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So Out of It

Posted by force_echo , 07 September 2011 · 765 views

Ok, so I'm completely out of sync with current events. Its like I've been shut off from the *vulgarity*ing world ever since school started. Did I tell you guys I went to a new school? No? Oh, that story first.

Ok, so, I applied to this boarding school called the South Carolina Governor's School of Science and Mathmatics. Its one of the top 20 schools in the entire country, so I thought it would be a really great oppurtunity and shit. Sad cause I'm leaving my freinds, and the strain it will put on my relationship, but thats what Skype is for, right? I hope. Ok, past my fears now. Anyway, at GSSM, the classes are really hard. Reeaaaalllllyyyy hard. Like, I actually have to study for stuff (biggest understatement of the goddamn century). But yeah, when you're not studying, you're out doing shit with freinds, cause you know, its a boarding school. Which means you live with all of your freinds, its actually really fun. So anyway, besides the time I'm on my computer not doing homework and not on EF, I really don't have any time to check the news. Occasionally, I'll get up to date every week, but I used to pride myself on flawless realtime knowledge of current events, I feel like someone just shoved me into a dark hole with a paper bag over my head.

Do you guys experience something similar when school/work starts? How do you deal with it?

Ah, I can totally relate to the "studying being a shock" factor. I mean, if I had to study for a class, I'd be in shock too. It's what happens to smart guys when they're put in a group with other equally smart guys. You lose that smart guy cred that we all take for granted. As for current events, the black hole comes to me every time the Daily Show goes on break. I still receive the weekly TIME magazine, but it's not the same. Lucky for you, you're not missing much. This past week hasn't had much real news (relatively). Which makes one wonder what the 24 hour news shows report on slow days...
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Also, good luck with the new school.
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Thanks Marvel Man!
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