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Spock is a character in the fictional Star Trek media franchise. First portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the original Star Trek series, Spock also appears in the animated Star Trek series, two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, seven of the Star Trek feature films, and numerous Star Trek books, comics, and video games.

Spock (second name unpronounceable by humans and thus never revealed, according to dialogue between Spock and character Leila Kalomi in the original series episode "This Side of Paradise") is the son of Vulcan ambassador Sarek (originally played by Mark Lenard) and human Amanda Grayson (originally played by Jane Wyatt).

"As my parents were of different species," Spock explains, "my conception occurred only because of the intervention of Vulcan scientists. Much of my gestation was spent outside my mother's womb, in a heated, specially designed environment." The relationship between Spock and Sarek is often turbulent, although rooted in an underlying respect and carefully restrained love for each other. Their falling out began when Spock declined an offer to study at the prestigious Vulcan Science Academy and instead joined Starfleet against his father's wishes.

Spock served on the USS Enterprise for eleven years under the command of Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) and continued to serve aboard the ship as science officer and first officer under Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner). Star Trek depicts a "troika" of Spock, Kirk, and McCoy; while McCoy often acts as Kirk's conscience, Spock offers the captain an emotionally detached, logical perspective. The character also offers an "outsider's" perspective on "the human condition".

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