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Skaar issue 11

Posted by HulkSmash9 , 13 June 2009 · 849 views

Skaar issue11

The issue begins with Skaar in his human form, carrying a wounded wolf, confronting two kids, probably sister and brother, who are playing in the forest. Skaar and the kids go up to a small cliff where the girl says they shouldn't be u there. The boy likes Skaars speart that he has and when Skaar hands it to him, the boy falls off the cliff.

We cut to a scene of the girl running towards the police, saying that Skaar has her brother. The police take this the wrong way and slam Skaar against the car. The girl trys to explain that Skaar had the brother on a roug stretcher but she gets knocked out by getting in the way of a police man subduing Skaar. The brother is found on the stretcher with a broken leg, while a lone police man has Skaar, and is talking on his walkie-talkie. Skaar then proceeds to turn back to his Hulk-like form.

Hulk and She-Hulk, The Warbound and Kate Waynseboro, The FF, all sense Skaar and advance towards him.
The next few panels consist of Skaar beating the s**t out of the Warbound, all while demanding to find his father.
He asks Kate how to kill Hulk. Kate looks behind Skaar and we see huge jump shock zones, where the hulk is jumping, and Kate responds "you don't" as Hulk lands beside the Warbound, sending then flying in the air.

The issue is as good as the series should be, amazing. This series is one of te saving graces of the Hulk merchandise and the Planet Skaar arc is plunging Skaar into the center of the marvel universe with an event almost as big as WWH.

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