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Yoroi is a 2008 direct-to-video horror film B movie, directed by Japanese director Tak Sakaguchi. It stars Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Issei Ishida,and Tak Sakaguchi .

While on a road trip around Eight Spears Village, a family is stopped by a car accident. Forced to stop in thinking that they hit someone, evidently armed, a couple shoots the man and hijacks the family's car, holding the father at gun point and demanding he hit the gas. When one of the tires is punctured, the father goes to find a spare, leaving his family with the captors. Eventually finding a ghost village, the father goes on top of a hill to look down on the village. After spotting a cemetery at the base of the hill, the father starts bizarrely digging until he finds a rusty knife. Using the rusty knife the father cuts his head off, with the resulting fountain of blood spraying an ancient tomb. A moment later, a razor sharp Japanese sword strikes through the ground and an eerie samurai warrior appears from underneath.

. After the samurai is resurrected by the father's blood, an old woman comes to the family and their captors and tells him that they're all going to die. Following that Yoroi begins to hunt the family and the captors one by one in the Eight Spears Village forest.

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