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Daryl Dixon is a fictional character from the American television series The Walking Dead. He is an original character and shares no comic counterpart. He has received a large amount of popularity since his first appearance, and as such, is being brought into the comic series.

In their childhood, Daryl and his brother Merle lived with a neglectful alcoholic father. He was raised by Merle and shared his Nazi beliefs, though Merle himself was often away (sometimes serving time in juvenile institutions). Daryl spent significant periods of time being alone, and throughout this, learned to fend for himself and adapt a hard-boiled survivalist mindset.

Daryl first appears furious when the scavenging survivors, along with Rick, return to the campsite without Merle. He's furious with Rick, for handcuffing Merle to a roof, and T-Dog, who admitted to dropping the key. He, Rick, Glenn, and T-Dog soon head back into the city to rescue Merle, only to find his severed hand in the place where he was previously. Daryl grieves for his brother for a short amount of time before managing to bottle up his emotions and continue to put on a strong appearance. While he and the others search on the streets for any sign of Merle, they run into a band of thugs, one of which the group captures and is threatened numerous times by Daryl.

After realizing the 'thugs' were merely nursing home employees and intended no harm, they returned to the camp. Shortly following their return, zombies invade the campsite and kill many of the survivors. The following morning, Daryl helps carry, burn, and impale the dead survivors (one of which he allows Carol to do because it was her husband).

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