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So who have YOU added?

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#2641 Mercenaryblade


    Mercenary Captain

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 09:15 PM

Sigh all these character adds for nothing.......


One of the most comprohensive databases down the drain. (Funeral march)

#2642 ViceCityMobster86


    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 01:13 AM

Sigh all these character adds for nothing.......


One of the most comprohensive databases down the drain. (Funeral march)

I agree with you. It sucks to see this site go. I have added a lot of characters to this site.


Here is a list of them all


The PMC (Mercenaries)
Captain Nim
SFC "Doc" McGee
MSG Muldoon
SGT Peterson
Colonel Mike Kirby
Pie Man
Glamorous Godfrey
Colonel Yorkie Mitchell
Ray Davies
Titus Sinclair
The Death Star II
Abe Simpson
Force Of July
Nadya Prushnatova
Yuri Gorsoy
Jake Jolson
Yasmin (The Getaway)
Alexi "The Dentist"
Viktor Skobel
Eddie O'Connor
Charlie Jolson
DC Frank Carter
Mark Hammond
Catalina (Grand Theft Auto)
Loony Bin Jim
Cristu Bulat
Tiberiu Bulat
Alcatraz Island
James Woods (Family Guy)
Ernie "Chip" Douglas
Lester The Unlikely
Liberty City
Vice City
The Ayatollah (The Wrestler)
Bone Saw McGraw
Ramses (Nacho Libre)
Rip (No Holds Barred)
Zeus (No Holds Barred)
The Stonecutters
Ken Rosenburg
Executive Operations
Pastor Richards
Harry Heck
Tom Goldberg
President Thomas J. Whitmore
John Dillinger
Samuel Deever
Barney Gumble
Carl Carlson
Lenny Leonard
Vercetti Crime Family
Federal Investigation Bureau
Roman Bellic
Ewan McStarley
Rainier Wolfcastle
Punisher: Last Gun On Earth
The Marvel Cinematic Universe
THE WOPR (Joshua)
The Galactic Marines
Highwayman (Jefferson Archer)
The Teutonic Knights
The Knights Templar
The One Sith
The Luchadores (Saints Row)
The Ace Combat Universe
Allied Nations (Mercenaries)
Spider-Man (Bruce Banner)
Mike Toreno
The Hulk (Peter Parker)
Iron Man (Steve Rogers)
Superman: True Brit
Universal Petroleum
Willy The Hillbilly
Colonel Jaun Cortez
Comic Book Guy
Thor (Asylum)
John Crawford
The Syndicate (Saints Row)
The Luchadores (Saints Row)
The Condiment King
Pierce Washington
Bruce Wayne - Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D
The Amalgam Universe
Hank Scorpio
Donald Love
The Deckers
Colonel Samuel Trautman
Stilwater Police Department
Vice City Police Department
Liberty City Police Department
Bill Rizer
Lance Bean
The Star Trek Universe
Flag Smasher
Art Galt
Sheriff Will Teasle
Richard The Lionheart
Cole Phelps
Ravencroft Institute For The Criminally Insane
Ultimate Punisher
The Black Scorpion
Ulysses Solomon Archer
Rupert Thorne
Dex Jackson
Eric Gryphon
Dane Vogel
Strigon Team
Aigaion Air Group
Atilla The Hun
Shep Ramsey
Galactic Federation Of Free Alliances
Galactic Alliance Gaurd
Imperial Shadowtroopers
TK/The Kid (Driver)
Bud And Doyle
Tom Lone/Rogue
Tommy Wiseau
Tony Zucco
Mario Falcone
C.R.A.S.H (Grand Theft Auto)
Detective Martin Soap
Kiryu Kazuma
Yakuza (Grand Theft Auto)
Russian Mafia (Grand Theft Auto)
Sicilian Mafia (Grand Theft Auto)
The Most Interesting Man In The World
The Jokester
Nightwing (Chris Kent)
Punk on the Bus
Jennifer Mui
Chris Jacobs
General Carmona
Maxie Zeus
Douchey McNitpick
Alberto Falcone
Sal Maroni
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone
William Strannix
Sindacco Crime Family
Forelli Crime Family
Jimmy King
Dark Jedi
A World With No Boundries
Mobius One
Excalibur (Ace Combat)
Ultimate Captain America
The Tiberium Universe
The Star Wars Fanatics
Michael McNeil
Zero Kazama
The Fourth Reich
General George S. Patton
Frank Castle (Earth 200111)
Captain *uncreative*
The Arkbird
Galm Team
Independent State Allied Forces
Joe Quimby
Kursty The Clown
Jack Conrad
Universal Soldiers
Venom (Frank Castle)
Andrew Scott
Luc Deveraux
Casey Ryback
Dark Troopers
Resistance (Terminator)
Mattias Nilsson
John Tanner
Irish American Killers
Super Macho Man
Dimitri Rascalov
Huang Lee
Sons Of Samedi
The Mafia
The Brotherhood Of Stilwater
The Ronin (Saints Row)
Colonel Stuart
Simon Gruber
The Scrin
World Socialist Alliance
Zone Troopers
John Marston
Imperial Knights
Cade Skywalker
Darth Krayt
Allied Forces
Vice Kings
Los Carnales
Westside Rollerz
David Lightman
Cecil Terwilliger
Luis Lopez
Mammoth MK II
The Wolverines
Salvatore Leone
Brotherhood Of Nod
Internet Trolls
Ultor Corporation
Xander Cage
Johnny Gat

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