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Decent into utterly geekdom

Posted by Shockwave , 31 January 2006 · 751 views

Alright, so normally I'm the type of guy that refuses to talk about my geekiness outside of my family and friends. But seeing as how this is a comic book site and what got me here was an answer from Yahoo! Answers I figure it's safe to post this here.

I've finally am a official nerd (yes official is describing nerd so therefore it's proper grammar). I have spent money on things like cult classic Army of Darkness, and bought three volumes of Anime. I've been a gamer at heart, but I've never called myself that. I've always called myself more of a light gamer. I have 15 PS3 games total, and maybe if i'm lucky 40 video games total.

I figure I'll list the things I got in order of what I got them because..well I'm a geek. At the same time, well, most of these I find particularly awesome and well executed.

1. Batman the Animated series volume 1
2. The Dresden Files comic Stormfront volume 1
3. Highlander on blu-ray
4. Army of Darkness on DVD (could not find it on blu-ray)
5. Trigun on DVD
6. Yu Yu Hakusho seasons 1 and 2

Next on my list to buy, seasons 3 and 4 of Yu Yu Hakusho, then Cowboy Bebop, then Outlaw Star, and then the rest of the Batman Animated Series. For those that don't know any of these, allow me to give an image example for them:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

And if you're going to comment on how stupid and dorky it is for me to post this here, doesn't that mean you're just as dorky as I am for reading this?

SHOCKWAVE EDIT: Ok, so I just finished getting the other two seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho. My anime collection is now half complete.
SHOCKWAVE EDIT 2: I have bought since this last post: Blue Beetle issue 1-12 (7-12 in tradeback), 22, 26-36, Army of Darkness 23-27, and X-Men Animated series volumes 1-3

Canis Minor
Jan 31 2011 04:02 PM
You wanna know how much of a geek I am? I know exactly what the term 'dork' refers to and it's not what you would expect.Anyway, good for you. It's much more enjoyable once you finally admit it.
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Depends on your interpretation. I'm still a sports fan at heart and will keep myself in decent shape but good for you...Wait, are you literally lurking my profile? That's a bit creepy dude.
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