Resistance (Terminator)

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The Human Resistance or the Resistance is a fictional organization made up of the human survivors of Judgement Day in the Terminator series, who are dedicated to the defeat of Skynet. It is also frequently referred to as Tech-Com, particularly in the spin-off media.

In the films, the war effort against Skynet and the machine is most often referred to simply as "the Resistance." However, within the Terminator ancillary material, such as video games and comic books, the name "Tech-Com" has come into use. The name "Tech-Com'" only appears twice in the Terminator film series. When he first meets Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese identifies himself as "Sergeant Tech-Com DN38416". The term is not used in James Cameron's original script treatment. The second time Tech-Com is mentioned is during Terminator Salvation when the Russian resistance staff officer, General Losenko, persuades General Ashdown to let Connor test the newly discovered frequency by saying that the resistance cell under Connor which he calls Tech-Com has an excellent performance record.

Nevertheless, in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron Phillips refers to Derek Reese as having "operational specialty, Tech-Com", suggesting that in this timeline it is an MOS, or his primary job, within the Resistance, rather than a blanket term for the Resistance itself. An upcoming web series called The Human Resistance released a trailer on their website wherein a soldier Identifying himself as Joshua Archer states he is a captain in the Tech-Com forces. Tech-Com may in fact refer to the Resistance members under John Conner's direct command' with the term "The Resistance" indicating all those who are fighting against the machines, thus meaning all of humanity.

After successfully creating a new revolutionary microprocessor under the directions of Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton), Cyberdyne Systems became the largest supplier of military computer systems. After upgrading US military weapon systems with Cyberdyne's technology and operates in perfect records, the Skynet Funding Bill has passed to create an advance artificially intelligent systems working for the United States government and defenses. On August 29th, 1997, half of the world's population (numbering approximately 3 billion), were killed when the United States' nuclear missile arsenal was launched by the AI known as Skynet. Skynet, a defense computer network made by Cyberdyne Systems for SAC-NORAD's use, had become sentient. When the scientist in control tried to shut it down, Skynet interpreted all human to be hostile and launched nuclear missiles, precipitating global thermonuclear war.

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