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TV Show Review: Gilmore Girls

Posted by , 08 April 2011 · 665 views

Gilmore Girls is a show that ran for seven seasons on The WB, and later the CW, from 2000 to 2007. It’s roughly equal parts Dramedy and Soap Opera, with the later element becoming more substantial as the seasons tangled the character’s relationships. It centers on our eponymous Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Lorelai Gilmore (the latter of which is usually referred to as Rory). When Lorelai was sixteen, she got pregnant by her boyfriend, Christopher. She ran away from her well-to-do parents and found a job at an inn in the town of Stars Hollow. The story starts sixteen years later, with Lorelai now managing the inn that she ran to, but dreaming of opening her own with her pal Sookie, and with her daughter Rory having just been accepted to the prestigious academy of Chilton… which her mother cannot afford. This drives Lorelai to ask her parents, Richard and Emily, if they could pay. They say yes, but only under the condition that Lorelai and Rory come over every Friday night to have dinner.
…And that just about sets up the whole first episode.
As you can see, Gilmore Girls is a much… meatier show than others. It’s been said that the scripts for this show were twice as long as the average script. Within those pages are amazingly nuanced, consistent characters, subtle jokes and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it references, and surprising continuity (season 7 notwithstanding, which was penned by a different writer and is inarguably significantly worse than the rest of the series).
The town most of the characters live in, Stars Hollow, is a tiny little village in Connecticut. In actuality, it’s an old set Hollywood wasn’t using for anything else, but that doesn’t matter. It hosts Luke’s Diner (workplace of Lorelai’s most withstanding love interest), an inn, a grocery store, Al’s Pancake World (which serves everything but pancakes, mind you), a K-12 school, the houses of most of the main characters, and a breathtaking gazebo area—and not much else. The main charm of the town comes from the characters and the small size of the town. Nonetheless, the majority of the show’s fans would love to live there some day, if someone would just finally hire all the actors to play the characters permanently.

Finally, someone else who shares my love for this show!... I mean... Monster trucks and hot chicks!
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