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Dreadwing is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series.

“Dreadwing” is the name of the combined form of the two Decepticon Powermasters, Dreadwind and Darkwing, released separately in 1988.

The two Decepticons had very distinct personalities. Dreadwind was a pessimist, constantly taking the "glass is half empty" view (somewhat reminiscent of the Stunticon Dead End). The other Decepticons, bar Darkwing, avoid him, as they know he'll only depress them more. While Dreadwind does inspire dread on the battlefield, this only gets him even further down. Dreadwind transforms into an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet. His partner is the Nebulan Hi-Test. Hi-Test is the polar opposite of Dreadwind, who enjoys danger, and tries to get his partner to cheer up.

Dreadwind may be an eternal pessimist, but his partner Darkwing is actually worse - a manic-depressive who believes that life is just one long road of suffering and pain. While Dreadwind accepts his lot in life, Darkwing wants to make others feel worse than he does - via his electro-kinetic blasters if at all possible. He uses these to inflict unspeakable agonies upon his victims, considering that they at least can die and be done with it, while he still has to suffer. Darkwing transforms into a Tornado jet. Darkwing is partnered with the Nebulan Throttle. Throttle is a thief and a general crook. However, he is extremely honest, making it easier for Darkwing to get along with him.

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