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Gotta find pace

Posted by silversurfer092 , 30 March 2012 · 1,259 views

And this is not a good time to do so. 2nd mile is all about finding a good pace. However, I'm writing this while I should be reading for the class I have in an hour. *vulgarity* IT! Gotta find pace, gotta find place. TheRipper decided to open up a new site called Refuge and Respite. Of course, it being TheRipper, it isn't just about Admins, Moderators, and Members. It's got *vulgarity*ing High King, Jarls, Citizens, Thanes, and whatever the *vulgarity* else Ripper wants in his dreamland. Apparently he's been playing a bit too much Skyrim lately. Anyway, I joined the site with an idea of having it be a new Off-Topic board turned forum. Then I was like "Wait a minute here! Ripper is the Head Admin? Lets troll the shit out of these boards". Of course, Ripper and the other Admins might read this and be like "*vulgarity* HIM! BAN HIM NOW!" which is fine, really. I created a Twitter just so I can follow Soberguy. Ended up getting the bonus of MMM and Hamboy, found Sirmethos too. All about finding the right place. Twitter isn't it, Refuge and Respite isn't it, who knows where it is?

Either way, I gots me a race tomorrow, first Outdoor Track race in over a year and what am I doing? Eating some god damn Peanut Butter MnM's. I'm supposed to be losing weight, but I swear, my mom wants me to get fat. Either way, the bag is almost gone and I'm gonna hopefully be up in the 80's for mileage. Nice way to burn fat right there. Somebody that you used to know! It's playing right now, I really like this song. Not so much any of Gotye's other shit. Grouplove is good though. Check them out. I dig Colours and Chloe. CHECK IT OUT NOW.

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Mar 30 2012 01:53 PM
I agree. Site's not the Off Topic board. Everything feels so different right now. And it seems like everyone I enjoyed talking to is leaving. Might not be long before I make my own "Farewell" blog...
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Guys, this is just getting maudlin.

If the Off Topic boards are really that important to you I'll make an Adults Only board that the thirteen year olds (or the general public, or potential employers) cannot view or get into.
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