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Random things about me

Posted by videogameman , 19 August 2010 · 1,166 views

Favorite video games:Bioware RPGs and KOTOR 2, Brawl, Civ Rev, Uncharted
I love Bioware and I love all their RPGS equally. They all have their own strengths. Mass effect has the best combat and player customization(though i wouldn't mind doing away with the dialogue tree; voice acting limits dialogue), KOTOR had the best atmosphere and greatest party member(HK), Jade Empire was funniest and had the most interesting morality(even if in practice it still boiled down to be a unrealistic saint or an unholy monster), and Dragon Age had the best party interaction(romance and friendship) and best morality(in that, grey and gray decisions and no morality bar, allowing you to make a more complicated character), and I swear if that dialogue tree leads to us having less interaction with party members only having two conversations in a friendship(I'm looking at you, Garrus) I'm going to be very angry.

Favorite Film: The Princess Bride
Who doesn't love this movie? Hilarious, heartwarming, and epic, It's a masterpiece.

Favorite actor: Nathan Fillion
Hilarious and suave, I love the guy.

Favorite book series: The Bartimaeus Trilogy
Never gets old.

Favorite Author: Neil Gaiman
Has he ever written anything bad?

Biggest manchrush: Nathan Fillion
Again, he's hilarious, suave, nice, and has the perfect looks, not too macho but not too pretty boy. Every man should strive to be him.

Biggest actress crush: Don't really have one( seeing as I just gushed about Nathan Fillion, that's a little suspect). On hots alone, I don't quite see the point, as fiction characters are always hotter(going by that comment, I'm predicting I'll be living in my mom's basement fawning over how the Dark Elf in Warcraft looks so hot, while ultimately being dateless and watching porn. Pray for me).

Politics: While I won't side with someone solely on party, I tend to be on the liberal side. I'm pro same sex marriage, pro choice, but don't much know about either party's policies beyond that(The only news i watch is the Daily Show and the Colbert report, so yeah).

Nova Force Nova
Sep 02 2010 08:21 PM
Hmm...mancrush on Nathan Fillion, no actress crush, and pro-same sex marriage? I'm seeing a pattern here.
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Nova Force Nova
Dec 18 2010 01:16 PM
Just kidding.
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