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Suburban throw-down.

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 11:28 PM

Morgan could hear the sound of her heartbeat in her ears as she ran atop rooftops of the suburban devilment. The area was fairly new, only coming into existence a few years ago when the local tycoon looked out at a farm in the middle of nowhere and said “My town is going to be right here, get Burger king on the phone and see how much they want for a franchise.”

About a block ahead an armored van was making it’s leisurely way to the local supermarket to empty the ATM before returning to the sole bank in the area. This was the perfect chance to get her hands on the item now inside the armored vehicle, as well as some cold hard hash if she could time it just right. There was a ten second window where the camera in the ATM was offline and the first guard would be bent over inside the machine resetting the cash value. It left the driver, but using the first as a meat shield would stop any fire fights. She hoped.

Picking up the pace she pulled the ski mask low over her face, her blonde hair cut short so not to be seen, and the padded corset making her body appear unisex. With any luck the guard wouldn’t be able to tell if the attacker was male or female. Reaching the last house on the row she brought both feet down on the edge of the roof and sprang, not unlike a cat would, across the gap to a light post. Grabbing the top she swung herself once around and launched herself the final ten feet onto the rear roof of the store.

She quickly snipped the wires to the outward facing security cameras and crouched low so not to the seen by the armored vehicle as it pulled into the fire lane. She couldn’t stop herself from looking out over the small town and smiling under the mask. Such a quaint little town. Freeway leading in, freeway leading out. Three gas stations within a stone’s throw of each other. A blockbusters, a movie theater, and one grocery store, which she was now perched upon. Snapping herself back to the moment at hand she saw the passenger get out and head to the ATM. She readied herself and counted to ten, that should be long enough for him to unlock the door.

At the same time she mentally prepped herself, no matter how many times she did it she still couldn’t get used to the feeling. The feeling of muscles too small to perform such a task as launching her twenty feet into the air still accomplish the feat. She had been able to do it ever since she was a child, leaping around like an oversized frog. She unconsciously did it the first time in middle school when she wasn’t paying attention and was almost hit by the school bus. She would have been flattened if not for the fact that she had leapt a full thirty feet into the air and landed on the roof.

From there it wasn’t hard to imagine what she could do with such abilities. Growing up in the city with dirt poor parents. Her father already a petty thief. It was easy for her. Leap down grab the lady’s purse, leap back up. She acquired the taste for it. Twenty years later and look where she was now.


Shit! She had been lost in nostalgia and lost count of the time. The guard below was already pulling the bag of money out and heading toward the van. With any luck the camera wasn’t already running. She coiled her legs under her and leapt off the two story tall building, the wind rushed past, making her eyes water as she descended. She hit the concrete feet first and went into a crouching position. Kicking out her left leg she caught the guard by the shin and sent him face first into the ground, grabbing the bag from him she swung the strap around her shoulder and leapt again. This time forward instead of sideways. She sailed through the open door to the van and brought her elbow into the nose of the second guard. Steadying herself she kicked the door to the rear compartment she leapt through and immediately swung the bag on money as hard as she could to the left, where she knew the third guard would be sitting, unaware of his two companions. The bag connected and sent the guard impacting into the side of the van.

Quickly she set about looking into the many compartments, starting from the top she opened them. Empty, empty, empty, finally she came to a locked compartment. The vn had only been to one other stop tonight. Reaching over to the still unconscious guard she pulled off the key hanging from his front pocket and unlocked the box. Reaching inside she pulled out a standard eight gigabyte memory stick. Not bothing to wonder what was inside she pocketed it and leapt back through the door. With a single leap she was back atop the room, and back into the night.

Morgan leapt across the rooftops in a direct line away from the store. Reaching the farthest and darkest point in the suburban development she dropped to street level and calmly walked to where her car was waiting. Pulling the keys from her pocket she clicked the automatic lock and removed her facemask. It was at that point she suddenly was aware of the pounding footsteps quickly getting louder. Turning around she realized something that may be a robot was running full tilt at her. The bulky shape of the robot defied the speed with witch it moved. The reverse kneed legs propelling it forward with frightening speed. The body and head were joined together with no neck, giving it a distinct egg shape. But the clawed arms on either side made it look anything but friendly.

“My boss paid for those plans, hand ‘em over.” it yelled continuing the charge. Morgan leapt the side just as a clawed fist struck the concrete, creating a spider web of cracked asphalt five feet in either direction. God, she knew things had changed since the night a year and a half ago in New York, but robotic suits? Morgan barely had time to land before being forced to leap once more as the mechanical man charged once more.

Landing atop a SUV she decided to try a different approach, “Sorry, but I was paid to get these to another buyer, if you’ll cut me in for a price of what you’re getting to retrieve them I’ll gladly hand over-” but she was cut off as the robot rammed the vehicle, causing it to flip over with Morgan still clinging to the roof. In what felt like slow motion Morgan timed the flip away from the twisting metal death trap. She was fully upside down when she leapt, if she could make it back to the roof tops she could easily make it to the freeway, this thing attacking her was fast, but not that fast. She extended her arms to redirect her momentum into a flip, but she suddenly felt as if every ounce of blood rushed to her head as the momentum suddenly stopped and the robot grabbed her by the leg. She felt herself swung into the air and back down to the ground. Pain ripped through her sides as she heard, more than felt, ribs crack from the impact. This was repeated once more as the maniac inside the robot swung her overhead and down again. She was pretty sure both arms were dislocated and she now had more broken ribs than could be counted.

“Now let’s try this again, hand over the plans, and I wont kill you, clear?” the egg shaped cockpit opened to reveal a man with a bar-handle mustache and a shaved head. “Just tell me where they are.” a slight country accent played across his voice. Morgan could barley stay conscious, let alone tell him the USB drive was in her shirt pocket.

“You overdid it.” another voice condemned from across the street. This one was female, but also sounded as if it was coming through a radio. A second robotic suit walked into view, followed shortly by a third. At this point lights in the houses were turning on and heads were peeking out of doors and windows.

“Crap, and you got the neighbors up.” the third added turning around to face the houses. “What do we do about the witnesses?” he asked spinning what looked like a Gatling gun on it’s left arm.

“Nothing, we’re not operating in the area for anything other than the retrieval.” the female replied. “just get rid of her once I’m done and get back to the truck.” with that she opened her cockpit and began searching the battered body of Morgan. The woman quickly found it inside her shirt pocket and smiled as she put the drive into her own. “thank you for letting us test the new suits. You wont have to worry much longer.” the battered woman could only grunt in response. But the gist of “go to hell, bitch.” was well carried.

Reentering her cockpit the woman turned to walk away, but suddenly was knocked back as a manhole struck it square in the chest. “We’re under attack!” she yelled through COM link and open frequency. The third member stepped forward and began to spin his weapon while looking for a target. The first, Mr. Texas, as Morgan had dubbed him, followed the same course of action. From her angle Morgan was the only one able to see the figure on the rooftop leap from behind. The figure sailed a full thirty feet, impressive even for Morgan herself. But Morgan couldn’t help feel a pang of jealously as she realized the figure was holding a sword of gigantic proportions that must have weighed three hundred pounds at least. The figure, now clearly female due to the long hair blowing behind her, brought the sword up at the arch of the leap, and then brought it down with full force on the arm of the gun wielding robot, caught by surprise the man inside could only yell as the robot’s entire arm was torn clear off.

The other two turned to the new threat, only to have the original source rear it’s head. From the shadows of a house a man wearing a long bomber jacket dashed reaching out he grabbed one of the half dozen light posts scattered around the cul-de-sac, uprooted it, and swung it like a baseball bat at the Mr. Texas‘ back. The blow sent him sailing forward past the woman bearing the sword who was now dodging blows from the bitch inside the robot.

Morgan was helpless to do much other than watch the fight taking place around her, the man in the bomber jacket managed to shove both the one armed robot and Mr. Texas far enough away she didn’t have to worry about being stepping on, but the woman with the word was being forced back torward her again.

“Aisha, her name is Aisha.” a voice sounded from inside Morgan’s head. “she and the other guy, Aaron, are on your side.”

“And just what the hell is ‘my side’?” Morgan screamed inside her head. To her surprise the pain in her body was quickly dulling, it was still there, but somehow distant.

“We are like you, we have qualities that make us special. You didn’t think you were alone, did you?” the voice replied, although now seemed it seemed slightly pained. Morgan was now able to clearly focus on the events happening around her, and couldn’t help but think the term “special qualities” was a bit under rated as the man named Aaron grappled with a mechanical fiend that had easily flipped a SUV.

On the other side the woman, Aisha, Morgan reminded herself, swung her sword down on the bitch’s cockpit. The tear opened from top to bottom and in a flash Aisha planted the sword in the ground and sprang forward, arms in the tear there was the distinct sound of fist-on-chin as the robot suddenly stopped moving and fell backwards. Racing back to her sword Aisha began using it as a crowbar to widen the opening and began searching for something. Morgan could only assume it was the memory stick she had been paid to retrieve.

On the other side the two robotic mercenaries seemed to have organized themselves and positioned themselves on either side of Aaron. The man seemed trapped for a moment before letting out a bestial growl. Stooping down he avoided the hook that had been aimed at his head and whipped off his jacket, tossing it to the side. It landed on a car hood with enough force to cause it vehicle to rock and the alarm to go off. Morgan barley noticed that as the man seemed to grow in size. Thick brown hair grew over his body, his face elongated and his ears grew to points. The thought of ‘werewolf’ immediately popped into Morgan’s mind, but the man now looked more feline than canine. Within seconds the change was complete, Aaron now looked like a mountain lion on steroids. Sinking clawed hands into the robot’s bodies the now eight foot tall Aaron lifted both opponents off the ground, then with a single blow brought them crashing together.

Aisha withdrew from the opening holding the UBS drive. “No rail gun for you.” she told the unconscious opponent as she crushed the drive in her hand. Aaron seemed to be finished with his fight as well, setting the two immobile suits on the ground. “You ok?” Aisha asked picking her sword up and resting it on her shoulder. The bestial man nodded and began turning back into the form he had first appeared in. Morgan was finally able to get a good look at her rescuers, both appeared younger then she was, Aaron’s messy brown hair and three day bear giving him a suitably rough appearance.

“Got to hand it to them, they’re learning. I tried shocking the one like last time, nothing. Whoever’s making the suits is learning from his mistakes.”

“Lucky for you, you still have an ace or two in the hole .” Aisha replied, smiling as she walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The moment was cut short by the sound of sirens quickly approaching and the realization that the occupants of every house on the block was now on them.

“What can you do with the mooks driving the robots?” Aaron asked no one in particular.

Once more the voice in Morgan’s head responded. “I’ve already searched and wiped all knowledge of the suits. All they know is how to drive them, they were trained at a facility an hour and a half outside of Manhattan, already did a mental sweep of the area and it’s deserted.”

“What’d she say?” Aisha asked bending down and helping Morgan into a sitting position. The pain, though still dulled has lessened. She had always been a fast healer, hardly ever gotten sick, but she’d never had an injury such as this to see how fast her bones mended.

“Nia can’t find anything.” Aaron replied removing the moaning occupants of the suits and laying them on the ground. Scooping the two suits under his arms he headed down the street towards a large RV, cramming the two inside the rear he return for the third.

As far as I got today, it' been a long day.

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