Mutant Power Rangers

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Season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, an American television series created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, began airing August 28, 1993, on Fox Kids. The fictional series follows the events of five, later six, teenagers with superpowers, who were chosen by the wise sage Zordon to become Power Rangers in order to stop the evil Rita Repulsa from taking over the planet Earth. The first season included 60 episodes and concluded its initial airing May 23, 1994. The first season of MMPR uses footage and elements from the Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

The season's stories focus on five teenagers: Jason Lee Scott (St. John), Trini Kwan (Trang), Zack Taylor (Jones), Kimberly Hart (Johnson), and Billy Cranston (Yost), who are given the ability to morph into "Power Rangers" by Zordon (Fielding) in order to put a stop to Rita Repulsa's (Soga) evil schemes. Later during the season, Tommy Oliver (Frank) is introduced first as a villain, but later becomes the sixth member and second-in-command of the team. Together they continue foil Rita's plans along with her henchmen Goldar (Sakamoto), her second in command, Squatt and Baboo (Watanabe and Kusaka) the bumbling duo, and Finster (Iiboshi), the maker of most of their monsters. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull (Schrier and Narvy) act as bullies, and comic relief, at Angel Grove High, where the Rangers attend high school.

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