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Weyoun (played by Jeffrey Combs) was a fictional character who was second-in-command of Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Weyoun was a Vorta, a Gamma Quadrant cloned-race created to serve in the Dominion hierarchy as administrators.

Combs, who also played the recurring character of Brunt on Deep Space Nine, stated that he preferred playing Weyoun.

There were actually several Weyouns, all clones. The Weyoun line first appeared in "To the Death" in the guise of Weyoun 4. He was killed by his own Jem'Hadar First after questioning his men's loyalty. Weyoun 5 first appeared in an attempt to convince a Cardassian defector to return home and support the regime (episode "Ties of Blood and Water"), and was the first to serve as commander of Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant. At some point between the episodes "Shadows and Symbols" and "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River", he was killed in a transporter accident that may have been arranged by Legate Damar.

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