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Posted by ND7 , 09 June 2011 - - - - - - · 980 views

In a world where the Sun has turned into a Red Giant unexpectedly, before it destroys the Earth, a well known mutant stops the humongous star from devouring the planet by making a barrier which hold the Red Giant off but not before the massive amounts of radiation render many countries incapable of allowing people to live in them anymore,  and although it...


Sieg and Rev's adventure Chapter 1!

Posted by ND7 , 01 January 2011 - - - - - - · 616 views

( Sieg and Rev’s adventure Part 1. For the first chapter,  it will be from Rev and Siegfried’s point of view.) Siegfried’s POV We had finally stopped the threat that had attacked my and my friend’s worlds. Although we did lose Raziel, who …well I know this might sound very approitate for a knight like myself to say but I didn’t really like him much anywa...


Fav people to use in CBUB matches and matches I have used them in.

Posted by ND7 , 08 August 2010 - - - - - - · 431 views

Spongebob: I love using him because of how innconent a character he is, so it is always a treat to put him agsiant people like Jason , and Jigsaw. Matches I have used him in:Spongebob vs Zombies.Spongebob vs Creature from the Black Lagoon.Spongebob vs Ren and Stimpy.Spongebob  vs the Wolf Soliders.Spongebob vs  Vampires(30 days of night.) Spongebob vs Jig...


Horror Remakes

Posted by ND7 , 25 July 2009 - - - - - - · 465 views

Hello folks welcome back to Nd4's place. Today's entry has something to do with a couple of remakes.  First TCM The Next Beginning(Is that the name of the remake?): While they had pretty good death scenes and Leatherface's folks made me chuckle their was two problems though. 1: They gave Leatherface a name THOMAS ...and went all into the his p...


I am a uncle.

Posted by ND7 , 17 July 2009 - - - - - - · 524 views

Yep two days ago  my big brother and his girlfriend had a little baby boy whoses name is JT. He was just brought home today.


My old grade!

Posted by ND7 , 06 July 2009 - - - - - - · 344 views

Yep folks here it is! My  old grade from the old site.Total Matches Run: 102 Total Thumbs Up: Total Thumbs Down: Total Grade A: 423 Total Grade B: 111 Total Grade C: 112 Total Grade D: 21 Total Grade F: 194 Current Grade: C ( Average )


Jason and Roy

Posted by ND7 , 26 June 2009 - - - - - - · 320 views

If you all remember I had a arc for Jason and Roy. Now here are the matchs.JasonWin against Vampires (30 Days of Night) (58 to 1)Win against The Infected (50 to 13)Win against Shaun (35 to 28)Win against The Wolf Man (47 to 16Win against the creature from the black lagoon (50 to 18) Now for Roy.Tie against Leatherface (27 to 27)Win against Pamela Voorhees...


Aust Williams

Posted by ND7 , 06 July 2006 - - - - - - · 387 views

"Explain to me again, why you hired my squad to do this mission, Mr. President?",  These were the words spoken by a voice that belonged to  mercenary Aust Williams, as the Australian man, began smoking a cigarette, while the president of the U.S, Mark Padilla sighed and after a couple of minutes, responded. "Because, it would be just like anot...

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