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Ambush Bug is a fictional comic book character who has appeared in several DC Comics.

His name is supposedly Irwin Schwab, but has mental problems that prevent him from truly understanding reality around him, so even his true identity might be no more than a delusion on his part. His origin is disputed, although the most commonly accepted origin is that Brum-El (a historical allusion to Beau Brummel, as well as a reference to Superman's father Jor-El) of the planet Schwab sent his clothes from his supposedly doomed planet, hoping that his wardrobe would survive, only to have it intercepted by a giant radioactive space spider. In the resulting crash, only two articles of clothing survived: the Ambush Bug suit, which was subsequently found by Irwin Schwab, and Argh!Yle!, an argyle sock with a Dr. Doom-like complex, complete with metal mask.

Created by artist Keith Giffen as an intentionally silly character, Ambush Bug first appeared in several Superman-related comic books in the early 1980s. At first, Ambush Bug was a villain, named after a type of insect, and dressed in a green, skintight suit (with two orange antennae) that covered his whole body. Inside his hollow antennae, he carried miniature robot bugs that possessed the ability to teleport him around. After attacking Superman and other heroes (and being little more than an annoyance to them) Ambush Bug decided instead to be a superhero as well. He also fancied himself Superman's friend, which only annoyed the hero even more. The costume apparently then became permanently affixed to his body, and he gained the power to teleport by himself. (Again, it's unknown if this is true or just another delusion of his, as he is seen removing the costume at the end of his second mini-series.) While trying to fix one of the miniature bugs, it exploded, causing a chain reaction and a blast that destroyed all of the bugs and tinted Ambush Bug's costume temporarily black in a nod to Spider-Man's costume change during the Secret Wars crossover in Marvel; he then became capable of teleporting even without the bugs (briefly considering changing his moniker to Black Beetle instead).

Ambush Bug became popular enough to be featured in two comic book miniseries and several specials, plotted and pencilled by Keith Giffen and scripted by Robert Loren Fleming. These became increasingly surreal, to the point that some don't consider them to be part of the DC Universe. The series also contains many comic book-enthusiast and DC in-jokes and satire; series editor Julius Schwartz is also a character in the book. Ambush Bug was even kicked out of the afterlife by Death of the Endless, after seeing his name did not appear in any list she carried for the summer crossover series. He also met with Dream of the Endless in the Dreaming, and he accused him of not having a sense of humor as to make a living for himself in Dream's series in that capacity. Dream promptly responded by returning him to the real world while dumping tar on him, covering him with feathers, and leaving him in a dumpyard.

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Ambush Bug


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