Akiha Tohno

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This is a list of characters from the Japan adult visual novel, Tsukihime, created by Type-Moon and adapted in an anime series by J.C. Staff and Geneon. The voices of the characters listed are from the anime and spinoff game, Melty Blood.


: (anime), (child, anime), (Melty Blood, Carnival Phantasm)

:Shiki is the main character of the Tsukihime series. He is a kind, honest, if not slightly playful second-year high school student. He is anemic and is prone to fainting, but he tries his best to live a normal life. He has the ( ), allowing him to see the "Lines" and "Points" that enable him to kill all things using the highly effective assassination techniques hidden in his subconscious. Despite being constantly surrounded by death he has a greater appreciation for life than most people and would never take a human life.

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