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, initially referred to as , is the sixth story arc of the Japanese manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 2000 to 2003 and was collected into 17 tankōbon volumes (volumes 64 to 80 of the entire series), unlike the previous parts of JoJo it starts the volume count over at number one and all subsequent parts have followed this trend. It was preceded by Vento Aureo and followed by Steel Ball Run.

The story of Jotaro Kujo's daughter, Jolyne Kujo. Set near Port St. Lucie, Florida, she is framed for a murder and ends up in the Green Dolphin Street Prison. She is given an amulet inherited from her father, which cuts her hand and unlocks her Stand ability, Stone Free, which allows her to unravel her body into living string. The string can form a humanoid Stand within two meters of her body, and can extend further as string. In the prison, she soon becomes uneasy allies with fellow convicts and Stand users Hermes (Kiss) and Guess (Goo Goo Dolls).

Her father Jotaro soon comes to visit her and informs her that a Stand user named Jongalli A, a disciple of Dio's, framed her so that he could kill her in prison, and urges escape. Jolyne's anger at her father, who has been absent for most of her life, is interrupted by a double attack by Jongalli A's Stand, Manhattan Transfer, and another mysterious Stand named White Snake. Whitesnake uses its power to remove Jotaro's super-powerful Stand, Star Platinum and also his memories. Jotaro sinks into a deathlike state, and Jolyne must somehow find a way to recover Star Platinum from Whitesnake's user, the mysterious Enrico Pucci. Along the way, she picks up allies such as F.F. (Foo Fighters), a Stand of living plankton that took the form of a dead prisoner, and the murderer Anasui (Diver Down), who likes to take things apart and put the pieces side by side (he was imprisoned for doing the same to his girlfriend and her paramour). Most notable of her allies is the amnesic Weather Report, who controls the weather and in one baffling instance, has the sky rain venomous frogs. It is strongly implied that Jolyne may have harbored some romantic feelings for him, though no such luck for Anasui (who is madly in love with Jolyne).

Eventually, Pucci's motives for power are made clearer as the story progresses. He knew Dio sometime before the events of Part 3 occurred and idolized him as the vampire instantly cured his disfigured foot. While in Dio's company, Dio spoke of a forbidden "promised land" and how to create a "perfect world" when certain conditions were met. Before he could act on Dio's plan, Part 3 occurred. Pucci, keeping Dio to his word, became obsessed with the idea and worshiped Dio like a god. First, he needed to absorb remnants of Dio's bones as to acquire the knowledge and power that was lost to him. Second, he needed to do whatever it takes to get the predestined place. Of course, being as Dio and Joestar bloodlines are connected, he too gains a star birthmark, inadvertently letting Jolyne know where he was going.

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