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Comments by Dragoon T

Well, almost as soon as the fight was up, Dragoon T stopped by and posted this fine analysis on the battle.

Since your Webmaster this week was at a loss to try and introduce such a large number of fighters, who represent characters spanning many, many hundreds of pages of text, this will serve as an intro.

The opinions on who would win are Dragoon T's own theories.

Dragoon T writes:

YAHOOOO! Okay...Whoever thought of this battle gets the Uber Cookie of Sweetness^_~. Now THIS is a Battle I don't mind writing a long and thoughtful analysis for, and that's what I'm gonna do.

First things first: We pick apart and look at each teams individual members:

Fellowship of the Ring:

  • Frodo: Frodo is probably the most battle worthy of the 4 hobbits, Packing a Shirt of Mithril Chain(Pretty thought stuff to hack through!) and the Short Sword Sting. I can see him being something of a Surprise threat...The other 2 teams try to take him out like the other Hobbits but find he's a bit tougher.
  • Merry/Pippin/Sam: Sorry guys, I like 'ya all, but this is a straight out Melee with no Army to hide behind. Your basically Cannon fodder for your team =p
  • Aragon: The Fellowships Main Muscle, Aragon is a swordsman easily on Par with Sturm and Pahn. Not to mention he's got his nifty Sword that was broken yet made again. Next to
  • Gandalf he's the biggest threat on the Fellowship.
  • Legolas-Elven: Bowman supreme. Another big threat, but if he gets into Hand to Hand it's gonna be his Downfall. With Tasslehoff and Woodchuck I can see him being taken out quickly...A well Placed Hookpak Sling Stone or Dagger will work quite nicely.
  • Gimli: What's not to love about a Dwarf with an Axe? Another power hitter, but not as much so as Aragon or Gandalf. Gimli will pose a threat, but not much of one
  • Boromir: Similar to Gimli, but not as much so(He was taken down by Orcs..ALOT of Orcs but Orcs none the less)
  • Gandalf: Holy &@%$#$! THIS is the Obstacle the other 2 teams are gonna have to worry about taking down. Gandalf will easily overpower Slayn, but I can see him and Raistlin having a pretty decent battle. Gandalf will be the key to the Fellowships victory..if he's taken out it's all over. Unlike Slayn and Raistlin, Gandalf also has the nasty surprise of being quite good with a Sword^_~

Heroes of Lodoss:

  • Pahn: Pretty Damn Good Swordsman, probably on equal with Sturm or Aragon. Has a bit of an Ego though, and that will pose a problem when he's dealing with such heavy hitters.
  • Deedlit: Well, her Inhuman Agility is a nice advantage, as well as her Limited Elemental Magic. I can see her being another surprise fighter..People see her and assume she's a lightweight, but she can fight rather well in a pinch.
  • Slayn: Probably the Weakest of the Respective Mages on each of the team. He lacks Gandalfs and Raistlins Raw Power, as well as Spell Knowledge. I see him trying to play with the big boys and getting blown away.
  • Eto: A Priest is always good, and it's something the Fellowship lacks. However, this is a Disadvantage too. Eto never really showed any offensive proficiency, and I can see everyone gunning for him.
  • Ghim: ANOTHER Dwarf with an Axe? Well, in this Case Ghim is probably the most skilled Dwarf with an Axe.^_~
  • Woodchuck: Little to no Offensive power, but a dagger or 3 from the shadows will come as a Surprise.
  • Olson: I haven't seen Lodoss up to his Entrance(But I've seen him), but from what I hear he's a Berserker with a Big Sword...that's ALWAYS a Threat.

Heroes of the Lance:

  • Tanis Half Elven: Probably the most 'Balanced' of the Heroes, Tanis is also the Main archer for the group. He's pretty handy with a sword as well.
  • Caramon Majere: Big Berserker with lots of weapons, always a threat. Plus you got the Brotherly Angst if anyone hurts Raistlin.
  • Raistlin Majere: Physically the weakest combatant, but his Magic is on Par with Gandalfs(If not more). Raistlin had the power to take down a GOD, something Gandalf could never(As far as we know) could do.
  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot: Probably the best 'Thief' in the battle, Tasslehoff may not be much of a frontline fighter but he's proven in the past he's a pretty good shot with a sling.. not to mention you have Immunity to Fear...I can see him going up and annoying the Hell out of
  • Gandalf and then getting chased by a fireball^_~
  • Flint Fireforge: and Yet ANOTHER Dwarf with an Axe...sigh =p
  • Sturm Brightblade: Probably the best Swordsman out of the Heroes of the Lance, and on par with Pahn and Aragon. I give the advantage to Sturm..he has more experience FIGHTING then the others
  • Goldmoon: The Lance Teams Cleric, she also processes a smattering of offensive skills. Not to Mention Riverwind never leaves her side...
  • Riverwind: A Decent Fighter, Riverwind's main advantage is that he will NOT let Goldmoon get Isolated...

Okay..here's each team in a Nutshell:

Fellowship: Lots of Power in Aragon and Gandalf..but as a whole the team is lacking. If Aragon or Gandalf is taken out early it's over for them.

Lodoss Warriors: The most balanced, but the most vulnerable. Their Spell power comes from 2 Physically weak fighters, and their also outnumbered by both teams.

Heroes of the Lance: My Favorite for the Match. They have the Numbers advantage, and Raistlin and Goldmoon will tip the spell advantage.

How the battle will boil down:

At the start of the Battle Pahn and Sturm, being the Egomaniacs and Honorable guys that they are, clash. Aragon decides to join in as well.. Rasitlin aims a Fireball straight for Gandalf, while Slayn begins chanting a spell. Gandalf kicks away Tasslehoff..who is asking tons of questions, and gets ready to fry Rasitlin..only to notice that Tasslehoff is saying that he 'Dropped' His ring of Power. Gandalf gets Sandwiched between Rasitlin and Slayn and is Knocked out at most, Severely wounded at best. Ghim, Gimli, and Flint hack their way towards each other, start bopping each other around and then leave the fight to get some good strong Dwarven Ale. Legolas retreats to the back of the battlefield, only to get a dagger in the ribs by Woodchuck, who was waiting in ambush. Boromir, Olson, and Caramon are mixing it up, But Carmon and Olson go Berserk. Boromir gets chopped up like an Onion in a Ginzu factory, and then Olson and Caramon fight until they pass out^_~ Goldmoon meanwhile has been supporting Sturm, who along with Aragon and Pahn are still fighting. Eto tries to sneak up on Goldmoon, but Riverwind appears out of nowhere and gives him a bellyful of Plainsman steel. Deedlit and Tanis meanwhile, have been fighting a running battle. Deedlits agility has kept her from being cornered by Tanis, but Tanis has finally whipped out his bow and Arrow. At this time, Tasslehoff makes another appearance, accidentally being Under Deedlit when she lands. After Deedlit is done Thrashing the Redfaced Tasslehoff, Tanis turns her into a Pin Cushion. The Hobbits, meanwhile, have been hiding under a table^_~

The combatants left:

  • Fellowship: Aragon, 4 Hobbits
  • Lodoss: Pahn, Slayn, Woodchuck
  • Lance: Sturm, Rasitlin, Goldmoon, Riverwind,Tanis

The 4 hobbits manage to get a backbone, and with Frodos help manage to overcome Riverwind and Goldmoon, while at the same time Woodchuck Falls prey to a spell by Rasitlin. Slayn takes advantage of this, and manages to KO Rasitlin by surprise, but is knocked out by Tanis in return. Tanis turns to the hobbits and chops 'em up pretty good, but has trouble finishing up Frodo. Woodchuck tries to take out Tanis, but Frodo pulls a surprise and takes him out, only to get Nailed by Tanis. Using his innate Hobbit Gutsiness, Frodo stabs Tanis..and the 2 KO each other. This leaves Pahn, Sturm, and Aragorn..who are STILL fighting. At this point, I give the fight to Sturm. Aragorn is a good Swordsman, but he doesn't have the intense training Sturm does. Pahn, despite his natural talent, makes a mistake, and is skewed for the trouble. WHEW! Heck of a Fight Analysis!^_~