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How to made Laptop Car Mount

Posted by Monya , 07 December 2009 · 265 views

The materials you’ll need for your homemade laptop car mounts are relatively simple. They’re available in most home improvement stores. You’ll need a few sections of PVC pipe you can connect to form a laptop stand that will rest in the cup holder of your car. You can use PVC pipe connectors to attach them together, or you can simply glue them together. How you attach them will depend on what parts you buy, since some will easily fit inside one another, while others won’t. You’ll also need some type of platform for the laptop to rest on.

A wire shelving unit works great; it allows for a variety of laptop sizes and shapes and won’t impede air flow around the computer. When you’re connecting these parts together, keep the overall design in mind and don’t make the laptop sit over any critical parts of your car, such as the gear shift or emergency brake. Positioning the laptop mount so it will be partially over the passenger’s seat will be the best location. Because it won’t be permanently attached to your car, you can quickly remove it if someone needs to sit in the seat.

If you find that your laptop mount articles moves around too much, examine the parts and identify where the movement is occurring. If it’s in between the PVC connections, try using some superglue or plastic cement to help seal the pieces together and hold them firmly. If it’s moving around in your cup holder, try adding a thin layer of rubber around the bottom of the mount to make it fit into the cup holder firmly.

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