tried barging past him. He thought he was fine until he heard the screams of one of the Finns who was actually trying to go the other way.


“What? Becki?”

He turned, but the Becki Finn had been carried off once more….


Hulk-Finn smashed around the platform, trying to crush the smaller normal Finns running around it. Every time he got one, another would pop out from nowhere. They could only distract the beast for so long while Zach prepped.

Zach took a deep breath in and readied himself for the change.

“Ok, time to even the odds…RARRRR!”

Zach’s body exploded into another bulging behemoth. His muscles grew large and covered his body with thick fur. Tusks grew out of his teeth and his nose extended into a long trunk. He lurched upwards, now over 11 feet tall. Mr. Mammoth had arrived at last.

“Hey freak show, fight somebody your own size!”

A Finn clenched in the giant’s hand laughed.

“Fight somebody your own size? That’s your one line? Really dude that’s awful-Whoa!”

Mammoth rammed Hulk-Finn and sent him to the ground. The smaller Finn escaped and met up with a small team of his compadres.

The Finns huddled as Mammoth and Hulk-Finn collided on the platform behind them, going blow for blow. The main Finn looked to his loyal clones.

“Ok, anybody got a plan?”

“Is run away a plan?”

“No, ya idiot. We got to kill that thing before it makes its way back up to the city and kills all the babes.”

“Why don’t we just do a number six on him?”

“Ah right, the numba six. I like that one. Everybody ready?

“Wait, what’s a number six again?”

“Just follow my lead.”

The Finns charged onto the platform and rushed for their angry relative. They surrounded Hulk-Finn and pounced on him like a swarm of angry cats. The giant clawed at them wildly. Then the main Finn jumped onto his head and covered both his eyes.

The giant swung wild and blind. Zach looked around for an opportunity. As the beast struggled it leaned closer towards the side of the railless platform. Perfect.

Zach sent his mammoth foot crashing onto the floor. Ice crackled and sped across the grates until the entire surface was carried with a thin sheet of slippery frost. The Mammoth charged towards the blinded Hulk-Finn. The bone-crushing tackle hit the giant right in the gut, and he went flying backwards, skidding across the ice like a hockey puck. The smaller Finns jumped off as the monstrosity careened off the slippery edge and down to the Earth far below.

“Well,” the giant mammoth hero said, “I it’s lucky we could get the drop on him…eh? eh?”

None of the Finns laughed.


The party was a raucous affair. Decorations streamed across the pavilion, streamers hung from every window. It was amazing how fast it was all put together, really.

In the center of the square was the cake, two stories tall and covered in glistening pink frosting. The mob of Finns converged on the main forum, pushing and shoving each other just to fit inside the crammed pavilion. There was laughter and shouting as they ended up eating and tossing the cake in equal proportions.

Then the top of the pastry popped up. A stunning woman with flowing auburn hair jumped out of the cake in a red dress that could be called “flattering”, as well as many other more suggestive adjectives. She raised a microphone to her mouth as the drooling mob below looked on.

“So Finns, is everyone ready for their party?”

“YEAH!!!” the mob called out in unison.

“Well then girls, you heard them. Lets get it started.”

Then they arose. The magical girls of Sky City stood around the ring of rooftops surrounding the forum, their familiars waiting by their side. The creatures were sicked upon the waiting Finns.

It was a massacre; monkeys threw exploding bananas into the mob, mystical ponies spat clouds of acid at them, and a single giant hedgehog seemed to take pleasure by curling into a ball and running them over.

The mob of Finns went mad, some tried to escape the forum, but were caught by an onslaught of miscellaneous spells and cantrips from the girls standing on the rooftops. The clones were blowing up like popcorn kernals, lighting up the pavilion in bright succession. The plan had worked perfectly.

When it was all over a single Finn clone stood in the middle of the party, terrified and alone. He dashed for a nearby exit and ran into a fist. Axl’s punch sent the clone skipping across the floor until it too finally went out in a final flash of light.

Axl walked towards the center of the forum. Patty jumped down from a rooftop and looked up towards the woman who had burst out of the cake. Patty smirked.

“I’m not sure all that was necessary,” she said

“Theatrics,” the woman said, “, its all about theatrics Patty.”

“Even the part where you dressed up like a woman?”

The woman said nothing. She snapped her fingers and the decorations disappear instantly, the cake begins to fade away like a mirage. It was all an elaborate illusion, nothing more. The woman’s smile stretches wide as she laughs hard enough to shake her entire body; her form shimmers and changes till its clear what was going on. Thorn stands in her place, still giggling with joy.

“Had to really sell it,” he said, “If I jumped out of the cake they would have known something was up.”

Axl just looks on. Somebody places a hand on his shoulder.

“Some party huh? I’m forced to live inside a Finn and Thorn’s jumps out of a cake wearing a cocktail dress before ordering his teenage girl army to open fire on undead clones. It’s like a dream you’d have after eating bad dairy.”

Axl turns and sees the Finn clone looking back at him. One hand was placed on his shoulder, the other firmly on its hip. Axl raised an eyebrow.



“But, wait, no, how did you—”

“Oh come on,” The Becki-Finn laughed, “There will be cake? I’m a gamer, Axl. I knew it was a trap the second I heard the announcement. No way I was getting penned up in there. Great fireworks show though.”


The team had once again found their way to the Pinch. Crow and Patty had come with to see them off. Crow also had the duty of changing Becki back into her old self.

“Spirit, are you ready to reincarnate yourself within this new host body, once I have transmorgraphied it into your new form?” she asked.

Becki-Finn looked up.

“Transmorgraphied isn’t a word. Seriously, cut out the Lovecraftian BS and just turn me back into my old body.”

Crow sighed under her breath and pointed towards the Finn clone. It began to crack and pop as the bones rearranged themselves. It let out a deep yelp of pain then collapsed on the floor. The skin went green, and its curly hair went flat and turned a striking blonde. It shrunk and gained curves. When all was said and done, Becki stood back up and glared at the girl.

“You should have mentioned that it was going to hurt.”

“Oh cry me a river blondie.”

Further towards the Pinch, Patty was talking with her old teammates.

“Sorry guys. I wish I could go, but its not really my style.”

“You sure?” Zach asked, “I’ll bet Wally won’t mind. And we could always use another person to keep us from falling to our doom.”

“Thanks but no thanks. Every time I get involved it seems hijinks like this go down. Dayshift will be fine without me. I’ll stick around the city till we’re done repairing the damage you guys did, then head off. Always somewhere new to fly.”

Becki walks back amongst the team. They said their goodbyes to Patty and Sky City then step towards the Pinch. Axl goes through first, then Thorn.

Zach was staring at a series of numbers written on his hand. Becki glances over at them.

“What are those?”

“Hmm, oh. Crow, or I mean ‘Kelly’, said that if there were any problems that I should call her. Or if I was ever coming to Sky City again. Or if I ‘just wanted to talk’.”

Becki smiled.

“Well, looks like somebody’s got a jail-bait crush.”

“What? No. I wouldn’t! She was just, I mean, I didn’t—”

Becki laughs then steps atop the Pinch. The walls begin to move into place. The device begins to hum to life. She looks back at Zach.

“Hey, why do they call this thing a Pinch?”

“You’ll find out soon enough…”

“Wait, what?”

Then she was gone. Zach and Finn chuckle a bit.

“Hey Finn,” Zach says, “I was wondering, if your clones can be brought back to life, what do you think happens to them when they die.”

“Hell if I know.”


Thad was not having a good day.

He hated resurrections because there was nothing he could do about them that would speed up the process. He had to personally process every last soul that was meandering its way back to the afterlife. Today that meant a barrage of clones, all claiming to be some guy named ‘Finn Clancy’. When he wasn’t yelling at these clowns to stay in line, or stop them from wrestling with the one big one, he was busy trying to shove them into the great white light or call his wife and tell her that he’d be late for dinner. Again.

But he was almost done. There was only one left before he could go home.

“Name?” he asked.

“Finn Clancy.”

“Form of death?”

“My soul was sucked out of my body and somebody else’s was placed inside. Kind of like a reverse-possession dealy.”

“Right… so then your body is still alive?”

“I think so. Why?”

Thad touches a button on his tablet. The screen powers down.

“Well it means you’re not going anywhere right now. Your body’s still technically alive, so I can’t process you.”

“Wait a minute,” screams the angry clone, “so what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Thad was already fading into the portal behind him. He turned and looked back towards the lonely specter.

“You’re stuck in limbo. Come back when you’re body’s dead. Then we can talk.”

And then in a flash of light he was gone. And the clone was alone between realms…

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 07:32 PM

Oh man, when that Finn poofs back, all his boredom and anger is going to the main one. Good fic.

#5 deojusto


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Posted 21 December 2011 - 08:32 PM

Oh man, when that Finn poofs back, all his boredom and anger is going to the main one. Good fic.

Thanks. I know its long but I'm glad it was at least moderately enjoyable.

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 10:06 PM

Definitely a good fic Deo. Grammar wasn't too bad, maybe one or two sentences that read a bit weird but good. The one thing that was a bit weird throughout was when you had a line Becki said and continued it with something like 'x individual muttered', you reffered to her by whose Body, etc she was in at the time like Zach or the Finn clone(you did fix it a bit later on by reffering to them with Becki-Finn and Hulk-Finn). Even then, I see why you did it and it's minor.

I think there was good characterization of the team, I really like what you did with Zach. BTW, Im totally gonna try to fit in the character Crow every chance I get, everyone else who writes Zach do so as well :o!!! I had fun reading the whole thing, but my favorite bits all involved Finn. The ending setup to part 1 was priceless, €œOh right. Hulk-Finn€ almost forgot about him. I told you guys about that one right€€

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 10:18 PM

Needs more Knox! Otherwise, it's a delightful little romp.

#8 deojusto


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 12:34 AM

Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed the fic.
To Kev, I know exactly what you're talking about by referring to Becki by the body she was in. It was a conscious choice, but I recognize that it made it more confusing. I felt that saying "Becki said X" would get confusing because then people might forget that it isn't actually her there, but a body she's possessing. If I had to do it all over I might change that part, or at least not refer to the Finn Clone as 'it'. I ended up hating doing that.
As for the lack of Knox, he didn't really fit in this one. He'd probably yell at these guys for inappropriate use of Sentinels equipment and not following protocol and such. But that's not to say he isn't in another upcoming fic...

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Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:40 AM

Ah, I love reading FPL Fics. That was great, the only part that was little confusing was what was already mentionned, and the Becki-Finn thing was kind of annoying, but I think it was pulled off well. All around it was good. I'm glad Becki finally made it back. :o

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Posted 23 December 2011 - 07:58 PM

Just got back from vacation.

Just read this.

Just had my mind blown.

Truly dude, A-level stuff. Great pace, solid characterization and more importantly it kind of sets a fun, irreverant tone for future Day Shift stories. I knew what the general plotline was going to be beforehand but this still managed to surprise me (in a good way), amuse me and impress me with the directions it went in.

#11 deojusto


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:11 PM

Glad you liked it, and thanks again for the initial idea. I was just glad I could get it done before the 1st, after which I'll be pretty much checked out for 2 weeks.

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