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Rattrap is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers toyline that appeared in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines series. He is a Maximal and takes the beast form of a rat.

Rattrap is an infiltrator, sharpshooter, saboteur and demolitions expert. An unflinching pessimist, he is famous for delivering the line “We're all gonna die!.” when things look grim for the Maximals. In the episode “Dark Voyage” he mentioned offhand that he used to be an energon miner. It is humorously suggested in the episode "Transmutate" that he is a distant relative of Autobot Arcee ("What in the name of my great-aunt Arcee is going on here?!"). Although never seen in the television series, a toy of him from the 2006 Botcon says he turned into a Cybertronian Motorcycle before being reformatted as a rat. From what is known of his past life on Cybertron, he was a gambler, a womanizer and spent his free time at bars, referenced in his comment to Silverbolt concerning a place in which the servant bots walk around "minus their torso plates" ("The Agenda" Part 1). Rattrap is the most eager of the Maximals to return home.

Second to Rhinox, Rattrap has some knowledge about mechanics, especially sabotage and demolition/explosives, managing to create an effective countermeasure to Tarantulas's shield around a Vok ship in one episode (Other Visits Part 2). Rattrap often criticizes Cheetor's immaturity and stupidity and at times defies Optimus Primal when he feels Optimus's ideas are unreasonable, too risky or stupid. Rattrap also expresses frequent suspicions of Dinobot's loyalty throughout his time as a Maximal. For his part, Dinobot never liked Rattrap either, often referring to him as "vermin". Though the two often bicker, their relationship evolves over time and they become friendly rivals right up until the time of Dinobot's betrayal in "Maximal, No More". Although Rattrap never quite trusts him after Dinobot's brief return to his original Predacon allegiance, it is Rattrap who is shown to be the most affected by Dinobot's bravery and passing as Dinobot lay dying in Code of Hero. After Dinobot's death, Rattrap is often partnered with the fuzor Silverbolt. The consummate wisecrack, he is constantly giving his comrades nicknames, both derogatory and friendly. Despite his tendency to give his comrades nicknames, Rattrap is, in fact, capable of leadership, in Primal's absence takes the mantle of leadership, albeit reluctantly in Chain of Command.

In the original English version of the show, Rattrap speaks with a Brooklyn accent. In the episode "Code of Hero" Rattrap is seen in his original state during Dinobot's funeral, even though he had already become a transmetal, most likely a goof on the show's animators. His gun is called a fusion pistol (later "fusion rifle" ).

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