Nemesis (Wildstorm)

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Nemesis is a fictional comic book character owned by DC Comics/Wildstorm Comics. She is an immortal member of the Adrastea class from Khera and a trained Coda warrior.

Nemesis was named Charis on the planet Khera. She was born a member of the Adrastea race of people on Khera who are gifted with psychic empathy. Much like the native Titantropes of Khera, the Adrastea people were originally bred to be slaves by the more prestigious Kheran races. Over time the Adrastea race became the largest crime syndicate in Kheran society but still maintained the stigma of being the lowest class citizens until the arrival of Daemonite refugees to the planet many years later.

Growing up on the streets, Charis became an expert thief. On one occasion she stold Majestros' dagger. He later found her but was attacked by several Daemonites before he could take back his knife. Seeing the situation he was in, Charis joined the battle and defeated one of the Deamons. As a reward Charis was granted her fondest wish: to become a Coda warrior. Adrastea members were forbidden to join the sisterhood but Majestros used his political connections to allow her in. Charis was appointed to Lady Zannah of the Red Lament for training. The Coda were appalled at her very presence and they showed her no sympathy during her training. Because of this she was trained hard and became one of their best fighters.

During her training she became lovers with Majestros. When this was discovered the relationship was told to end and Majestros was chosen to mate with Zannah in order to produce an offspring. This caused bitter feelings between the three lovers.

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