Raymond Barone

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This is a list of fictional character from Everybody Loves Raymond, an American sitcom, originally broadcast on CBS from September 13, 1996 to May 16, 2005.

The show revolves around the life of Italian-American Ray Barone, a sportswriter from Long Island, and his wife, Debra Barone. Other main characters include Ray's parents, Frank and Marie, Ray's children Ally, Michael and Geoffrey and his brother Robert, wife Amy.

Raymond Albert "Ray" Barone, (Ray Romano) is an Italian-American, New York resident, and is a sportswriter for Newsday. He is the series' main protagonist. He lives in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York with his wife, Debra, and their children Geoffrey (Sawyer Sweeten), Michael (Sullivan Sweeten) and Ally (Madylin Sweeten). Other members of his family, who live across the street, include his brother Robert, and his parents Frank and Marie. Ray's characters are loosely based on the real-life Romano; both are the father of twin boys and a girl.

Ray grew up in an unbalanced and completely non-functional household where his mother spoiled and overly-nurtured him to an extreme while ignoring and cutting out his older brother, while his father tried to reverse his wife's work and in turn provided virtually no real love and attention to either boy. The legacy from Marie's overprotective and emotionally smothering upbringing of Raymond - and willful neglect of Robert - is the co-dependent relationship the brothers share with her and their sibling rivalry that has persisted into adulthood, while Frank's total lack of affection has caused Ray to become emotionally uncommunicative. Ray is also something of a hypochondriac and uses it to avoid anything unpleasant or disagreeable, or as a bid for attention and further nurturing, another example of his completely self-centered views and total dependence on his mother.

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