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What is RP?

Posted by Hugo Fowl , 24 August 2011 · 1,435 views

Hello all. So I finally got the hang of this stupid thing and then decided..... "Why not?" Hence began the story of a lone, 23 year old man who in seeking out something mildly intriguing to talk about on this blog, has elected to speak of that Nerdish pastime, that classic game of a million forms....Known as Role Playing.

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Yes, yes I know. We've all heard the horror stories, was forced to endure the stigma of eternal shame when in striving to pick up women, would speak of our Level Twenty Wizard(Level fifteen Rogue for me). And only rarely did this ploy succeed in its purpose. Sadly to say, I have yet to find that one women who would then ask me to raid her treasury in reply and-

*Coughs* Sorry. There are children on this site.

So what is Role Playing? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Role Playing in general is in theory, much like acting. You slip into the role of a character, and from there attempt to see through their eyes as you interact with others in similar roles. This can take the form of something as simple as, say.....A school teacher in a PSA, taking a student from the audience to interact how to say "NO! I don't want no stinking drug! I WANT THEM ALL!"

Whether such IC work should be rewarded, I leave to you to decide dear reader. Because after all....

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Now a Role Playing Game? Ah, now that's a dragon of a different color.

From LARP(Live Action Role Playing) to the standard D&D setting which is forever associated with Geeks and the like, Role Playing Games come in various forms and mediums from Friday Nights around the game board with friends, hacking out Orcs to the Final Fantasy Series and more. But why are these games so popular, and why do they captivate us today?

Many are the theories set forth on this matter from Satanic Possession(or Chuthulu for you CoC players out there) to accusations of loneliness and anti-socialist tendencies, a la "Mazes and Monsters." But in all honesty, its just really, really fun.

As children, many of us delighted in pretending we were something else other then who we were, and in a sense, we are continuing that tradition today. More controlled, more grown up but just as much fun whether your character is a Rogue or Shining Knight. The next Dark Lord or an Angel of Light. No matter the character, or the medium Role Playing is a fun, excellent way to pass the time and for the would-be writer or theatrical, an great way to improve your gifts. And on occasion, if your really lucky or like me, had begun sacrifice of fellow players to the Dice Gods, you may just run into someone like this.

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Till next time readers!

Sep 05 2011 10:18 AM
I like it. Played some good old AD&D 1st edition back in the day.
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