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log entry 062509c

Posted by Cosmic Deadpool , 25 June 2009 · 348 views

Stardate 062509
09:30:00 hours

As the day begins, there has been nothing of consequence gping on here at the office.. I'm still awaiting word from Deadpool concerning our first case, File #062409a
*Boom.. Deadpool bolts into the office*
Deadpool: Gasp..gasp..pant..pant "I'm..gonna..gasp..KILL HIM"..cough..gasp... Wade, calm down.. What the hell..*interrupting*"KILL HIM..kill him dead.." I tried to calm Deadpool down, but as usual, I had to wait for his diatribe to end... "That little snake, Bud Robinson...he...he..hey you did the Stardate thingy?" "Anyway, Bud gave me some waaaay bogus info on his client"... Maybe, you got the wrong address, is that it.." "You, shaddup, 4thwally" *click* As Wade Wilson, my partner, loads a pistol and points it at my temple, his hand shakes nervously as his fury builds... "The location he gave me was on point..Its' what I found there.. " ??? Well ??? "Ok, I entered the building and..." *dreamy flashback scene*Posted Image
I mean for the love of sweet Bea Arthur..they were so..old" as his anger grew again wade began to load up a veritable arsenal of weaponry... "it was just so...*loading pistols* ewwww *schlick schlack..cocks shotgun* And with that, Wade stormed out the door...Where are you going now..."Shhh be vewy, vewy quiet... I'm hunting wabbits" "A big fat, lowlife wabbit named Bud...."

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