Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (often abbreviated as PRLG and often simply called Lost Galaxy) is the fifth television series and seventh season of the Power Rangers franchise that aired in 1999. It featured familiar elements from previous incarnations. It is based on the Japan Super Sentai television series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. Like its predecessor, the original theme of its Sentai source (i.e. the forest) was not used.

This is the first Power Rangers series to not be a continuation of the previous series, with its own new cast and story. With the annual suit change that began with Power Rangers Zeo and the annual cast and story change starting with this series, this is the first series to follow the practice set by the Super Sentai series. However, there were allusions to Zordon being the source of the Galaxy Power Rangers' powers. Also, the Space Power Rangers and Psycho Rangers returned in the series and made the first American strength in numbers episode. In addition, Paul Schrier and Jack Banning reprised their roles as Bulk and Professor Phenomenus, respectively. Alpha 6 and the Astro Megaship were used again and Melody Perkins reprised her role as Karone midway through the series. This is also the first season to have sentient Zords and feature the demise of a Power Ranger in battle (though Kendrix would be revived in the finale).

Thus, the Lost Galaxy season serves as something of a transitional series and also a unique one in Power Rangers history. It is neither completely self-contained nor a direct continuation, but a bit of both. The seasons would not begin to have completely independent stories until the following series, Lightspeed Rescue.

According to trademark documents, the original title for the series was slated to be Power Rangers Space Jungle.

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