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Visser Three, born as Esplin 9466 Primary and later known as Visser One, is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the sci-fi book series Animorphs, written by K.A. Applegate. He is the leader of the Yeerk forces on Earth, having inherited the planet from Edriss 562, who was Visser One at the time. Sadistic and cruel, with a penchant for torture, he mainly inhabits an Andalite body during the whole series.

Visser Three has a personal feud with both Visser One and Elfangor. Several stories in the series feature the Animorphs using the Yeerk political situation to their advantage. However, they try to not let Visser Three look overly incompetent, fearing that he would be replaced by the far more dangerous Visser One. This is due to Visser One (before being replaced) favored a subtle, quiet infiltration of the human population, while Visser Three favored waging open warfare on the humans in order to bring the campaign to a swift end. The Elfangor feud is revealed and ended in the first Animorphs novel, and its backstory is given in The Andalite Chronicles.

Visser Three (who was promoted to Visser One status by the end of the series) was a Yeerk who was born as Esplin 9466 Primary. He had a twin named Esplin 9466 Lesser. Esplin was born along with his twin inside an artificially made Yeerk pool inside one of the spaceships that the Yeerks stole from the Andalites. These were the original Andalites stationed on the Yeerk homeworld (under the guidance of Prince Seerow). During his time in the spaceship, he began studying everything that he could find on the Andalite race, knowing that, as an Andalite expert, he would be so invaluable that he would be promoted and be given one of the limited number of host bodies. During the infestations that were made so as to train the Yeerks without host bodies on how to control their hosts, Esplin in his first infestation fell in love with the sense of sight—not possessed by Yeerks in their natural slug-like, significantly sensory-deprived, and helpless form—and thus desired a host body. Learning all he could about Andalites who he so admired while still without a host body, he fell in love with their body and their agile mind and became obsessed and driven to infest one. His caution and reasoning (which diminished as he became corrupted by power, especially when he became the first and only Visser with an Andalite body) were at that time not appreciated for their value. When the Yeerks first discovered the Hork-Bajir world, and sent off a squadron of fighters to destroy the place an Andalite family (ironically Prince Seerow's family, Seerow having been chastised for his kindness and naiveté and exiled to the Hork-Bajir homeworld), who were studying the Hork-Bajir. Esplin 9466, who is in the squadron, urged patience until the fourth Andalite (four Andalites were initially detected by the sensors of the spaceships) came into view, knowing from his studies that the Andalites are an exceptionally claustrophobic species who never stay inside structures unless they have to. His superiors ignore him and destroy the dwelling, leaving the only surviving Andalite, Aldrea, alive. This mistake would lead to a stubborn and ingrained resistance from Aldrea and her fellow Hork-Bajir allies. During his time in that homeworld, Esplin 9466 became Sub-Visser Seventeen, and was extremely career-minded, cunning and ruthless in relation to the average Yeerk—he aimed as highly as possible and ambitiously sought to infest the surviving Andalite; he had fallen in love with her. However, his attempts to infest her end in failure.

After the Hork-Bajir world, he was sent to the Taxxon world, where he was put in charge of a major space-port; at the time he had a Hork-Bajir host. Sometime between his time on the Hork-Bajir world and the events depicted in The Andalite Chronicles, Esplin 9466 is promoted to Sub-Visser Seven. During this journey, Elfangor defies his prince, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, by refusing to kill roughly ten thousand helpless Yeerks. This sudden rebellion allows Esplin 9466 to infest Alloran; due to this victory and the information it gives the Yeerk Empire, he is promoted to Visser Thirty-Two. Elfangor, stricken with guilt, is horrified. However, the ship that Elfangor and Esplin 9466 are on has lost all power and is slowly drifting towards a black hole. Both work together to use the Time Matrix to escape. However, as the two of them (along with Loren) attempt to use the Matrix, it sends them to an invented universe created from their own minds, based on a combination of their memories of Earth, the Andalite homeworld and the Yeerk homeworld, which soon collapses shortly after Elfangor and Loren escape. Elfangor assumes that Esplin 9466 is dead, but the Ellimist later reveals that he is alive.

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