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Match 6678 King Bowser vs. Voldemort

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 02:31 AM

Continuation of Red She Hulk vs Voldemort, Jonny and Plank vs Dr Doofinsmerts, and Aqua vs Test Character Zero:Dark Margin, Realm of Darkness“Avada kadabra!” The Dark Lord hissed as he sent the spell zooming out of his wand. Red She Hulk fell dead on the spot. I did not see that coming.I also didn't guess that The Heartless Jonny/Plank would knock Heartless Doof out cold. I was just glad Aqua got her win over The Test Character. After a severe, intense sword fight, TCZ fell to one knee. And Aqua smiled, in the fight she saw that he wasn't trying to hurt him, “Hey,” she asked, “Are you alright?” TCZ nodded. And got up. He then took two steps back and disappeared into the darkness, with a smile on his face. Crash and I stood there, scared to move. The Dark Lord of Evil Magic still stood victorious, triumphant over Red She Hulk, “Defeated a prepared Batman, did you?” he smiled, “Well Batman must not be that tough.” With this Jonny 2x4 looked around and scanned the crowd of people. He wasn't acting like his old happy self. “Eviler,” he whispered as he mad a dark portal and hopped through it. That was good. And Aqua still stood, so that was good right? Right? Wrong. So Lets review who is standing here: Aqua (Kingdom Hearts), Crash Bandicoot, myself, Ansem the Wise (Kingdom Hearts), Voldemort (Harry Potter), and oh great Vermin (marvel) got back up. Greaaaaat! Vermin Sniffed around in the air, he saw Red She Hulk on the ground and gently crawled over to her. He sniffed her dead body and licked her face. He looked deeply sad. Then he turned ferocious. He turned toward He Who Must Not Be Named and snarled. “Silence, creature,” Voldy was annoyed. But Vermin did not listen, he ran on all fours straight toward the dark wizard and leaped. Ansem the Wise rose and ran toward the two as Voldy began to mutter, “Avada...” and was able to jump in the way of the blast before it hit. Ansem laid dead, at The Dark Lord's feet. “NOOO!” Aqua called out in tears.Vermin landed half way on Ansme and looked confused. He sniffed Ansem, and looked concerned. I was mad. Everyone was dead. I hated it when people died! I hated wizards!But this was something the Realm of Darkness hadn't seen before. An act of kindness. The dark realm could not take such compassion. It was dark and hated light. The Dark Realm wanted to spit it out. So thjats what it did. Of all of us standing, we were all sucked straight of of it. Me, Crash, Aqua, Vermin, Voldemort. All just spat out of the dimension we were in. And landed in a whole new heap of trouble. We were back on Earth. We all landed in an awkward pile. Crash on bottom, Aqua on him, me on Aqua (I swear It really was a Tick tack in my pocket! Honest), Voldy on me, and Vermin on top. We were back in Danville, where all the trouble started. Vermin, who has on top, saw his enemy Voldemort under him and began clawing at him. The two rolled away from the pile. Voldy did not cast a spell because Vermin was holding his wrist. I then got up and dusted off my pants. Aqua laid on her side, crying, “Hey,” I asked, “you ok?”She sat up, “It funny. I'm so glad to be out of there.” She paused, “But I wanted him to go with me.” She began to sob harder. The other two were still struggling on the floor when a green shell was thrown through the window of Dr Doof's building. It ricocheted off the walls. I jumped to avoid it and pulled Aqua out of the way when it came toward her. Crash was twitching on the floor. The shell finally hit Voldemort in his bald head and he shrieked, “BLAST!”He then was able to point his hand at Vermin and said “Stupify!” Vermin froze with a dumb look on his face. Voldemort pushed him off and stood, actually bleeding (it was blue by the way). He held his arm in pain and looked through the broken window. Through the hole King Bowser flew in in his gay smiley-face propeller, “Hehehe.” he laughed ina demonic voice. I was thinking this through, why was Bowser here? Then amillino of his little minions came flooding him behind him. I tried to make a connection. Maybe with Dr. D gone, this city was villianless. Easy to take over. I just wondered why Bowser decided to take over Danville.Disney and Nintendo didn't usually mix. Reguardless. I dragged crash away from the the Koopas, the Goombas, Bullet bills, and turtles, who were still flooding in. The three of us his in a closet and locked the door behind us. We heard a machine start up, “HI! I'M NORM!”I facepalmed. **Ok, so Voldy is a little roughed up from Vermin. And he is now facing thousands of Mario grunts, Bowser, and all of his children. Can The dark lord win and spread his evil over the world? Or does he not have enough in him? You decide. Have fun, vote, debate, and stay Crazy Eastsiders

#2 Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)

Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)


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Posted 07 December 2010 - 03:47 AM

Could you please stop using Voldemort? I need him to continue my story arc.

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Confession FPT

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:56 AM

Could you please stop using Voldemort? I need him to continue my story arc.

Hehe, sorry.
I should be done after this.

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 01:10 PM

Bowser and co. destroy voldemort.

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 08:04 PM

kk, uh... First of all, it's Avada Kedavra, (and sorry i'm a Harry Potter fanboy) and second of all, Voldy destroys.

#6 The Technomancer of Nesh

The Technomancer of Nesh


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Posted 07 December 2010 - 08:59 PM

Voldemot uses the Impeius curse on Bowser and has him order his army to retreat.

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