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Planet Skaar Prologue

Posted by HulkSmash9 , 13 June 2009 · 648 views

Alright true believers, her is my first blog entry.
Note; this is completely from memory

Planet Skaar Prologue

The issue starts off with, Skaar going through a wormhole, and landing on Earth. Reed notices this and is not pleased with this at all. Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, hulks out and starts going to Skaar without any control at all even though she is awake. The FF pick her up as the are going to Skaar also. We cut to Norman Osborn and the Warbound, trying to control, (I can't remember her name), oldstrong shadow powers which she uses to sense Skaar. We also see Hulk being restrained from reaching Skaar by Sue Storm, who is having trouble doing so.
We then see The FF and She-Hulk reaching Skaar. Ben Grimm fights Skaar who handles him with a smile on his face, and srarts screaming to confront Hulk, and starts destroying the army. Norman Osborn then drops bombs on Skaar, who turns into his human form. No one can find him, but everyone summoned subconciously by Skaar stops and goes to their normal way.

All in all it wwas a good comic annd is definitly a good buy for Hulk and Skaar lovers any where and the story continues in Skaar 11, which I will review in a few days.

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