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The other side of the coin

Posted by Opalord , 18 July 2006 · 930 views

Sooooo.... yea. Four years ago (Sweet gravy that's a long time) I started this, just got reminded about it, and decided to try and make some headway in it again. So, without further ado, heres the other world that makes up the universe concept


As far back as anyone can remember, there has been magic in the world. No, not the kind of magic where playing cards are psychically read and coins disappear through subtle hand movements. The kind of magic that raises mountains with a twitch, and levels cities with a word. At first, humanity had no way of controlling this force, its presence only represented through weird and wondrous natural phenomenon and strange creatures that had no business existing. but nearly three thousand years ago, the Old ones made a pact with the elemental kings of Mesopotamia, giving humans access to the magics of nature in exchange for their agreement to conserve the natural world. And thus the first elementalists were born. With this power and in cooperation with the Mesopotamian kings, Humanity flourished, creating vast cities that were worked into nature instead of around it, be it in gigantic trees, tunnels deep in the mountains, or even cities that floated in the skies. And for two thousand years, there was peace.

But little changed in this time, and in any universe humanity is not a race known for stagnation. And so it should be no surprise that one thousand years ago, after a lifetime of secret research and experimentation, a new form of magic was discovered by a group of mages. Geomancy, the magic of runes. Unbound by the rules of the Elemental contract, these men became known as the Ten Archmagi, and they waged war on the rest of humanity for a hundred years, seeking to free themselves from what they saw as slavery to the Mesopotamians. It was a brutal war, where whole cities could disappear in a single night, and the dead numbered in the millions before both sides saw that this would only lead to extinction for all involved. And so, a truce was made. The Archmagi and their massive flying crystal cities would be given control of the skies, where they would be free to continue their magical experiments without destroying nature, while the elementalists would keep control of the earth below. and again their was peace, and after a while the two civilizations became dependant on each other

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