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FanFiction in progress

Posted by jesus20456 , 15 May 2012 · 1,493 views

Chapter 1: The pokemorphs’ journey

The Rachel, the Animorphs ship. flew towards the blade ship; those inside each ship knew this was it. Game over. It would end in a stalemate. Inside, I smiled that oddly reminded Marco and Tobias of my cousin, Rachel. Tobias smiled, he would finally be reunited with Rachel, and Elfangor... and Ax. Marco was the only one not smiling, he actually did not wish to die. The ship would crash in mere milliseconds now. The ship crashed, sending the three of us flying back from the impact, suddenly, time stopped. A blue man appeared before them, “I cannot allow you to die, not yet. Your mission has only begun. Defeating the yeerks is only the beginning, your mission does not end here, not even in this universe, your destiny rises perhaps even above my own. Jake, Marco, Tobias, when time starts again, you will find yourselves on earth again, not on the earth you know. That earth, I’m afraid even I cannot save. I wish you luck.” Before anyone could respond, we were back on earth, In what seemed like a small town. Pallet town to be specific.

Even more odd, we were 13 again, “Guess he’s really trying to emphasize the whole ‘new mission in life’ thing...” Marco muttered, getting flashbacks of the beginning of the yeerk war, “So what now big jake? hang around playing video games until we get some actual instructions?” I looked around, this was earth, there were humans, but something was... off, the fashion was different than the earth we knew, and the town itself was pretty small, something that would either imply we went back in time, or that earth really was destroyed, the thought of having fought for so many years for something I was going to lose anyways sickened me. The ellimist had used me, but for what... I realized it quickly. It took my breath away, the sheer ruthless perfection of the ellimist’s plan. The andalites had learned that the law of seerow’s kindness was not a just law, they also had reason to declare war on the one, and even had tactics from the animorphs themselves. The ellimist knew that the animorphs being blamed would make the andalites blame the humans, but if the bodies of them were never found, or any DnA of them, the yeerks would be blamed.The andalites and the yeerks would go into a war again and the one would be destroyed. The yeerk, being weak from losses, could not win. The ellimist was winning, despite his sacrifices, peace loving creatures were winning, life would surely beat death. In that dimension anyways, But I had no time to worry about that.

“We’re gonna need some local morphs, let’s go looking for one.” I said, noting that the forest was right there. Marco followed, Tobias eventually did the same, realizing that despite how much he hated me, Marco and I were really all he had. We encountered a large boy, approximately 12 years old. Something about him was weird, his eyes looked like mine, this kid had grown up maybe even faster than I had. “You three aren’t from here... no pokemon, You shouldn’t be out here. Too dangerous.” I smiled, Marco laughed, Tobias stayed silent, “What’s so dangerous about this area?” I asked, The boy looked at us like we were idiots. “Haven’t you heard the news, there’s a salamence somewhere in this area. Those aren’t even native to this continent...”

“You have been teleported to an alternate universe, this world has various dangerous creatures known as Pokemon.” A voice in their our says, we recognize the ellimist’s voice. Then we noticed something behind him, a large blue creature with red wings. The boy reaches for a pokeball and sends out a white monkey creature, “Marco, battle morph, Tobias, try to acquire that thing.” Marco’s muscles began growing, My knees invert and I go on all fours, Tobias’ arms seemed to crunch as they became wings, in a few seconds, we were a gorilla, a tiger and a hawk respectively.

The boy and his monkey were charging recklessly at the dragon, which clawed at them. The boy and his monkey dodged to the right, the monkey tries to karate chop the dragon which shot beams of fire at it, forcing it to retreat. The animorphs, when finally morphed, burst into action, tobias took flight, soaring into the skies, before diving at the beast, and marco grabbing a nearby tree branch and swinging at the dragon with it, much like a baseball player swinging trying to get a hit. Jake found himself unable to do much against the flying creature but warn tobias and marco of incoming attacks. Jake saw the boy retreat, this was an animorphs battle now. He missed having Rachel, and Ax around, he needed fighters. The dragon had clawed at Tobias, shredding his wing into pieces, <Jake, snap out of it, we could use some help.> Tobias screamed as he plummeted to the earth, the opponent was charging an attack at Tobias. Jake moved in to rescue him as Marco started throwing rocks at the blue and red creature. It dived at Marco who leaped into the trees to escape. Jake knew this was hopeless, they couldn’t fight it head on, they needed to acquire it, then fight it. It slashed at Marco, getting his leg, blood gushed out of wounds caused by the claws. Jake thought, if anyone was going to acquire it, it had to be Tobias, but Tobias was injured and so was Marco. The creature could fly, it was on the ground at the moment, so attack the wings. After that, use agility and speed to try to fight it head on. Give Marco and Tobias enough time to remorph. Jake really wished he had planned this out before the fight, or at least that Marco wasn’t injured so they could find the errors in it. Jake realized that he was thinking too much, he had to be a kid again, impulsive. That was the plan, no doubt about it, no time to doubt.

Jake sprinted forward before the dragon could attack Marco again and leaped at its wings, biting through the flesh and ripping at it with his claws. Jake realized too late that it was moving its wings and was slammed into the ground. A sickening snap was heard as the tiger lay, spine broken, unable to move. The Dragon put it’s humongous paw on jake’s chest, pinning him down, and breaking a few ribs. It opened its mouth, charging another beam. Just then a rock came flying into it’s mouth, hitting the uvula, causing it to close its mouth, canceling the beam, it opened its mouth again, blood dropped from its teeth. Jake looked over to see Marco, still in his wounded gorilla form, throwing another rock, this one hit the creature’s eye. With the two of us immobilized, hope was lost, it was up to Tobias, and he didn’t have the right morph for this. He couldn’t win. I realized I was beginning to lose consciousness, <Gotta demorph... Tobias... help.> Even thoughtspeak was getting difficult, my eyes felt heavy... sleep? sounds great... The last thing I saw before passing out was the dragon getting hit by a baby elephant.

My name is Marco, since Jake passed out, he asked me to let you know what happened to the dragon, which is called a salamence by the way. The boy with the monkey from earlier sent out an elephant tire thing, and knocked the dragon back, then Tobias acquired its DNA, I demorphed and remorphed rhino, and we took the thing down, sorry for the anti-climatic battle, now back to when Jake woke up.

Before anyone could comment on the feat we just accomplished, we noticed some rustling over by some nearby bushes. “Pugna, where’d ya go to now?” said boy, taller but thinner than the one who just helped the us walked into view. He was in the middle of fixing his hat, when he saw the downed Salamence. “Holy Magikarp!” Pugna noticed the boy, named fang, “Sorry, had to help these guys out.” He said, acting as if taking out a salamence was no big deal. Fang was stunned nonetheless. “Ok, who were you helping, and what the hell were they packing?” he asks, only now eyeing Pugna. Marco and I demorphed, Tobias morphed human. We waved. Fang stared at us, mouth agape for a few seconds, before speaking. “Umm.....ok.....I’ll bite, what’s going on here Pugna?”

“Now that we’re all on the same page.” Marco says sarcastically, “Can someone please explain to us where the hell we are?” I glared at Marco, “Not exactly how we speak to allies more powerful than us Marco.” Tobias laughs at that “Tell that to Erek big Jake.” I shut up and we glared at each other, we were barely restraining ourselves from ripping our’ heads off. “So... Fang, wanna fill them in?” Pugna asked. Fang grimaces at Pugna. “Fill em in on what? I’m pretty sure I’m the one that doesn’t know what’s going on.” Pugna sighs, “They’re from another universe apparently. Pokemon don’t exist in their world.”

Fang scratches his head, all in all he was taking this better than he had any reason to. “But shapeshifting does? Man, some things are weird.....umm....where in blaziken should I start?” Tobias, who was still looking at the giant dragon, “Well, what that thing is would be a nice sta- “Shut up Tobias, We need to know how advanced the tech is here, have you achieved space communication yet?” I said. Fang scratches his hat. “What, you guys are spacemen too? Umm, hell I’m not exactly an expert on astronomy or anything like that. By the way, you just KO’ed a Salamence. A dragon-type pokemon....very powerful.” Marco nods, “Yeah, taking out powerful beings is the job, Anyways, where are your astronomy experts then?” Pugna thinks, “Pewter city.” Fang nods. “Yeah, right next to Brock’s gym I remember us checking that out during our stay there.” Tobias begins demorphing, and morphing salamence, his wings grow, and he gets larger. His feathers disappear and his skin becomes smooth and blue, with red wings. His neck stretches a few cracks are heard. “That’s....still creepy.....and you just turned into...him” Fang says, pointing to Salamence. Tobias roars as the morph is complete. <Got control of the morph, these seem to be less impulsive than the animals back home.>

I looked at Fang and Pugna, “I know this is weird, but we could really use some help figuring this universe out, We will agree to exchange the morphing technology if you join us.” Marco seemed mad about this. Pugna didn’t seem particularly happy about it either, but waited for fang to answer. Fang sighed upon realizing that. He mulled it over before speaking. “You can keep the whole shapeshifter bit to yourself. I gotta ask....you’re the good guys, right?” is the first thing to come to mind. Marco and Tobias looked to me for an answer, Tobias wasn’t sure, and Marco wanted me to answer. They waited in silence for a while. Fang clearly was disturbed by this, nonetheless he waited for the answer as well. Marco spoke after a while, “We saved the earth, and various other planets.” Fang bit his lips. He waited just a sec more to see if this I would answer. I stared at Tobias, “What are your thoughts?” Tobias answered in a few milliseconds, <No, you’re not the good guy Jake, but you’re the closest thing we have.>

Fang looked to Pugna and nodded. “Ok. We’ll take you to pewter city. You get to fill us in on...well, anything that could be considered important on your end. If me or my friend Pugna don’t like this, I got four little friends ready to leave you on the side of the road waiting for Officer Jenny. Deal?” Marco decided to speak again, “Tobias and Jakehere have both committed genocide in a rather large scale, We’ve all murdered hundreds of innocent beings, and we’re probably going to hell, but we did what we had to. We had no choice, and unlike those two, I don’t regret what I did, thought you should know.” It was Fang’s turn to look over to Pugna. If he gave the clear, he’d speak. Pugna took this calmly, as usual. much to Fang’s chargin. “Killing... even on a large scale is justifiable, Fang, I’ll work with them even if you choose not to. Whether you decide to tag along is up to you.” Pugna said, still calm. Fang let that stand for a second or two. “The museum’s this way...and I seriously hope there’s more to that statement...for your sakes.” Fang growls, his hand now near his pokeball belt much like a gunslinger ready to quick draw his revolver.

“That’s the only part you need to know.” I growl back. <They deserve to know Jake.> Tobias says. “My decision, shut up bir- <Everything always had to be your decision doesn’t it?> I stopped and glared at Tobias. Fang frowns; perhaps not a danger to him or Pugna, but for some reason they were at each other’s throats. Nonetheless this calmed him. “Umm, right, well let’s get a move-on. As Pugna suggested earlier, here’s the lowdown; in this world, we use pokemon for most things. Me and Pugna are trainers, we catch em in these things, pokeballs and they act as allies and friends. You’ve seen the big dragon there, and maybe even Pugna’s pokemon. They come in all shapes and sizes, capable of quite a lot. Once we break somewhere, I’ll introduce my full team.” Fang says, hoping whatever they were fighting over got washed away by his exposition.Marco morphed osprey, I began morphing peregrine falcon. <Listen, be very careful here Fang, If any of your pokemon looks like a bear or something, these two will try to kill each other.> was heard in Fang’s mind. Fang raised an eyebrow, looking around. “Umm.....” he mutters, not sure how to react to that. <Just be careful, Tobias is still pretty depressed and might snap at any minute.> Fang gulped.

“Ok...just...give me a warning with the psychic thing next time ok?” he mumbles. He didn’t own a teddiursa anyways, so that was no skin off his nose.<alright, you two, get on tobias and lets fly.> I thoughtspoke at them. Fang nods, heading for the Salamence morph. He gulps, having never ridden something this big before. he climbs up the leg. Pugna uses his three section staff to leap onto the back of it and helps fang up. < hold on tight.> Tobias thoughtspeaks.Fang thanks Pugna and does as he’s told. The three animorphs begin to fly north, tobias flying so steady they don’t even realize they’re off the ground for a while.

“So, you got the steering down, right?” Fang asks, manuvering himself to be the navigator when he sees they’ve been sailing. <I’ve been flying for a long, long time kid, just tell me where to go> Tobias thoughtspeaks. Fang nods, “Oh. Right, just keep heading in this direction, we’ll land right by the forest so you can pick something....smaller without getting noticed or any pokeballs thrown at you. At the rate we’re going, shouldn’t be long now.” Tobias nods, and heads down slowly, they don’t even notice they’re descending assuming they don’t look down. “Wow, that was a smooth ride..where’s your friends?” Fang asks, just as soon as he realizes they landed. Jake and Marco landed in nearby trees. “C’mon Pugna, let’s regroup.” Fang says, sliding down Tobias’ morphed form.Pugna gets off and the animorphs trio demorph. “now to find a better morph...” Jake mutters. “Does the morph grabbing hurt the pokemon?” Fang asks. “Nah, unless we want it to anyways.” Marco answers.Fang nods. “So long as you don’t wanna hurt em, you can get a crack at my team.”Fang activates all of his pokeballs.

In order; a charmeleon, a raticate, a spearow, and an abra pop out. Each are orderly in a line and at attention, except for the abra who has a case of wandering eyes. “My team; Chazz the charmeleon, Rachel the raticate, Speedy the spearow, and Houdini the abra.” Fang says, introducing each by name as he goes down the line. TSEEEEEEEEEEER is heard as tobias lets out a cry and rips out jake’s eye. Fang was in shock upon seeing that. He sends Speedy and Rachel to try and subdue Tobias. Pugna ignores this as he sends out his team; the phanpy and mankey from earlier, and a houndour. Tobias catches speedy in the air and acquires him, before putting it down gently, he morphs as he flies off. Marco acquires the monkey, and Jake acquires Chazz. Fang was very confused at how everyone took Tobias’ freak-out in stride. He checks on Jake.

“What the heck was that about?!”Fang asked, I shrug, “What was what about?” Marco wondered why Fang was so confused. “He just pecked your eye dude!” Fang bursts, amazed at their reaction. “Yes, your point being?”

“......the fact he just snapped and pecked your eye out. That’s kinda my point.” Fang repeats. Marco shrugs, “Yeah, that happens alot with these two...”. Fang raised an eyebrow. “What? Why?” Marco sighs, “Ya get used to it.”. Fang looked at them as if they were sick in the head, odds were that was putting it lightly. “Can I at least know why that just happened.” I shook my head, “Come on Jake, we should probably tell them...” I shake my head, “Shut up marco.”. Fang snarls, this kinda sucked. “Whatever, but if he tries anything like that again cause I said petunia or something, then I’ll figure out my own way to settle that.” Marco nods, “eh, go for it.” Jake nods, “now then, let’s go.” The two animorphs begin morphing.

“Whatever.” Fang grumbles, returning his now sleeping Spearow and charmeleon. “Let’s just keep going...” Fang says, walking up to me after having finished the ‘charmeleon’ morph. He pokes me. “This is insane....” he mumbles. <Get used to it kid, insanity comes with the job.> I respond. “So....what’s it like? being a charmeleon...a girl one at that. Can you like do fire attacks or stuff?” I shot fire at the sky, <They’re rather angry creatures, surprisingly>. Fang backed off. “Wow....umm, angry?” he asks. <Yeah, I got it controlled though, relax.>

“Ok then. Umm, is that Tobias kid coming back?” Fang asks, before looking over to see how marco was doing. Marco was having trouble with controlling the rage. Tobias flew back, and just flew around. “Guess he’s doing fine.” Fang mutters, before nodding at Pugna. “Ok, so let’s keep going...you guys gonna keep those looks?” Marco, Tobias and I nodded, Pugna seemed to be planning, “Alright, we’re gonna have to go through the viridian forest to get to pewter... this should be interesting.”

“As if it already wasn’t.” Fang says. “Ok, keep an eye out, but don’t do anything overly....umm, violent and try to kill them. Most pokemon don’t go that extra mile.” Fang says, corraling Rachel and Houdini to keep them close to him. Pugna took the lead, Tobias kept watch of the skies and made sure nothing was around. <guys... the blade ship is here.> Tobias announced, and out of a ship came a Luxray, a Rampardos, and two Houndooms, behind them was Visser Three. <HELLO ANIMORPHS AND... OTHERS. IT SEEMS THIS GAME IS FINALLY OVER!>

“Listen punk, it’s been a long day. Ya mind moving out of the way here?” Fang mumbles offhandedly as he looks over the Visser’s Andalite form. Clearly not impressed, he readies to hand gesture to his team. Visser Three starts growing. The other four charge; Marco charges at the Rampardos, and Jake tries to slash at the Luxray, Tobias swoops in and slashes off one of the Visser’s stalk eyes. Fang points to the Rampardos. Houdini teleports on top of it’s head to draw their fire. “Now, Rachel, super fang on the Luxray!” he orders. Pugna sends out his Mankey, named kong, and his phanpy, using rollout on the Luxray, and Karate chop on the Houdoom. Jake and the other Houndoom used flamethrower on each other. Tobias started demorphing and speed morphing a Salamence. Seeing that, Fang orders Rachel to back off as Pugna handles the Luxray, and move forward to defend anyone trying to attack Tobias as he morphs. Abra begins to poke the eyes of the Rampardos. He telported off him as Marco proceeded to beat up the rampardos with a tree branch. Tobias swoops in to claw at the Houndoom’s eye, allowing Jake to take it out. Pugna managed to beat the other houndoom.

The luxray charged at Fang. Since Rachel’s job was done now, she would use quick attack to try and sideswipe the Luxray before it could attack her master. The Luxray was hit, and knocked down. Raticate used hyper fang to KO the luxray.Abra ported onto Fang’s shoulder and he turned to try and face Visser. The Visser was now a large 8 legged creature with 8 arms and 8 heads, each shot fireballs aimed at Rachel, Fang, Pugna, Kong, Phanpy, Tobias, Marco and Jake.Fang’s eyes widen in shock at the creature that was now in front of him. Rachel jumps onto Fang’s other shoulders and Houdini has enough sense and teleports them all behind Visser’s monsterous form.

We leaped out of the way of the fireballs, Pugna called back his pokemon and also leaped out of the way. The Visser turned two heads around to shoot fire at Fang, and shot the other 6 at pugna and the animorphs. Houdini got some orders he thought were simply brilliant. As Fang and Rachel run to dodge the other fireballs, Houdini lands on top of the left-most head and taunted the others. Hopefully Visser was stupid enough to try and get him off with a fireball.The visser decides to just grab the rat and beat it up with his 7 other arms as it shoots more fireballs.Houdini tried to teleport once more onto another head and that worked, Fang’d order him to deliver a confusion to it. Jake shot some fireballs back at the visser, staying hidden. Tobias goes in for a swipe at the eyes, thoughtspeaking the deathstar scene from star wars in his head.

Pugna sent out houndour to help Jake with the fire attack and mankey and phanpy to do their combo attack on the left head, this causes confusion to work. Houdini then tried to trick the head he was on into either causing an attack to backfire and hurt him in his confusion or get him to fire on another head. Fang and Rachel keep on moving, trying to find an opening. The monster fell back from the combined fire attacks, giving them an opening. Tobias took the chance to sweep in and scratch at the eyes. Rachel likewise moves in for a hyper fang attack on one of the heads. Houdini teleports of and lands on Fang’s shoudler who backed away from the melee just in case. Pugna manages to take out two heads, Jake takes another one, Marco leaps into action and scratches at the eyes of another, leaving three knocked out heads and two blind ones.Rachel also helps in biting the crap out of one of the remaining heads. Houdini out of curiosity teleports near where the ship is. Fang grunts, before going to grab him. two of the three remaining heads were in a fire fight with Jake and Tobias. The other was shooting at Marco and Tobias, who were dodging easily.

Fang found a blue cube and what looked like a flash light. “Houdini, now’s not the time to i-....” he begins to say upon entering the ship. The glowing cube catches his eyes. he stares at it for a few seconds, in which time Houdini had ported back onto his shoulder. “This is weird.”..not the weirdest thing, but up there for sure.” he mumbles trying to grab the thing. Houdini gave a light cry as warning, even he wasn’t that curious, not that it did any good in convincing Fang otherwise. Marco followed him into the place, He grabbed the cube out of Fang’s hands. “Oww, relax man.” he grunts. Marco demorphs, “Sorry, Don’t trust you with one of these.” He says, putting in his pocket and morphing. ”About that...what the heck is it?” he asks, snatching up the flashlight on account of it getting dark and following Marco out with houdini on lookout. Marco looks at him, “Careful with that, and the cube is what gives us our powers.” Fang got a double dose of confusion. “Hmm, looks a bit futuristic but pretty innocuous for something that lets you shapeshift, but ok...why’s he got one though? And ya afraid I’ll shine some light in yer eyes or something?” Fang snarks. Marco ‘borrows’ the ‘flashlight’ and proceeds to blow out the brains of another head, the other two are defeated rather easily, “Dracon beams aren’t the greatest of weapons, but they have their moments”. Fang was left slack-jawed as the Animorphs, Rachel and Pugna’s team finished up. Pugna called back the pokemon. Jake, and Tobias demorphed, just in time too. Marco demorphed, “Jake, found an escafil device in the blade ship...” Marco said. “You think we need more members, don’t you?” Jake asked, knowing marco pretty well. Marco nods his head, “Alright, Vote.” Jake commands the team.

“Doesn’t sound like a good idea, no.” Tobias said. I agreed with him, and looked towards the two trainers. “You can’t count on beating something that powerful by yourselves, it’s a deathwish... I’m in.” Pugna says, signing himself up. Fang scratched his head, not quite as sure. “Uh, what are we voting for?” Marco decided to answer, “Whether you get to touch the cube, or not.” Fang’s face went white at that. “Uh.....what happens if you’ve touched it?” Marco again answered the question, “You become an animorph... Actually, they’re called Pokemon here so... a Pokemorph.” Fang silently looks over his hand. “The downsides, if you stay two hours in morph, you’re stuck. You can choose to help us stop the yeerks, but we can discuss that later.” I said. Pugna seems interested, “.....so, i can shapeshift too?” Pugna asks. I nod, he’s starting to get it at least. Fang shakes his head.

“I’ll think on it...for now, off to Pewter City ok?” Marco sighed, and nodded and Tobias morphed human to blend in. I took the cube “got a lot to think over.” Fang mumbles, before leading the way, patting Houdini and Rachel as he went. Pugna took the back, and the other three just followed. There wasn’t much conversation going on, mostly because none of the others trusted each other at this point, especially me. Fang frowns at the general silence he glancing past him and the others, back to Pugna. He was afraid much the same situation would spring between them. Pugna smiled, he had familiar look in his eye, he had a plan, I could tell He didn’t like us, but he realized something Fang hadn’t. whatever had just crash landed nearby, there were more. He wanted to help stop them.Fang smiles back, recognizing that look in his eyes. No matter what happened, he’d trust him. Given the situation, time would tell if that payed off.or would come back to bite him. Flexing the hand he touched the cube with once more, he trotted along through the Viridian forest.

Up ahead was a small city, three buildings were easily visible, the gym, the Pokecenter and the Pokemart. The rest consisted of houses and a museum. Pugna led the way, having spent a few years in pewter in his early childhood. Tobias and I avoided each other and Marco stayed in between them. Fang sighed as he looked around as well. he points over to the museum. “Now, should we head straight there, or is the scenic route in order?” he says, noting the uneasiness between everyone. Marco wonders if he really has to answer that. Pugna just leads them to the museum. Fang shrugs before following. “So, what’s your vote?” I asked.

“Vote?” fang asks, raising an eyebrow. “We were talking about it just a few minutes ago...” Pugna points out. “Oh....that.” Fang grumbles, before walking into the museum first. The animorphs are not amused by this. Fang pretended to ignore this. “So, why exactly did you guys wanna come here?” Pugna signaled he would explain later. The three of us split up, looking for andalite technology or something.

The animorphs left to do their own thing, as such they had no idea what me and Pugna were up to. For reasons Jake has yet to explain he asks I fill that part in. I figure why the hell not. So he leaves the two of us to our own devices as they look for who knows what.
I waited around near Pugna just in case anything happeneed.

“Not very bright, are you?” Pugna joked., breaking the silence “The heck’s that supposed to mean?” I ask back. “They got their powers from an alien cube, what do you think we’re here for?” he whispers. “Yeah, but to find one here?” I retort. I didn’t exactly remember a glowing cube last time we were there. “Desperate times bro.” Pugna answers, his face still calm. “Well, here’s hoping it pays off....want a soda?” I offer. “Nah, I’m good for now. Listen, there has to be more of those things... if they get a mewtwo morph, or an arceus morph, we’re done...”

I nod. It was a scary thought “That kinda power is what scares me. Ya saw what they did with our pokemon...” Pugna nods, “Better us than them, and better them than whatever the hell we just fought.”

“No kidding.” I grumble, coming back with a soda. “Did they say what exactly that...Visser was it? Who was that?” Pugna shakes his head, “Think bro, they don’t trust us, and honestly I don’t blame em. We do need info though, any suggestions?” I got an idea, but I know he’ll call it stupid.

“Honestly...just confront em about it and make em spill the beans. Preferably someplace they can’t do that morph thing and kick our asses.” I whisper in case anyone is eavesdropping. “We can’t work like this, not even aware who is trying to kill us.” Pugna shrugs, “Eh, not much harder than being a trainer, anyways, what’s your plan exactly?” Pugna asks. I take a drink of the soda before coming to the obvious conclusion. “Plan? Don’t go assuming I have one buddy. What I told you is about all I got, makes it an objective at best.”

“Listen, these guys are insane, very insane. The tech though, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it. We’re gonna need a plan of some sort”. I don’t like the way he said that sentence. “According to them, I already got it from touching that cube.....” I mumble, before glancing around cautiously. “Great... That was stupid of you.” Pugna answers.

“Yeah....yeah, it was. Touching glowing objects in spaceships usually gets ya killed, huh?” I say, sweating a bit, a nervous laughs really punctuates how scared I am now. “Well, it’s getting us killed anyways...” Pugna answers. Don’t much like how he says that that either. “Huh?” I ask. Pugna rolled his eyes, “I’ll explain later.” I can only sigh, one straight answer to a meaningful question, all i want by this point. “So, when they get back, we demand answers, or what?” Pugna shakes his head, “Just don’t do anything stupid, we’ll get answers at some point.”
((Jake switch??))

“do you honestly believe that?” fang scoffs. “They seem incompetent enough to manipulate.” Pugna said calmly. Fang shrugs, unsure what to respond to that, before looking around where they were. The animorphs returned, they seemed to be in another argument. Fang eavesdropped. Tobias had found something and they were debating what it might mean.”hey, uh, we live here...mind sharing?” Fang asks. They ignored him and continued debating. Fang was a bit pissed off by that. Pugna would see he was about to physically hit one of em. Pugna signaled him to calm down, He was listening to the debate. Fang did so....very hesitantly. Fang would find himself unable to understand most of what the animorphs were saying, Pugna having similar luck. He signals him to attack at his own risk. Fang started by getting obnoxiously close, if they were ignoring him they certainly wouldn’t care what he does. Before Fang decided to do something, the Animorphs noticed something was wrong, and stopped. It was clear to everyone the debate would eventually start again.

“Uh, problem?” Fang says, making sure someone would hear him. “Not really.” Marco answered. “You’re a crappy liar.” Fang retorts. Marco nods in agreement. “....so, what did you guys notice?” Fang ask again. “Piece of a space ship... belonged to my father.” Tobias answered. “Uh...is anyone gonna explain that one?” Fang asks aloud. “It’s complicated.” Marco said.”How would you explain it to someone who absolutely needed to?” Fang says in a very annoyed tone. “Layman’s terms please.” Marco started talking, “Tobias’ dad is an alien.” Marco decided to elaborate, “there’s two aliens important us, the andalites, and the yeerk. The andalites are good, you fought one back there, the yeerks are bad, they control the mind of other species.”

“Well that’s a mouthful.” Fang says, glancing over to Pugna to see if he got all of that. “Was that Visser 3 guy one of em? Cause he was pretty nasty looking.” Tobias nods, “an andalite body, but he’s controlled by a yeerk, we call them controllers.” Fang nods. “Alright, so the friendly ones look like the blue guy, but the bad guys can control them...” Marco looks at him as if he was an idiot, “Not just them, they can control all creatures, there is no way to tell if a creature is a controller or not.”

“Ok, that’s worrisome.” Fang mumbles to himself. “Well, what do the yeerks look like?” The animorphs seemed to be wondering why that mattered. Fang caught this and shrugged. “In case one tries to mind control me or...something”.

“They’re slug-like creatures, they sneak in through your brain and spread throughout it, once they have done so, it is impossible for you to resist, you exist only as a slave in your own mind, watching your body force the same fate on everyone who trusts you, knowing you can do nothing about it.” Jake said. Fang gulps, but he ultimately understands. “Ok...guess we should stop em before they get too far in that then.”

“We don’t know how far they’ve gotten. The only thing we can be sure of is that they have not yet taken over half of the population. I doubt we have much time. Listen, this won’t be pretty, You can choose to just stay out of my way.” Fang shakes his head. “So do you accept the responsibility? Will you be one of us? Do you accept taking my orders, when and exactly as they are given?”

“Don’t have much choice do I? Not if all that happens afterwards is me waiting to get a slug in my ear. No, I’m going to kick these things off my home....something tells me I’m not the first person to say that regarding this neither.” Fang says, fixing his hat.. “Juries still out on following orders, but...we can worry about that later.” Tobias smiled at that, Marco laughed a little and Jake nodded, it was weird, despite him being 13, he looked much older. Pugna waited for this to stop, “So I guess it’s settled. Anyone else have a plan?” Jake was surprised by this response, “We can discuss that later.”

“Past comparing notes some more, I got nothing. Was hoping you guys would find a lead here.” Fang shrugs “We did, sort of, we’ll explain that later too.” Jake said. Fang wasn’t as put-off as earlier, but he hoped he’d get an explanation for the following, “Ok, well what are we doing currently?” Fang asks, glancing around the museum. “Finding an isolated place to talk, of course.”

so... any thoughts?

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