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:''This article is about the Marvel Comics character Zaran the Weapons Master, for the Marvel Comics Eternal character, see Zarin

Zaran is a Marvel Comics super-villain, and is a codename carried by two characters related to another.

Maximillian Zaran was born in Great Britain. Early in his life, he was an agent of the British Secret Service: MI-6, but soon chose to become a mercenary and assassin. Training himself thoroughly in martial arts and the use of various kinds of weapons, he became known as a super-villain as well. He was first employed by Sarsfield and then Fah Lo Suee, and his first battle against a super-hero was against Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu, who easily defeated him. He later battled and defeated Shang-Chi. Zaran then joined Batroc's Brigade, and was employed by Obadiah Stane to steal Captain America's shield.

In his next attempt to defeat super-heroes, Zaran joined forces with Razorfist II and Shockwave and fought the West Coast Avengers Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Iron Man. He battled Hawkeye again alongside Batroc's Brigade.

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