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The world of *insert creative name here*

Posted by Opalord , 04 May 2006 · 785 views

hello everyone and anyone. the purpose of this blog is to help me develop the world(s) and concepts for games that I hope to work on after college. this is my first concept, all feedback is appreciated.


concept: I've been turning this idea around in my head for forever. Technology has advanced incredibly far since humanity started. The weapons we use today seem like they are just on a whole other level of power since the world wars. Something else also is on a whole other level though. magic. Mages in fantasy have done ridiculous things, many of them able to shape the world around them. so, what would happen if these two forces collided. in my opininion, a very epic clash

background story concept: The Roman empire did not fall in the 400's. no, not even a little bit did it fall. it has lived on to the modern age, and now completely spans all of Eurasia. Roman architecture and lifestyle still thrives. now, this is after Christianity took root in the empire. And the religion has now reached ridiculous importance, and the Great empire is certianly a theocracy first and foremost. but it is also a republic, and has been run peacefully for millennia. well sort of. You see, there is another mighty empire, one across the sea. When Roman explorers ended up on american soil, they, just like the spanish of our reality, also encounter the Aztec empire. but unlike, the spanish, they were destroyed almost as soon as they hit land. The Aztecs then took the white men's strange and deadly gunpowder weapons... and learned to make their own. by the time the romans had settled themselves comfortably in the other areas of the americas, unbeknownst to them the Aztec had already gained control of everywhere else on the continent. The two sides tried to exist peacefully together, but the Aztec gods' thirst for blood borne of war. To the horror and amazement of the Romans, the Aztecs again defeated them, their warlike culture causing them to develop their version of the gun much faster than the mostly peaceful Romans. Fast forward to now, and the two empires continuosly duke it out in the name of their gods, most of the combat taking place on the American coast and on the now deserted continent of Africa.

to be cont.

EDIT: ack, horrible grammar. Try and ignore that if possible. As Stated before, this is all concept right now

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