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The End of Soccer

Posted by Marvel Man , 25 June 2011 · 3,101 views

With Marvel Man
Welcome folks! This is Marvel's Corner!

Today I bring some sad news. This is my last soccer post for a while... But wait, that isn't the bad news. The bad news is that the Gold Cup Final occurred. And, well, check it out...

Today's Topic: The Gold Cup Final

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Well, the tournament progressed like everyone knew it would. The two superpowers of North America met last Saturday. The proud, valiant USA met the powerful and confident Mexico. It was the Mexican-American War Part: II. USA was going to send Stonewall Jackson, General Lee, and a bunch of other Civil War guys, kick some booty, and take a whole bunch of land. Or, as Hollywood has shown us, we could simply send in Larry the Cable Guy. 

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Sadly, it was not meant to be. Just like the usual American digestive system when confronted by a spicy Mexican dinner, the USA national team put up a good fight but ended up in extreme pain. 

The game started well though. A couple minutes in, Bradley scored a great header. Bradley, by the way, is the son of the USA soccer team's coach. The USA Coach, looks like this:

Posted Image

See if you can spot his son:

Posted Image

Anyways, a few minutes later, Donovan, the USA's most impressive player, delivered an impressive goal. That's right, minutes into the match, USA was winning 2-0. 2-0! In an MMA fight, that would be like one guy breaking both of the other guy's arms. 

But then, it all came down. Crashing down like some sort of modern Bay of Pigs invasion. In spectacular fashion, Mexico clawed their way back, scoring two goals and tying the game up before half time. 

Although the USA started the second half with heart, the Mexican team quickly ripped that heart out and ate it with a side order of beans and rice. Two more goals later, and it was all over. The last goal, in particular, was, even though scored by Mexico, great soccer at work. 

Highlights: http://losangeles.sbnation.com/2011/6/26/2245121/usa-vs-mexico-2011-gold-cup-final-highlights

I hope you guys check out the highlights. It was a good tournament, but in the end, it wasn't meant to be. Mexico takes the Gold Cup down south...

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That's it for today. This is Marvel Man, signing off. 
Until next time, Excelsior! 

Dr. Pymp(mex)
Jun 29 2011 01:23 AM
Dr. Pymp(mex) says good job Mexico. I am a US citizen, but you know I have to go for them, my second team is USA, so it was a tough choice, but USA, needs a young team, and retire some of it's players, Mexico did it and beat France, and USA now, s they are doing well.
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Now on the American Cup! Go Uruguay!
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TAKE THAT BACK! URUGUAY IS THE SCOURGE OF THE WORLD!... I dream of punching Forlan in the face. Because, according to every woman who watched the World Cup, he is dreamy. Also, Suarez took Ghanda's goal. My money's on Argentina...
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IS SHALL SLAP YOU!* Cough * Hand Of God * Cough* Maradona* Cough*Oh and you insulted my country.Both Uruguay and Argentina won the American Cup 14 times.... we plan on getting 15 and making Argentina 2nd!Plus, Uruguay went farther in the world cup.
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True. True. I just feel like Messi will finally bring Argentina to the promise land (Even if he does have the ugliest man in the world as a teamate: Tevez) Anyways, it'll be an interesting tournament. May the best team win...
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Ah... Brazil and Argentina are out...
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Woo! Uruguay wins! Now write an interesting review please.
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Dr. Pymp(mex)
Jul 25 2011 11:40 PM
it was a good match up. Uruguay is probably the only American (North,South,Central) team that can beat the Europeans.Mexico has a good shot as well, but they need to have more than one striker. Anywho, good job U R GUAY(in Spanish buey pronounced guay means bull and this word is mostly used to call you a dumb bull, or animal, but it doesn't really translate into English.
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Heh. Mex, I hear people calling each other "guay" all the time. It's like "dude"!Also, congrats OMFGComics. Uruguay was by far, a much better team than Paraguay. Forlan's first goal was awesome and as much as I dislike Uruguay, they earned their title. I kind of want to do more soccer blog updates, but I'm not sure how many people would like them. I mean, this is a comic book website, not a soccer one. :P
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