Daolon Wong

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This is a list of characters from the animated television series Jackie Chan Adventures.

Jackie is an archaeologist in the series who lives in San Francisco with his uncle. He is forced into many adventures after being spurred on by both his uncle and close friend Captain Black of Section 13 to stop the Dark Hand from evil acts with magical artifacts and later went up against similar evil forces. Jackie is a skilled martial artist and is very agile, but would prefer not to fight evil forces unless he has no choice. His catchphrases are "Bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day, BAD DAY!" (usually as a huge understatement), "Talk later!", "I'm sorry, I'll bring it back later, thank you!" (this line has also been used by Uncle and Jade) and "That's crazy, Jade! You're crazy!" When he is in shock or dumbfounded, he makes a strange but quiet whooping sound ("Bwaaah!") similar to Hank Hill of King of the Hill. Though by no means stupid and capable of thinking and acting on his feet to make use of whatever is available in dire situations, he does have a habit of stating the obvious or agreeing to strange requests without realizing until after it's been said.

When Jackie uses the Tiger talisman, he is divided in two different beings. His light side is pacifist and soft, yet dimwitted and too sensitive. His dark side is fight-loving, selfish, and rude, but can be helpful at times.

Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong-born, pre-teen niece (actually his first-cousin-once-removed, since she is his "cousin Shen's girl") who is already 'Americanized'. She is adventurous, and to that extent she frequently disobeys her uncle's advice to remain in safety, preferring to accompany Jackie as he goes out on adventures and thus getting herself into trouble, and though she will not admit it, often has to be rescued by Jackie almost every time. Just as often, however, her quick mind and flexible thinking helps Jackie in situations where his moderate thinking and habitual caution are a definite hindrance. A frequent gag in the series is her inexplicable ability to appear in the middle of the action mere seconds after being left in a supposedly secure location/vehicle for her safety.

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