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I forgot that this blog existed.

Posted by Jailer411 , 01 April 2010 · 491 views

Well, the title says it all. I just want to point that out to you all. Now that I think about it, I might start making more entries. My fan base (non existent) might be pleased.

For the heck of it, let's make a list of what my blog doesn't have.

1.Long entries

2.Topics that might pertain to your intrest

3.Me not fixing the fact that I spelled interest wrong

Hmm, that might be because of my typing style. I use the chop stick method, which is with two fingers. I haven't really tried to type properly, and-

Mid sentence stop. Define proper? That's all based on perspective, isn't it? I suppose that I should put quotations on "properly", to convey that I'm using a sarcastic tone, so-

I typed down that 'so' because I was trying to think of what to say next, forget that, let's just end the entry.

Well, not yet. I'm going to give all of you an ASCII of a picture you might recognize.

		  Z$:					 ,:~===~:,	   ~$O7+,						
			 $:?$.			DD8O8O77$I: =7=?O.	IOI~=?I					 
				+, ,+Z=   $$+OO$$7I+I+::. II+I+??7DOZZ?=						
			 ,I7?~,+.  ~$~,:7Z7I+==,7?.. ,II77I==~$$ZZ,						 
			  ~=. :=IZ$~...,I$==7,  ?I.  ~7=I7::..77I7I:				  ~~	
				 :+.7777,.  :IIII.~I$OOOO$7~.=,,~$7. .,.=,			 ~O+	  
				  +?~7$+I+	=OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ~NMMMO=.  ,~		 ,ZZI		
				$?~. .:,$77ZZZZZZZZ88ZZZZOZ8MMMMM8MMMMO: :++7  IOI?I			
			   7+==,  ,  ZZZZZZDM,   +OMMMMMMMMM~.7MMM+?.   :OI+?I			  
			  :?+7?: =I.$ZZZZZZ8.,NMMMMMMMMN$,	 :+NO:.:$7?++?.			   
			  $,,~III7IZZZZZZZOO,DMMMMMMZOI~		  ZO7?+++$$				 
			 ~+,..,,.:=ZZZZZZZOI=MMMMMMO,:		  :~:M7++$+. +~:::			
			 O~,	  OZZZZZZZZ$=7MMMM$:,,=		8MMO?NZ+.   =:?~????==.	  
		ZZO$~I7I~I,7?.ZZZZZZZZZ887MMM8.:$78MD+.,, ?MMMMMMO,	~+:, ,?.		 
			7I?=:.  :=ZZZZZZZODMMMMMM?MMMMMMMDO8?7MMN .8M8+:,:~~.			   
			 $I?=:. =IDZZZZOO$I8MMMMMMMMMMMMMN	   : =N$$7=~==.			   
			 8$7I+:,+$OZZ8$III?ZZDMMMMMMMMMMM,. .NDMMMNMM$7?=++?				
		   .8Z7? 88Z=,~++ZZ$$??OOZZZZZZZZZZZZO87I77I++7Z$$7Z.				   
		 :DO?	 OZ=..:7I7?=I=?$ZO8DMMN88O$?~~7ZZ$I+~:77ZO					 
	   +8O.		I+. 77=~I+,~?O77$7887?=~~,,:7$I$$I=:=$=					  
	 Z8:			Z? ==,,. .~I7ZI?$?7??II?, .?7Z$ZI+:7Z 8=					
   7.			 =$$. ?.,,. ,=787I7..~=?:?+?..~$$I$$Z ~I$7$?				   
				 ~I?$=+ .?:..:?7I=~,. .:+?+?. ,~=7=I	 ?Z  $+				 
				   $+	   =I=?I77.   ,I,.+?.:I+.			 =				
				  $.			=?+~:::::~=+: