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TGK's Top 5 TV Series

Posted by Twogunkid , 26 November 2011 · 2,710 views

5.TIE Part 1Dragonball Z
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More here out of nostalgia than being a well plotted show. It offers relief in its simplicity. You know who your badguys and your good guys are. Beating each other up occurs, kamehameha Plot resolution. It offers the wonderful satisfaction of seeing something dying. Its like hunting but without standing in the cold for hours.
Downside: Plot? Character Development?
Chance of killing damaging life if discovered: 15%
Part 2 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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Picked for the exact opposite reason from Dragonball Z. Its nice to see something not get beat up. That and when the creators throw in refrences to things like Alien, and the Big Leibowski it becomes a fufilling means of watching something non-violent. The fan community adds benefits too, they generally can produce something entertaining.
Downside: Its for little girls, and I am a man.
Chance of damaging social life if discovered:95%

4. Babylon 5
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I've seen a lot of good sci-fi shows in my time, but Babylon Five has to be the most consistently good. Seasons 1-4 Amazing Season 5 Awful. Like Deep Space Nine this is a highly quotable sci-fi show and like DS9 the great episodes are amazing and the bad episodes are terrible. This show also does the best of almost any show I've ever watched with shades of grey, there are so many moral ambiguities in what should be a world of black and whites. First rate show deserved the emmy's it got. Great recurring guest stars like Walter Koeing were well fleshed out characters not just one shots designed to attract people. Also the music was very well composed.
Downside: The bad episodes are really bad and the plot can get repetitive.
Chance of damaging social life if discovered: 1% (Most people who know what it is won't hate you)
3. Batman: The Animated Series
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Man this is the real start of the DCAU. This show launched it all. It was the birthplace of Harley Quinn. It feautered one of the best balanced Joker's ever. It used real guns and had blood! This was a gritty dark children's cartoon. The one liners were amazing. The voice acting great, the animation spectacular.
Downside: They couldn't actually kill people because it was a children's cartoon, and the ocassional Adam West-esque out irked me. That and batman seemed a little pudgy until season 3. Also Nightwing had a mullet.
Chance of damaging social life if discovered: 10% (Its Batman)

2. The Big Bang Theory
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It offers me the geeky humor I like. Its generally well written, and intrestingly enough is one of the few comedies I enjoy watching. The characters can be a little one dimensional, but its in the lovable quirky way.
Downside: It does ocassionaly dip into cruder humor. Also if anyone ever finds out there is a strong chance they will knock on your door three times in short succession say your name and repeat untill you open it and think themselves hilarious.
Chance of damaging social life if discovered: 45%

1. Star Trek TOS
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Yup the number one series is star trek. It was a great show, [generally] solid plotlines, good characters, and it was ahead of its time.
Star Trek had the first inter-racial kiss on television... also cell phones.
Downside: That episode where Spock sings and the Space gypsies. The worst things in all star trek if it wasn't for Star Trek nemesis.
Chance of Damaging Social Life if Discovered: 70% (Though the trekkie stigma is largely gone, most people still look down on star trek fans)

No Samurai Jack? No Scrubs? No Duck Dodgers?Eh. Still an interesting list. I may watch the Big Bang Theory someday.
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No Samurai Jack? No Scrubs? No Duck Dodgers?Eh. Still an interesting list. I may watch the Big Bang Theory someday.

I always found scrubs overrated. Duck Dogers and samurai jack were involved in the bloody battle for the 5 spotalong with Duck Tales, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, and Animaniacs.
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Dec 08 2011 08:50 PM
Big Bang theory fo' eva!
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Batman TAS seconded. Good show, it got really great for a while there... I remember one episode where Batman discovers he is actually a robot. That was the series peak in my opinion.
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