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Ten Ways NOT to Vote on a CBUB Match

Posted by Canis Minor , 08 October 2010 · 1,268 views

If you are using any of the following reasons to vote on a CBUB match, please, for your own sake, rethink your methods.

1. "I didn't read the setup, but I like Character X more than Character Y, so I'll vote for him."
It's not a popularity contest. Consider the setup and the powers.
2. "I haven't read the setup, but I'm sure that Character X will win no matter what."
Read the setup. I cannot stress this enough. It doesn't always happen, but the setup can determine who would actually win.
3. "I don't care about Character X, but I hate Character Y, so I'll vote against him."
Vote based on powers, abilities, armaments, etc. and the setup. Never vote just because you don't like a character.
4. "I don't know either of these characters. I'll vote for the one that looks cooler."
Never vote just to vote. If you don't know the characters, then either do some research, or better yet, just don't vote.
5. "I read the setup, but I like character X more than Character Y."
I reiterate: the CBUB is not a popularity contest. Never vote based on who you like more.
6. "I'll vote for character X just because everyone says he'll win."
A lot of the people who post comments on matches have legitimate opinions. Don't let that influence you. Vote for who you think will win based on all the factors.
7. "I'll vote for character X just because everyone says that Character Y will win."
No. Just no. Being contradictory solely for the purpose of being contradictory isn't funny. It's stupid. Don't do this.
8. "Nobody is voting for character X. I'll vote for him out of pity."
This goes along with number 8. The comments may be in favor of one character, but that doesn't necessarily reflect the votes.
9. "I hate Company X, so I'm voting for Character Y."
You may hate DC, but that doesn't mean that Batman will lose to the Spanish Inquisition. Base your vote on the characters.
10. "I don't really care one way or another. I just like pressing the 'vote' button."
If you listen to nothing else, listen to this. This isn't funny. This isn't cool. This is dumb. The vote button is not there for you to play with.
Alright, guys, before you comment, I want to say that I'm not pointing fingers at anybody. I'm not saying anybody is doing this. But after thinking about it, I figured that these would be the ten most likely reasons for ridiculous match results.
Just throwing my two cents in.

I agree completely (Except rule #9). Rule #11: Always vote Marvel. Woo!Note: I'm joking. Think before you vote. And never drink and vote.
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Canis Minor
Oct 10 2010 11:57 AM
Do you mind if I ask what's wrong with number 9?
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No I don't mind. It was a joke (I implied that I always vote against DC cause they compete with Marvel).
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I would like to add one that would make sense.11. Do not vote against a character simply because you hate the author of the match and has expressed interest in one of the characters.
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Canis Minor
Oct 18 2010 03:16 PM
Hmm...good point, Shockwave. If anyone else has ideas, they're welcome.
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Do you mind if I ask what's wrong with number 9?

I believe they're objecting due to their love of Marvel(which I share), but covering themselves with the "just kidding"
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